Naxos Windsurfing

Naxos is among the most popular windsurfing destinations in Greece. The northern winds called meltemia that blow over Naxos in summer months create the perfect conditions for this sport. In particular, Mikri Vigla, Agios Georgios (Floisvos) and Laguna are the best Naxos windsurfing spots, hosting many centers that offer courses and rent the proper equipment. A club is also located at Plaka beach and Sahara beach.

The wind on the island is steady and gets stronger in early afternoon hours, making these hours the best time for windsurfing in Naxos. The conditions are mostly "bump & jump".
If you are looking for freestyle conditions then Laguna and Sahara beach are the best places. When the wind comes strictly from the North, you can catch some good waves at Agios Georgios beach.
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What are the best Windsurfing clubs in Naxos? Discover below 6 Windsurfing clubs in Naxos. We have marked our favorite ones with a ❤. Some windsurfing centers propose online bookings! Just click on .

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