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Sangri in Naxos is located 12 km southeast of Chora, the capital and main port of Naxos. It is built on a hill in the central area of the island. It consists of two smaller villages, Ano (Upper) Sangri and Kato (Lower) Sangri, with a few kilometers separating them. The settlement was named after Saint Crox, the French name for the former Holy Cross Monastery, today known as Bazeos Tower.
Like most mountain villages of Naxos, it retains its Medieval architecture, in contrast to the coastal settlements of the island presenting the Cycladic layout.

Ano Sangri is home to a Folklore Museum. The museum is housed in the monastery of Agios Eleftherios, which served as a school during Ottoman rule. The aforementioned Bazeos Tower also lies in Ano Sangri.

Kato Sangri has been declared a traditional, preserved settlement and hosts the remnants of two Venetian towers. One is the Palaiologos tower, laying close to the Panagia Orfani Byzantine church.

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More about Sagri

One of the most important sites of historical interest also lies in proximity to Sangri. The temple of Demeter, which dates back to approximately 530 BC, is situated at a 4-kilometer distance from the village. That temple is considered a precursor of the Parthenon.

A tavern and a cafe are available in Sangri, offering traditional and homemade tastes.

Lastly, some of the most renowned beaches of Naxos, including Mikri Vigla, Aliko, and Orkos, are located close to Sangri.


2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 09 Dec 2015
    A little abandoned but great place
    The "original" Temple of Demeter was built in 6th BC. The temple was a ruin for ages, but recently, it was discovered that most of its parts are still "alive", so it was reconstructed, plastered... and we have the result we have.
    The place is very nice, with long path surrounded by trees leading to it, and church and very cute museum (which was closed at the time of our visit).
    The temple is in the middle of nowhere, with practically no signs. I'm not sure about the bus tours, but if you have rented a car, you'll find it pretty easily, and then you can continue for a trekking on Zeus mountain. :)
  • summer 22 Sep 2010
    Need for reconstruction plan
    A little mess to find the temple because signs were not very enlightening. We asked some locals in Sangri and eventually we found it, right after a turn, 2 km from Ano Sangri. It was a lovely temple, as all ancient Greek sanctuaries. This one was for Demeter, the goddess of fertility and grain. Not a surprise actually, if you think that Naxos has green and fertile land. We saw many people cultivating the land on our holidays in Naxos. As I was saying, the temple was lovely but sure a plan for its reconstruction must start. It is really a pity that so beautiful ancient sights are sometimes abandoned due to lack of money or plan. Next to the temple, there is a tiny chapel. Ancient and christian sanctuaries side by side!