Naxos Things to do

Naxos is an island of Greece that can fulfill anyone's appetite. The bigger the island, the more things to do, right? And since Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades you will definitely need a whole week to cross out more than half of the things to see & do on your list.

We are here to give you reasons to visit Naxos and to help you organize your to-do list in order to enjoy the island at its fullest as well as obtain a thorough insight away from tourist traps.

15 Top things to do in Naxos

We have gathered a list of the best 15 things to see & do while in Naxos. You will find below this list, all things to do in Naxos by category. Want to see more? View an exhaustive list with 39+1 Things to do in Naxos.
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Naxos beaches

1. Swim at the best beaches

Category: Beaches

First things, first. Summer is for beaches and Naxos has many! As mentioned already, Naxos is a big island resulting in a big coastline too. The most beautiful beaches of the island are found mainly on its west side. Before even setting foot on the island you will probably have already come across names such as Plaka, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Mikri Vigla and Sahara (Limanakia). All these are names of long, pure white, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and are top on the list of the things to do when visiting Naxos. They are considered some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean sea, so it’s inevitable not to spend a big part of your holiday there. Who can blame you? The beaches are huge and they are organised with sunbeds and beach bars but there are also less organised parts. How to get there? Just book your car with us!

Naxos Aliko

2. Visit the cedar forest at Alyko

Category: Beaches

Another beach that should be on your things-to-do list, is a visit to Alyko. It is basically a region that consists of many small secluded bays with soft white sand and crystal water. Above the beach of Aliko, there is a unique cedar forest with marvelous sand dunes. There is also an abandoned hotel that has turned into an open gallery for street artists. Some of the most significant works of the renowned artist, WD, are hosted here. This forest has been declared a protected natural area so the infrastructure is almost nonexistent. There are no sunbeds, only a few shops near the area and a delicious cantine where you can taste fast food with a twist, homemade ice-creams and cocktails.

Naxos Portara

3. Gaze the Sunset from Portara

Category: Things to See

Naxos in Greece has a very important history and an interesting cultural heritage. Among the first things that you will see while entering the port is the “Portara” on your left hand and the old castle of Chora on your right hand. The Portara is the landmark of the island and there is a good reason why. It is a huge marble door standing for centuries on a small islet. When you see it for the first time its elegance will leave you speechless. For the romantic souls, the best time to visit this site is during sunset when the sky literally turns into gold!

Naxos Kastro Castle

4. Explore the Castle “Kastro”

Category: Things to See

The Kastro is one of the most wel- preserved Castles built by the Venetians in the Cyclades. It is located in Chora, the capital of the island. Entering the Castle from its huge, centuries-old, wooden door, you will find yourself among whitewashed Churches, Catholic Monasteries and schools, the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, some of the oldest houses on the island, antique shops and beautiful cafes. The 1739 Terrasse Cafe is a place where you can enjoy a coffee or drink while gazing at a panoramic view of Naxos. The cafe is an open museum itself since it is part of the Ursuline Monastery Boarding School that existed in the castle of Naxos and educated girls of wealthy Catholic families.

Naxos Chora

5. Stroll around Chora, the Town

Category: Villages

Chora is the Capital of Naxos and expands from the port to the Kastro. Anything you know about Cycladic Architecture, you will find it here. Whitewashed, sugar cube houses with painted blue doors and windows, small chapels, arches and endless narrow paved alleys, make this labyrinth so charming. This citadel is the center of life on the island. It is busy, with many restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars and shops. Jazz & Blues Bar is strongly recommended if you want to enjoy a drink and nice music whereas the Pocket Gallery is your place for tasteful souvenir shopping. Let yourself get lost in Chora and you will experience a true Greek island ambiance!

Naxos Kitesurfing

6. Learn to Kitesurf in Mikri Vigla

Category: Sports

Among the sea sports community, Naxos in Greece is a very popular destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The beach of Mikri Vigla is a spot where the perfect conditions are met and people from all around the world come to enjoy their favourite sea activity. But even if you are not already familiar with these sports, you can take lessons from the windsurfing & kitesurfing schools at the beach.


8. Stay in the best hotels

Category: Hotels

Finding a place to stay will not be very difficult since there is a large choice. BUT finding the right place to host your Greek Holidays might be a bit tricky, especially if it’s your first time on the island. Discover the best areas for your stay in Naxos but also a selection of the best hotels in Naxos: Best luxury hotels, best for a honeymoon, best hotels by the beach, best places to stay for kitesurfers and windsurfers, best for families and more.

Naxos Halki village

9. Wander around Halki village

Category: Villages

In order to visit Naxos beaches and villages, it is strongly recommended to rent a car. If not for your whole trip, at least for a few days in order to explore the island’s mainland and more remote places. A short road trip crossing the island from West to East is definitely a must! Visiting the picturesque village of Halki is mandatory during your holidays at the island. Two-storey houses with neoclassical architecture, small paved alleys, bougainvillea and Jasmine trees, olive groves and fine shops like Fish & Olive is what to expect in this village that has become a trend among travel bloggers and photographers! After your stroll around the village, you should pay a visit to Dolce Vita cafe where the most delicious patisserie on the island is served and don’t forget to visit the Vallindras Distillery, to see how the local liquor “Kitron” was produced.


