Naxos Halki (or Chalki)

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Halki Naxos: The village of Halki (or Chalki) is located in the central area of the region of Tragea, the largest olive cultivation area of the Cyclades, 16 km from Naxos Town.
Halki has a long history and was once the capital of Naxos, as well as its main administrative and trade center.
The numerous neoclassical houses and buildings testify about the past wealth and power of the village.

Several well-preserved Venetian Towers and fine Byzantine churches lie in the area, including the 9th-century church of Panagia Protothrone, one of Naxos' oldest churches and houses beautiful Byzantine and post-Byzantine frescoes.

After parking or arriving by bus on the main street, you can make the short journey to Agios Georgios church, which is a great example of Byzantine design.
On the path, you will notice the olive groves on both sides, something the area is famous for. Going back into the main village, you should take a moment to observe the architecture and the handsome villas.

Gratsia Tower is well-signposted and constitutes an excellent example of a tower house. Built by an aristocratic family (notice the coat of arms), it was used as a lookout during periods of pirate raids. Unfortunately, you can't enter the tower, but you are able to admire it close up. Markopolitis Tower is another impressive building that lies in the area. It presents a one-of-a-kind architectural style since it was built by a Naxian resident and does not showcase the Venetian format.

The Vallindras distillery lies in the heart of the village and the entrance to it is free.
You are given a tour of where the famous Kitron of the area is made. It is interesting to see the workings up close. The tour guide shares plenty of interesting facts, not least that the liquid is made from Citron leaves. The tour ends with a sampling of the product.

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    Naxos Island is the biggest of the Cyclades, with a lot of places full of history, a famous cuisine, specific architecture and various landscapes. This bus tour of Naxos will get you through all these aspects and you will be able in just 8 hours to understand the island real vibe and to live ones of the best experiences of your holiday. Take your breakfast and prepare your comfortable shoes, your sunglasses and sun hat, put on some sunscreen and get ready for a full-day adventure. The tour will get you to the north and west part of the island, crossing the inland. You will have an experienced guide that will introduce you to the fascinating world of Naxos. Besides the ancient temples and museums that you will visit, you will get the chance to taste the famous local liqueur Citron at the oldest distillery on the island, visit the stunning marble village of Apiranthos and see the huge 10.5- meters tall Kouros Statue. You will have some free time also that you can use to enjoy the surroundings, take a swim or just to have lunch at a local tavern. The final stop of the tour will be at an olive press museum and after that, you will return home with unforgettable memories and for sure a lot of photos.

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3 Reviews
  • Nicholas 26 Nov 2021
    Brilliant. Superb. June 2019. Better each visit.
  • alexis 28 Jan 2011
    Great restaurant for italian food lovers
    Located in a the picturesque village of Halki, the "Il Basilico" restaurant is the place to visit if you are around and love the italian food.
    The restaurant, except from beeing realy good, also offers a realy pleasant atmosphere in its private yard. Recommended!
  • L_Kostanza 20 Dec 2006
    Good central location for excursions.
    Nationality: Italian

    Age: 51

    -How did you get to Halki: By car

    -Where is your accommodation located: Mili

    -How much time did it take you to reach Halki village: 5 minutes

    -What are the conditions of the roads that take you to the village: Good

    -Did you enjoy the trip to Halki village: Yes, we walked to Pano Kastro first. Nice contrast!

    -In order to get to Halki village were enough signs in order to find it: I stay in the area

    -Why did you choose Halki village: Recommended by friends

    -How would you describe the village: Authentic, beautiful surroundings, great atmosphere, archeological, historical. Good central base for many rural destinations

    -Can everything, one might need, be found in the village: Telephone, bank, mini market, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops, travel agencies, museums, internet cafes, hotels and other accommodations

    - Did the village meet your expectations? Yes Rate: 8/10

    - Favorite thing about the village: The tavernas and the small authentic houses

    - Is there anything that you don’t like about the village or things that should be done by the authorities to improve it or is something missing: No

    - Any recommendations/tips for future visitors: To come and let in this village

    - Other recommends villages? Apeiranthos and Mili