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Located nearly in the center of the Cyclades group, Naxos Greece is the largest of the Cyclades (429.8 km²) and has a population of 20.000 people.
The capital (main town) is Chora, with half the permanent population living there.
The island is located 103 nautical miles from the harbor of Piraeus and has frequent ferry connections with Athens and most of the other islands of the Cyclades. It also boasts an airport; therefore, it can be reached by plane, too.

Naxos is an island offering a wide variety of things to its visitors, such as beautiful beaches, traditional villages, delicious food, important archaeological sites, numerous hiking paths, and windsurfing / kitesurfing spots.
It is considered a destination that can satisfy any taste.

While entering the port by ferry, the view is really amazing. On the one hand, you see the Venetian castle, while on the other hand, the emblematic Portara - the island's landmark. It is a huge marble doorway built during the 6th century BC for a temple dedicated to Apollo that was never completed. Centuries later, it stands like a sleepless guard and welcomes all the travelers arriving on the island. It is also the best place to watch the sunset.

The island has the highest mountain peak in the Cyclades: Mount Zas, rising at an altitude of 1004 meters.
It is also the Cycladic island with the longest coasts of the entire group, extending to over 92 km. The most popular beaches are located on the western side and are considered among the most beautiful in the Aegean sea. Pure soft sand and clear turquoise waters are the main features of the shores. Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, Plaka, and Aliko are only a few to mention. Organized and unorganized parts, beach bars, and hidden creeks are all available. Once again, it is safe to say that there are types of beaches for every taste and mood! On the western side, the beaches are less touristy and unspoiled and definitely worth your visit. Moutsouna, Psili Ammos, and Panermos are only a few of them.

Because of its many plains and valleys, Naxos is famous since ancient times for being fertile and producing various agricultural products like olives, and high-quality wine. Furthermore, meat and cheese are exquisite!
One thing is for sure: vacation there will be full of tastes and delicious meals. The richness and fertility of the land permitted the inhabitants to be financially independent of the rest of Greece. That explains why it was one of the last islands of the Cyclades to open its gates to the tourism industry and why it is one of the few Cycladic islands that has kept its natural beauty unspoiled by tourism.
Traditional villages such as Halki, Apiranthos, and Filoti have managed to preserve their architecture and authenticity and are real gems.

Finally, Naxos offers interesting archaeological sites such as temples, many beautiful Byzantine churches scattered around the island, and Venetian towers, that testify about the prosperous antiquity of the island.
There is a widespread, organized network of hiking trails passing through fields of olive trees, traditional villages, and abandoned settlements making this island a popular hiking destination in Greece.

Overall, the beaches, the gastronomy, the architecture, and the activities make Naxos a great example of an island that has preserved its natural beauty and traditional character while maintaining good tourism development over the years. It is not a secret that most travelers visiting the place usually come back again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the island look like?

Naxos is a beautiful island. When you approach the island by ferry, you are welcomed by the imposing Portara marble doorway, the main town (Chora), and the mountains behind it.
The island is fringed with sandy beaches (mostly on the western part). If you get to the center of the island, the atmosphere reminds you of Crete, with many verdant valleys full of olive trees and scattered villages.
Take a look at our photo gallery !

For what is the island known?

Naxos is well known for its long sandy beaches (Agios Prokopios, Plaka), ideal wind conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing (Mikri Vigla, Laguna), high-quality local agricultural products (potatoes and types of cheese like arseniko and anthotiro), the impressive Portara (trademark of the island which is the remaining door of the temple of Apollo), fertile valleys of the mainland, mountainous villages and rich history.

Naxos or Paros?

Read about the comparison in our blog post: Naxos or Paros?

Is it expensive?

Naxos is not very pricey and far less expensive than Santorini or Mykonos. You can find accommodation and food for a very decent price. As the island is rich in water, it produces its own meat and vegetables and does not need to import much.

Is there an airport?

There is a domestic airport, meaning that it mainly receives flights from Athens. The airport is located nearby Naxos town (Chora).

What to do when it rains?

Firstly, it rarely rains in Naxos during summer since rain mainly occurs from October to April. You can see all things to do. If it rains, you can visit the several museums of the town, have a coffee in the many cafes or simply get romantic at home. Usually, the rains are for a short duration. When it stops, consider heading to the mainland and trekking a hiking route.

Is it a touristy place?

Naxos was under the radar for many years, under the shadow of Paros, the neighboring island. In the last decade, the island became quite popular, but it is large, so you never feel like it is too busy. Naxos town (Chora) is bustling during dinner time, though.

