Naxos Panagia Drossiani church

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Location: Moni

The Church of Panagia Drossiani is the oldest Christian church of Naxos. Located near Moni, it is considered one of the most important Byzantine churches and, therefore, is of immense historical significance.

Drossiani translates into Dewy, and two hypotheses explain the church's name. The first states that it was named after the location where it is built, called Drossia.
Others believe that the name refers to the icon of the church seeping (or weeping) every time the village is in danger, hence the name Dewy Virgin.

The church dates back to the end of the 6th century A.D. It is full of rare paintings and offers a beautiful view of the Tragea valley.

The dome depicts Almighty Jesus Christ. In front of the altar, on the right side, you will see Saint George on a horse with a little boy sitting behind him carrying water.
The initial iconostasis was made of marble. However, when that was pulled down, a wooden one was found behind, made of a heavy kind of wood - maybe chestnut.

The church boasts a lovely courtyard which also houses the regional cemetery.
Every year on Good Friday during the mid-day, the church bustles with locals from the village of Moni, celebrating an old tradition of offering strong alcohol, raki, and bread with raisins and nuts to all the guests.

How to get there

The Church of Panagia Drossiani is located in Moni Village.

Private transfers: We recommend using an online pre-booked transfer service, which provides transfer by taxi, minibus, or private VIP car and arranging a pickup directly from the port, airport, or your hotel. Alternatively, there’s the option of arranging a pickup by a local driver directly at the following numbers: 0030 22850 25835, 0030 22850 24829, or booking your taxi online.

Car rental: There's the option of renting a car and picking it up directly from the airport, port, or your hotel. Using a rental car allows visitors to discover Panagia Drossiani and many other places of interest at their own pace.

Public transport: The central bus station of the island is located at the Port of Naxos. There are buses from Chora to Moni twice a week. Line 7 reaches Moni. Consider that time schedules might change according to the season. Check the official timetables here.
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1 Reviews
  • oliviatres 01 Apr 2011
    Serene atmosphere
    This is a nice church in a very peaceful location. You will probably run on Panagia Drossiani on the way from Koronos to Halki, a few metres off the main road. We rented a car for a couple of days in Naxos and we toured the island. The church was old and some walls were half ruined, but the atmosphere inside was very serene. At the yard, an old lady was selling honey and local herbs. A spot far away from the crowded beaches of Plaka and Agios Prokopios. The inland of Naxos is so beautiful and different from the other Cyclades.