Naxos Agios Sozon chapel

Location: Agiassos

The chapel of Agios Sozon in Naxos Greece, Cyclades: Built upon the steep rock, seemingly hanging a few kilometers away from the bright blue waters of Agiassos bay in the southwest part of Naxos, the whitened chapel of Agios Sozon attracts many visitors as it shines brightly under the sun.
The chapel is accessible by foot (40 mn from Agiassos) or by boat.

Traditionally regarded as the protector of sailors, Agios Sozon’s worship is to this day celebrated in island and coastal regions. His name actually translates in Greek as “the one who saves”. The small chapel with the cone-shaped dome is considered to date back to the Byzantine era, having been built as a vow of a merchant, who, during a shipwreck, swore to raise up a church in honor of Agios Sozon in case the grace of the Saint helped him survive the incident. Reportedly, as his merchandise was mainly wine and oil, he placed these ingredients in the foundations of the chapel.

Agios Sozon is accessible by taking the hiking path that begins from the beach of Agiassos, while you can also reach the chapel by boat.

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