Is it a party place?

Naxos is NOT a party place. It is a more family-oriented island. You can party in some places if you feel like it, though. The "Island" bar in Agia Anna is very active, with dancing all night long. "Yazoo" organizes some full moon parties. There are also some nightclubs in town, like Ocean, but they mostly play Greek music.

Is the island ideal for families?

Naxos is the perfect island for families. Many beaches with shallow waters lie across the coastline, which guarantees secure swimming environments for children. The island also boasts a very rich history and many things to see and do.
The best beaches for families are Agios Georgios and Sahara (Mikri Vigla).

What islands are located nearby?

The closest islands to Naxos are Paros, Koufonisia, Iraklia, Schinoussa, and Donoussa. Paros is the most easily accessible, with many daily ferry crossings, especially during the summer.

Where is the port?

The port is located on the northern side of Chora (the main town), within a walking distance from any part of the town.


65 Reviews
  • Will Akkermans 09 Oct 2021
    Visiting Naxos
    My wife and I just returned from our trip to Greece. We did 3 days in Santorini, 5 days in Naxos, 1 day in Mykonos and 1 day in Athens before flying home. These suggestions for Naxos were excellent and helped make our stay memorable. A few additional comments for others who are planning to go to Naxos. TIP #1: If you are planning to stay for more then one day, you MUST rent a car or ATV/scooter to get around to see the sites around the island. TIP #2: When renting a car/atv, make sure you can access google maps or something similar to help you navigate as the signs are terrible! Also, be careful that google maps identifies routes on non-paved roads. I’m not sure how some of these routes even classify as a “road”. Some of these routs were definitely memorable for sure, but be warned as i think the local goats use these paths more then cars do! TIP #3: We decided to go to Greece in late September. The positives were that it wasn’t that busy with tourists because end of the season. That said, the weather changed quickly and became 20 degrees but very windy. Also, they stop offering as many ferry options so couldn’t do Paros for a day trip as originally planned. TIP #4: There are positives & negatives of going in September (see tip #3), but if you do plan to go in off-season, WAIT to book your hotel or Airbnb accommodations to the last minute. We booked those 3-months in advance and realized that when we arrived, the exactly same accommodations were being offered at sometimes a 50% discount.
  • ablutsauger 14 Dec 2015
    The best Greek island
    Before my trip to Naxos, I would never ever even think about going there. Although big, I had no info or idea about this island.
    What a surprise it was when I went there! Nice beaches, tons of landmarks to visit, beautiful town and some other villages, wonderful, absolutely wonderful people, and, what I really liked the most, Naxos is like a country-island. It's a complete functioning system!

    What I liked the most? The food. Why? Because it's "organic". They produce fruits, vegetables, have cattle and sheep all over the island (you can smell it when you drive), so you get their natural milk in your ice cream, great Naxos potatoes, salads.... everything is local, fresh, healthy and great!
    I recommend you to first visit Naxos, and then all the other islands in Greece.

    Wonderful port, nice walks, nice weather....

    You can rent car for cheap and off for adventure :)

    Naxos town is probably the most beautiful Cycladic town, at least for me. We had immense walks and never got tired.
  • erikht12 05 Aug 2013
    Quick visit to Naxos and Athens
    Journey to Naxos

    Thursday July 18th- up at 3 am, have a shower and a shave, pack the rest for my suitcase and at 3:45 am the taxi driver is waiting to bring me to the airport. Uneventful ride, but the set fare is almost the same as my flight to Athens. I am on an ordinary flight and have to go via Copenhagen, but this time I feel safe regarding eventualities, like ash clouds etc. My transfer is smooth, and I set my feet on Greek soil according to schedule. Luggage is however very slow. Well over 30 minutes, but eventually my small suitcase arrived.

    I expected to see my regular taxi driver waiting. I have used him for transport and day excursions around Athens for 6 years now, and he is always honest and very reliable. Instead the first one I see is Nick! He comes waving, while Nikos, the taxi driver, waves in the background. What a pleasant surprise!

    My plan for the day was to go downtown to Ermou Monastiraki to buy my gifts for the Christening at Mothercare. The parents would like clothes, and doing it this way they will be able to change them if they don't fit or if they don't like the items. Then I hoped to see Nick for lunch in the Monastiraki area before going to Piraeus for the Naxos 17:30 ferry. However both Nick and Nikos look excited, and try to explain that I will have to change my plans. The German minister of finances is visiting Athens, and the whole centre is cordoned off. Nick is not even allowed to enter his apartment. They both come up with another idea, the Athens Mall close to the 2004 Olympic Park has a Mothercare shop, and from there it is an easy ride for Piraeus where we will avoid most of the jams around the city.

