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Kitesurfing is one of the most popular activities in Naxos. The island is a meeting point for numerous kitesurfing & windsurfing addicts who visit the beautiful island to make the most out of the favorable winds and shallow waters to practice their skills.


Best Schools

What are the best Kitesurfing schools in Naxos? Discover 4 schools available below. We have marked our favorite ones with a .
If you look forward to having fun, take advantage of the summer winds and try kitesurfing with the assistance of experts.

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Naxos KiteLife

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The crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea and the perfect conditions found on Naxos, makes the island one of the most important spots in south-east Europe for watersports practice. Driven by a tremendous passion for Kitesurfing, Petros, an IKO level 3 instructor, has founded on Mikri Vigla Beach a ...
Mikri Vigla
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Flisvos Mikri Vigla Centre

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Your holiday in Naxos will become an unforgettable experience once you begin to learn and practice the most famous water sports on the island: Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. Since these two sports mostly depend on the wind parameters, Mikri Vigla beach has become the ideal spot to practice them thanks ...
Mikri Vigla
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Naxos Sports Thalasea

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Kite Center Naxos by Thalasea Sports, established in 1997, IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) affiliated since 2004, is Naxos’ first Kite Center and offers the best location right in the center of the kite spot on Parthena Beach, in the bay of Mikri Vigla, about 12 km south of Naxos ...
Mikri Vigla

Naxos Kitesurf

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Naxos Kitesurfing is an ideal kitesurfing school for everyone, providing classes suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced kite surfers while offering the latest sea equipment and guidance by professional instructors.

Best Spots

The island offers many opportunities for kitesurfing since there are several beaches where the conditions are ideal. You will find amazing places suitable for kitesurfing while at the same time, there are well-organized centers that arrange lessons for all levels and ages and provide the required equipment.

One of the best places to go kitesurfing in Naxos and meet fellow kitesurfers from all over the world is Mikri Vigla, a beach with silky sand and crystal clear blue waters, famous for its northern Meltemia (etesian winds). It is considered a safe spot for beginners since winds blow toward the seashore most of the time.
Other beaches that offer excellent kitesurfing opportunities are Glyfada, which is significantly less crowded than Mikri Vigla, Amitis, recommended for wave riders who carry their own equipment when the winds are strong, and Ayiassos, only when the wind blows from the South.
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About the Schools

A few excellent kitesurfing schools are located on these beaches and they offer both lessons for beginners who are about to get started and sessions for intermediate or advanced kitesurfers with experience.
Some are family-friendly, offering kitesurfing lessons for children.
Many options are available depending on your budget and needs.
The sessions may last from 1 to 3 hours, but you can book sessions for 2-3 days in advance.
Certified, highly professional, and experienced instructors conduct all lessons. The schools operate according to high safety standards.
You will find all the necessary equipment you may need there. In addition to the customized services provided, equipment rentals may be possible for experienced riders as well. In some cases, you may even be able to buy kitesurfing equipment.



Discover the kitesurfing spots and schools on our map.

Map of Kitesurfing spots and schools in Naxos



Weather & Wind conditions

Naxos is a popular kitesurfing destination in Greece due to its strong and consistent winds. Some of its golden beaches are well-known among kitesurfing enthusiasts thanks to the Meltemia winds, which blows from the North on almost a daily basis -more than 20-25 days per month- during the warm summer months and usually reach 4 to 7 in the Beaufort scale (11-21 knots).
Meltemi wind is a result of the Venturi effect caused by the meeting of the high-pressure system of the Balkans and the low-pressure system of Turkey above the islands. A mini Venturi effect is also created between Paros and Naxos, making the wind even stronger on the western coast of Naxos. Contrary to other Mediterranean winds, Meltemi is considered the most reliable one as it usually lasts a few days at a time and then stops, only to start blowing again shortly after.



Discover Mikri Vigla, the famous kitesurfing spot.