Hotels' Stars Vs Keys in Greece

The classification of tourist accommodation into "Stars" and "Keys" is a system of grading the quality of each accommodation, depending on its facilities and technical specifications.

It is the result of checking the mandatory criteria defined by the relevant legislation concerning the building, the equipment, and the provided services, along with a list of optional criteria, which increase the rating of each accommodation.

Star classification

The Star classification is used for hotels. The lowest category is one star and the highest is five stars. Except for hotels, the star classification also applies to camping sites.

Keys classification

The Keys classification is used for furnished apartments and rooms. Those are classified into three categories of keys, with the lowest category being two keys and the highest category being four keys.

The certification of tourist accommodations in a specific category of stars or keys guarantees the visitors that the accommodation will provide them with services commensurate with the specifications of its category. The primary purpose of the ranking system is to assure the visitors regarding the quality and technical features of the accommodation unit.

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