You will find below our selection of the best hotels on Naxos island!

On a quick note, we recommend that you start your research for hotels in the beautiful beach resorts of Plaka and Agios Prokopios. Many budget options can be found in the main town (Chora).
If you are going to Naxos for windsurfing or kitesurfing, then Orkos and Mikri Vigla are the best options.
Some of the most popular hotels are Medusa, Ayiopetra, 18 Grapes, Naxian Collection, Ploes, and more.

Use the filters to narrow your search by location, type, and special recommendations ❤ (luxury hotels, boutique, 5-stars, villas, by the beach, and more).

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When should I book my hotel?

The sooner the better. If you are traveling in July-mid September better complete your reservation by May at the latest in order to have the best options available.

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Is there another way to make a hotel reservation?

You can contact the hotel by phone or mail. In some cases, you might find some cheaper rates but it is not recommended.

Will I find last-minute availability?

Don’t wait until the last minute if you are traveling in high season. You might find something that will be overcharged, in a bad condition, or in a not convenient location.

Is Naxos expensive?

No, Naxos is not considered an expensive destination. But there are some luxury options and private villas on the island.

Where are the most luxurious options and villas located?

The regions of Stelida, Orkos, and Plaka have many luxury options.

How much does a room cost?

Depends on many factors. An average estimation without including Luxury Resorts and Villas, for 2 persons would be around 70-130 euros/per night in high season.

What are the best places for a stay?

We recommend Plaka and Agios Prokopios but it all depends on your preferences. We have created a list of the best locations for your stay.

Where are the best locations if you are traveling on a budget?

You can find cheap options (30-50euros) in Chora, Agios Georgios and there are two campings in Plaka and Maragas.

Where are the best locations for a family with children?

Agios Georgios is very popular for families and generally every hotel that is situated by the sea.

Where can we find alternative locations for a local experience?

If you prefer a more local stay, you can find B&Bs in villages on the mainland. Sangri, Halki, and Potamia are very nice and at a reasonable distance from the beaches and the tourist parts of the island.

Where is the best locations for windsurfing/kitesurfing?

Mikri Vigla is the place to book your hotel if you are traveling for kitesurfing or windsurfing.


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