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We are a group of motivated people with a common passion: Exploring Greece and the Greek islands. Traveling is our second nature! Our motto? Travel to the fullest!
Our goal is to show the beauty of Greece and to offer the best holiday services!

Our travel agency offers services exclusively in Greece and the Greek islands, since 1999. won the silver award (2020) of the Annual Tourism Awards in Greece for its contribution to the Greek tourism industry.

Our Travel Services

We want you to have the best holidays in Greece ever!
Our travel agency helps thousands of people every year to plan their holidays in Greece. We provide all the essential travel services to make your trip to Greece the most epic and smooth one.
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That’s why we suggest the following high-quality travel services that’ll help you organize your trip in no time!

Our history

It all began in 1999. We decided to create a complete travel guide exclusively about Greece and the Greek islands. The goal was -and still is- to discover all the hidden treasures of Greece and share the best travel tips with the world!
After years of hard work and traveling around the country, we managed to collect all the information about the best Greek destinations and take thousands of amazing photos that reveal the stunning beauty of Greece.

The result?
A huge travel website, which includes everything you need to know about holidays in Greece and the Greek islands, providing the best tools to organize an unforgettable (and smooth) trip: 90 destinations, how to get there, photos, sightseeing, beaches, eat & drink, what to do and more.

Today, is considered one of the top web travel information resources!
More than 10 million travelers visit our website every year, while thousands of people use our travel services to organize their holidays in Greece! We also created a community with thousands of photos, uploaded on a daily basis.
Will you be one of them?

Our mission

Our mission is to show up the beauty of Greece, help people explore the best Greek destinations and organize their holidays in Greece!
We offer thorough information and stunning photos for more than 90 destinations in Greece and the Greek islands and for more than 3,000 beaches, villages, and attractions. We have also selected the best places to eat and drink for each destination.

Our goal?
To create a complete travel guide exclusively about Greece and the Greek Islands! Our team of 30 people works on a daily basis to offer the most accurate travel information and make your holidays in Greece a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Awards won the silver award (2020) at the Annual Tourism Awards in Greece.

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• We serve more than 100,000 clients every year.
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• We guarantee secure transactions through our secure server.
• We value your privacy and protect your data with a strict privacy policy.

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