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Duration: 1 hour - 3 days
Depart: Naxos > Mikri Vigla
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General Description

Have a fantastic kitesurfing experience in Naxos by taking a kitesurfing session! Ride the waters at the coast of Parthena Beach (Mikri Vigla) and enjoy this extreme watersport while also taking all necessary safety precautions.

We present two kitesurfing activities, both having their starting point in Mikri Vigla:

The first option is taking kitesurfing classes in Mikri Vigla with the help of a local center. An ideal choice for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Greek speakers, the professional instructors will make you a kitesurfing expert in no time! These classes are perfect for every age group (over the age of 14), plus Mikri Vigla’s sandy shores are revered for their ideal wind conditions. If these happen to be your first steps towards kitesurfing, head instructor and his crew have carved out a custom class course for you, as their slow and methodical step-by-step progress will eventually lead you to achieve an IKO certification.
You can choose between private sessions and groups of up to three people, with courses lasting from a single 2-hour lesson to a 3-day experience. The kitesurfing center suggests that you bring sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and some snacks, while they will provide you with the essential gear, a radio-equipped helmet, insurance, and water. The activity takes place from April to October.

Another activity allows you to take professional kiting lessons at Parthena Beach in Mikri Vigla. The center offers all three levels of kitesurfing lessons, as well as private courses if you desire to focus on a specific aspect of your water skills. These expert teachers will help you step-by-step into effectively mastering the art of kiting while being radio-assisted at all times. After completing the level three course, they will give you an IKO certification.
Customers have the option to choose between private and semi-private lessons, with all courses lasting between an hour and a three-day session. They also recommend that you bring sunscreen, as the center will provide you with all the needed equipment.
The activity is available between the months of May and October!

Kitesurfing lessons or rentals