Trekking on Mount Zas in Naxos

Trekking in Mount Zas in Naxos, Cyclades: Mount Zas is the tallest mountain of Naxos island and also the tallest mountain of the Cyclades. Located 18 km from Naxos Town, it is strongly connected to the history and geography of the island. According to mythology, this mountain was the place were god Zeus, the chief of the Olympian Gods, grew up, haunted by his own father Kronus. In fact, the mountain was named after him (Zas). His son, god Dionysus, also grew up on the slopes on this mountain, in a cave called Cave of Zas.

At an altitude of about 1,000 m (1,001-1,004 m), the peak of Mount Zas is a popular trekking destination in Naxos. Taking a trekking path that starts from Danakos village, on the southeastern side of the island, trekkers will pass the small chapel of Saint Marina, the Cave of Zas and an ancient marble inscription that is translated as Mount Zas, protector of the sheep in modern Greek, confirming the importance of stockbreeding in Naxos since the ancient times. The last meter of the trekking path is abrupt and uphill. The trekking time from the chapel of Saint Marina to the mountaintop is 1 hour.

From the top, trekkers can get a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands of the Cyclades. The slopes of this mountain are also rich in flora and fauna, which is why it is a frequent place for birdwatchers and botanists.

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Guest 2015-12
The best thing ever
Do it, do it and do it! Sneakers, sweatpants and do it! It is worth every drop of sweat! When you get to the top of the mountain and see complete Naxos around you, and sea surrounding you, you will cry! Please, be aware that this is not for kids. After the cave (which is nice, btw, but you don't have any light inside, so bring flashlights with you; this is not a maintained cave), you practically won't have any paths, but a lot of slippery rocks on a steep surface. It requires skill, balance and being fit. For those who never did trekking and so on, follow the red circles/dots/signs which you'll have here and there, hardly visible, but they will show you your way. Wonderful experience!

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