10. Explore the gastronomy scene

Category: Restaurants

From day one of your holiday, you will understand that gastronomy is synonymous to Naxos. Naxos is a very fertile land and a strong agricultural economy that produces some of the most delicious vegetables, cheeses, meat and not to mention fresh fish and seafood in Greece. Choosing a restaurant to have your lunch or dinner, can’t go very wrong since most of them serve delicious food. If we had to recommend only two not-to-miss restaurants on the island, then without a second thought these would be Axiotissa for the finest Greek cuisine with a twist in a lovely location (you will need a reservation 4-5 days in advance) and Vassilis tavern for a local touch. Kontos Restaurant is also recommended for some very classic Greek dishes. Due to its fresh products and delicious Mediterranean recipes, a new trend of cooking lessons has emerged in Naxos. If you want to take the secrets of Naxian gastronomy back home, you can attend a cooking workshop at Vioma.


11. Visit the traditional Apiranthos

Category: Villages

Apeiranthos is very well preserved and with a strong traditional character village which is located only a few kilometers away from Filoti. It is the highest in terms of altitude village of the Cyclades with old stone mansions. It is very famous for tavernas serving local meat dishes and you should not leave without trying the “rosto” a local recipe with pork.


13. Off the beaten track places

Category: Villages

On the east side of the island, is the quaint small harbor of Moutsouna which is a lovely and calm spot to eat fresh fish. Since you are already there, you can continue an 18km coastal ride that leads to a small secluded bay called Panermos and discover a more off the beaten track region of Naxos. The clear and calm blue waters, the palm trees on the beach and the traditional “Gialitissa” fishing boat that takes you for a tour to hidden beaches and the “Rina” sea cave are definitely a bullet point on your things to-do list on Naxos.


14. Hiking or biking on the mainland

Category: Sports

A very popular activity in Naxos is hiking. The island has a very well organised hiking network. You can get a guided tour or go by yourself. If you like adventure and nature then a hike around Potamia village or trekking on the top of the highest Mount of the Cyclades, Mount Zas, is definitely something you won’t regret trading a day at the beach with!.

You will find below all things to do in Naxos by category.

Best things to do in Naxos by category

Discover the best things to do in Naxos sorted by category.
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    Discover a list with most of the sightseeing available in Naxos: The Portara, the Kastro, the Kouros statues, the temple of Demeter and more.
  • Best beaches
    Discover the beaches of Plaka, Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, Pyrgaki, Aliko, Glyfada, Kastraki, Orkos, Sahara, Agia Anna and many more.
  • Best places to stay
    Discover the most beautiful and unique places to stay in Naxos as well as the best locations for your accommodation: Chora (main town), Agios Georgios, Plaka and more.
  • Most authentic villages
    Discover the most beautiful villages like Chora (main City), Apiranthos, Halki, Koronos, Filoti, Potamia, Moutsouna, Sangri, Melanes and more.
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  • Best restaurants in Naxos
    Discover our selection with the best restaurants of Naxos: Kontos Restaurant, Axiotissa, Vassilis Tavern, Pigi, Tortuga, Paradiso and more. Discover also the best coffee shops, bars and more.
  • Shops not to miss
    Discover some beautiful shops offering local products, ceramic, jewelry and more.
  • Kitesurfing lessons & rentals
    Kitesurfing became very popular in Naxos, mostly at Mikri Vigla beach.
  • Movies under the stars
    Enjoy a movie under the stars in the open-air cinema of the island.
  • Learn to cook like a local
    Discover the best workshops in Naxos.
  • Fun at the beach
    Some beaches in Naxos are organized and have few watersports centers.
  • Hiking paths
    Discover the hiking paths of Naxos offering the possibility to discover beautiful landscapes.
  • Scuba diving sessions
    Scuba diving is very popular in Naxos due to the many wrecks, sea caves and reefs.
  • Windsurfing lessons & rentals
    Windsurfing is very popular in Naxos, one of the best islands for this sport.
  • Sailing cruises
    Discover some secret beaches only accessible by boat.
  • Horseback riding
    Naxos is a nice island for horse riding across the countryside and along the coastline.
  • Festivals & Events
    Discover plenty of religious festivals as well as major cultural events.
  • Yoga retreats
    Discover yoga retreats and seminars and revive your body and spirit during your holidays.
  • Massage centers
    Get a special treatments while on holiday for the development of the body and mind.
  • Mountain Biking
    Naxos offers unlimited opportunities to enjoy the endless mountainous surrounding.
  • Fun at the Waterpark
    There is a waterpark available on the island and will offer a great moment to your children.
  • Get married!
    Organize your wedding in the most authentic island of the Cyclades.
  • Buy a House
    Have a look in our list with real estate agencies in Naxos that can help you find or construct your perfect home there.

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