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Naxos is a fantastic summer destination in Greece, receiving augmented recognition in the last decade and justifiably so. Whereas Naxos may not have the top nightlife of the Cyclades or the posh style of her islandic sisters, it definitely boasts sublime landscapes, equally fascinating seascapes and traditional charm. Aside from these strong features, Naxos provides its travellers with rich history, a top-notch local cuisine and Naxian produce along with fantastic activities and sports.
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Discover the Tours & Activities in Naxos

Our team has put together an inclusive list with the finest available Naxos day tours, boat cruises and energizing activities for your convenience. Without further due, let’s take a look at them!

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About Naxos Tours


One way of exploring Naxos is by car and casually driving around; while this allows for a surely comfortable acquaintance with the landscapes and villages of the island, it omits all places not car-convenient, along with the deeper understanding of the Naxian culture and heritage.

We invite you to participate in the "Naxos castle walking tour & sunset at Portara" day tour, where you will experience the Venetian and ancient Greek heritage of Naxos. With the company of a professional guide you will visit two of the most emblematic monuments, the Naxos Kastro (Castle) and Portara, the remains of Apollo’s Temple.

Another excellent tour for getting to explore the intriguing Naxian mainland is by booking a spot in the 7-day trekking adventure on the island. This excursion takes place during the shoulder season when weather conditions are mild. You can take a more detailed look at the "Walking, hiking tour in Naxos" listing down below.

For the avid history enthusiasts, the "Naxos island full day historical bus tour" will definitely be their cup of tea. A comfortable 8-hour day tour of familiarizing with the Naxian historic, folklore and culinary heritage combined with plenty of photos to capture, is sure to leave you astonished. Take a more detailed look regarding this one-of-a-kind day tour in Naxos below.

If you need to throw in some extra adrenaline while exploring the Naxian mainland’s dirt roads, the "Biking Tour in Naxos" may be just what you look for. A 4-day cycling excursion that will fill your mind with unique sceneries and your heart with excitement. This tour takes place during the shoulder season when weather conditions are mild.


Shifting the focus from the inviting mainland, it is high time we talked about the most sought after feature of Naxos; its unparalleled azure waters and seascapes. Experiencing them in the conventional way of beach visiting and sunbathing is a key ingredient of any summer vacation. Unfortunately, this approach has limitations and excludes a plethora of untouched, secluded seashores, sublime marine vistas and awe-inspiring sea caves.

Here, we assembled the top-tier single day cruises of Naxos, along with an extensive variety of full-day boat cruises and excursions to nearby Cycladic destinations.

Exploring the beautiful south coasts of Naxos is easy and enjoyable when aboard the "Boat Cruise at the South-Eastern Coast" (From Panermos) or the "South Naxos Full Day Cruise" (from Agia Anna). With experienced captains and friendly crews, you have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in crystal-clear, turquoise waters, approach the famous Rina sea-cave and other boat-only accessible Naxian locations. You can rest and enjoy a Greek lunch prepared on-deck along with various refreshments, adding a local flavor to your day tour. Further details and booking information can be found down below.

Moreover, if you feel like splurging a little and have a more lavish approach while discovering the breathtaking Naxian seascapes, we got the perfect option for you. With a variety of luxurious catamaran vessels ready to host you and your friends for a whole day, rest assured that you will be pampered and taken to some of the most memorable Naxian shores.

Depending on the day-tour of your choice, you can either spend your time diving, snorkeling and swimming near Naxos or additionally do so at selected shores of the Small Cyclades nearby. All catamaran cruises provide their guests with complimentary lunch on-deck and various refreshments. You can choose between "Full Day Catamaran sailing cruise with lunch", "Day Cruise on a Catamaran with lunch", "All Inclusive Cruise on a Luxurious Catamaran" and "Rina Cave and Small Islands Catamaran Cruise with Lunch" to have a truly magnificent day at the indigo Cycladic shores.
Day cruises are so popular with visitors that they sell fast, especially during high season. For this reason we invite you to explore more sailing day tours that guarantee a memorable experience.

Including swimming stops at selected Naxian locations and Small Cyclades like Schinoussa, Irakleia or Koufonisia, these boat cruises make for a great summer getaway. "Full Day Sailing Cruise with Snacks and Drinks" , "Sailing Cruise to Rina Cave and Koufonissi with Lunch" and "Cruise to Koufonisia with BBQ Lunch" are great options to include in any Naxos itinerary. All cruises include lunch and many conveniently provide guests with snorkeling equipment.

Furthermore, if you plan on visiting Naxos for more than just a few days, a splendid idea is to add another or so islandic destinations to the mix.

Carefully composed boat tours will take you to Koufonisia, Iraklia, Mykonos (and Delos) and Santorini to spend time exploring them afoot. These cruises last from 9 to 12 hours, giving you plenty of time for photo shooting, wandering and enjoying some quality time on selected islands of unparalleled beauty and hospitality. You can find all aforementioned day tours down below in further detail.

Additionally, a different approach due to the minimal distance between is to opt for the sister island of Paros and spend a whole day discovering its unique charm. For that, the "Independent Day Trip to Paros with a Watertaxi" is the go-to alternative. The full listing can be found down below.


Besides day tours, for the avid adrenaline pursuers Naxos offers windsurfing and kitesurfing activities. With the guidance and assistance of professional instructors and all necessary gear provided, you can spend some thrilling evenings at the fantastic beaches of Naxos.

Hone your skills and let loose with the "Windsurfing lessons" and "Kitesurfing lessons" during the summer season.

Last but not least, there is no better way to preserve a great vacation memory than to recreate it back home. That’s where the "Greek Cooking Class and Dinner at a Village House" comes along. The Greek cuisine is among the top ones worldwide, with juicy and healthy recipes that enchant you. Learn from the locals how-tos and acquire hands-on experience that you can replicate at home. For booking details and extra info, check the according listing below.