    Nick joins me to the shop, where there is a summer sale on, and helps me pick some 5-6 items. Then we head for Piraeus. Having gone some kilometres Nikos suddenly turns into the side of the road, and excuses himself. There are some technical faults in his engine, and phoning for support he is told that he may not even reach Piraeus with this condition. However, just a few minutes later another driver has been called and we are off to Piraeus with enough time to enjoy a nice lunch in a park next to the main port after picking up my tickets.

    Time to go and I wave goodbye to Nick, then settle for my comfortable seat in the Business Class. A coffee and a book, occasional visits to the outside deck for a sigarette and life is relaxed. I expected to be in Naxos by appr 23:00-23:30, but it drags on and it turns out that on Thursdays the ferry also call in at Syros. At long last I disembark in Naxos at 00:30 and am picked up for the ride to Ammos Studios outside town (now renamed Ammos Naxos Exclusive Apartments after last winter's rebuilding and upgrades). Michalis is waiting and he has supplied a bottle of cold water in the fridge- very welcome. I have not been able to shop any groceries, but he tells me that he has introduced a new service and will serve breakfast in the pool bar cooked according to my preferences. We decide to do it like that for my short stay, avoiding any need to go shopping. At 2:00 am I am finally in bed.


    I woke up fairly early and had breakfast freshly cooked at 09:30 am. A nice and long chat with Michalis, and then I decided to go to Agios Prokopios (where Spyros has his travel agency) to show that I had arrived and say hello. Spyros was busy with customers, but provided a frappe for me while waiting. Lida (his wife) was also there, and they were waiting for their children coming - both Maria and Georgios at home from their studies for the coming event. While waiting I had a short walk to Agios Prokopios Hotel to say hello to another friend, Vaggelis. He was excited to see me, dropped his customers (his wife Effi had to handle them) and told me to come with him. We walked to the main street and he showed me a brand new building, all in shining white marble, named Naxos Island Hotel. "This is my new hotel", he said. "This is for our future. Tt is classed 5 stars". He showed me in and we had an elevator to the top floor. An amazing terrace with a spectacular view all over the area, and infinity pool at the end and a high class restaurant inside. He offered some refreshment, and we sat having a nice talk for some 20 minutes. Then I had to return to Spyros, and arrived just in time for the children to arrive from town. For occasions like this -when the children arrive from their studies- Spyros and Lida always has a welcoming first lunch with them in a special restaurant in Prokopios, and I was invited to join them. A delicious and filling meal, many memories and hugs shared and Lida told me about the do's and dont's for the Christening ceremony. Then they drove me back to Ammos, and I had a nice nap for a couple of hours.

    Ammos is appr 2 kms out of town. It is the way I prefer it - quiet environment, country fields around, first class premises. When I was there for Easter I tried to walk to town, but I had some problems with the knee and had to stop several times before making it. I decided to make it another go, and this time I made it to the middle of St. George beach before stopping - and then also because my friend Manolis, owner of the Paradise taverna, came running, hugs and regards. A refreshing glass of freshly pressed orange juice and a nice chat! The next stage took me to the main town square, where the Scirocco restaurant was packed. Still, when the owners saw me Michalis (same name) dropped his doings, and we had another chat for 10 minutes. (When I visited for Easter it was difficult to find a taxi for my return to Ammos in the night, and he picked up his car and drove me there). Finally I decided to have a walk along the paralia (waterfront), many hi's and helloes, before settling for a meal at Irini's. She specializes in freshly homecooked food according to her mother's old recipes and is in my opinion of the best tavernas in town. Yet another great welcoming scene, some delicious dishes and after my meal Irini came and sat down to share even some more refreshments with me. A great evening!

    Here are some photos from strolls the three days I spent in Naxos:


    The Christening should be in a famous church (Panagia Argokiliotissa), some kms outside the village Koronos in the evening (7 pm).

    It was a very different ceremony than I have been used to. It lasted for appr 1 hour. The priest arrived, said some general words and some about the procedures before starting to read. During his reading the godparents alternated in holding the child as they also had to read sequences from the book. During this, the priest blessed the child and the godparents several times by doing the Holy Cross. Then the child was undressed. Water was poured into the deep and wide font and mixed with holy oil, and the oil was also poured over the hands of the godparents. The child was then dipped well into the font three times, while the priest repeatedly did the Holy Cross on him. When he finally got up the congregation all cheered and applauded. After the ceremony everyone was gifted with a special piece of cake as well as some lacework filled with some special candy.

