Naxos Mikri Vigla beach (Sahara)

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Sahara Naxos: Sahara (or Limanakia) comprises the continuation of Mikri Vigla (Parthena) beach. It is a large and calm beach with golden sand and limpid waters. Kavos is enveloped between the two beaches.

Sahara is a calmer alternative to Mikri Vigla. It boasts golden sand and dazzling waters. The sea is shallow, making the beach ideal for families with children. The area is also ideal for snorkeling.
People congregate in the right-hand corner near the headland because the spot is not much affected by the winds.

Some sun lounges are available for rent, and a few restaurants lie in the area.

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  • Francois_M 05 Jul 2007
    Sahara a charming beach
    Hi, I'm from France I am 42 years old. I recently visited Greece and the island of Naxos. While I was on Naxos I went to Sahara beach, on foot as my accommodation is located in camping car on the beach. It is a really nice landscape. The reason I went to Sahara beach is because I saw pictures of it in a brochure/magazine. Also it is good for windsurfing and quiet. It is a long sandy beach with clear cool waters, beautiful views, unspoiled, isolated, clean, and windy, with no vegetation. Close to it are mini markets, restaurants and cafes. My favorite thing about Naxos is the fact that the beach is isolated and long, has a lot of place for people, and clean waters. A tip for future visitors is that it is good for windsurfing.