    From the ceremony most of us were taken to the village on a chartered bus. The road leading into the village was both too narrow and its bends too sharp for the bus to enter for the ordinary parking lot (Koronos is located in a gorge with the buildings holding on to the steep cliffsides, and there are no streets within the village). This meant we had to descend on narrow and very steep stairs, the first one was about 150 meters long, and there were several more to follow. Halfway down my knee almost couldn't take anymore, but very slowly I finally reached the bottom and the taverna.

    Koronos village

    Behind the taverna was a wide and long square, all filled up with lots and lots of people. Besides those guests present for the ceremony most of the villagers were joining in for the festivities, a fantastic scene to see everyone in a festive mood. A never ending flow of great food during the whole evening, and pretty soon a Greek orchestra started playing. They kept on nonstop until 03:30 am (!) and most people were joining in for dancing during the night (even Dimitris, the toddler, was participating in and out from the ring of dancers until 01:00 am, sometimes with his grandfather, sometimes with his mother and sometimes on his own). At 03:30 we broke up and the climb back to the top of the village started. It was a nightmare for me, the knee was swollen and painful and on top of it I got a touch of the asthma feeling I had last winter. I could hardly breathe, and hardly walk. Luckily Spyros knew a way to where a small path came down, and Lida went to the top to collect their car. She came reversing down the narrow path and managed to reach us, and I was put in the car. Saved! Going on narrow hairpin roads in the dark we finally made it back to town by 04:45 am, and I was in bed by 05:30.

    Here are my photos from the big event:

    Next "morning" I woke up at 11:45 am. Michalis was Mr Service himself, and had freshly cooked breakfast for me at 12:30. When I told him how late we had been he just smiled and said they had finished early- usually for events like this, they go on until 7 am...


    On Monday morning I was back on the Blue Star at 09:30 for my return to Athens (again in Business Class). This was just calling in on Paros on the return and I got to Piraeus according to the expected schedule. A quick ride to the Parthenon Hotel, and a warm welcome. Hugs and kisses, and they had booked me in on the top floor with a terrace even though I should only stay for one night. I also got two key cards, leaving one in the room when I was going out to keep the aircondition running. After a phone call with Nick we decided to meet in the evening, and after a nap and a shower I was ready. Nick was leaving Athens later in the evening to travel for some work commitments outside the city, and we settled for some snacks and refreshments on the top floor of the Athens Gate hotel. Amazing views and excellent food. Also a big and very welcome surprise- Rob phoned and had come to Athens to see us (thank you Rob, it was so great to meet again!). After Nick left we went to Makrygianni and had a nice chat and some refreshments until midnight. Another great evening!

    I had most of the next day available to get around in Athens. My flight home was as late as 21:10 pm. After checking out and leaving my suitcase in the hotel I went to Kallithea, where I had an appointment with Sally next to where she works to spend some time before she was on for the day. Another surprise, Kostas also came, and also a colleague of Sally's. We had a nice time together before they had to check in for work, and Kostas then invited me to come with him to his office in Psirri. He told me that I was only the third person from our "community" to visit the office (Nick and Sally being the others). He showed me the premises and also the unique views from the rooftop of the building.

    I still had some time to spend, and walked my way via Monastiraki and Adrianou back to Makrygianni. Realising that I also had time to get some food I settled for the Athens Gate rooftop again -this time with my camera- and had some lunch and some photos before I was off to the airport.

    My Athens photos

    The flight home went well, and by 02:30 I was back in my own bed at home.

    One of the best visits I have had for a long time, even though it was just for such a short time.
  • laureen71 10 Oct 2012
    Tasteful holidays
    No island like Naxos can fail to amaze you especially if you love to explore the unknown territories. The island I visited last year is unique in many ways as I managed to see a great part of it in 5 days. Travelling with your friends is a beautiful experience and if you have the same tastes it is even better.

    I have been to other Cycladic islands in the past, but the Venetian atmosphere of Naxos is alluring. Once you reach the top of the capital where the castle lies you will be amazed by the atmosphere and the stunning architecture, on you way down you will see some charming shops, the romantic arched passages and whitewashed houses in perfect condition, better than the newly constructed villas in the cosmopolitan cities.

    I wouldn't even bother to write this review if I believed that Naxos was a bad choice. The villages are highly reccomended if you have time to travel. Particularly Koronos is something else, the splendid view of the houses resting in the mountains, the unspoilt architecture and green environment and a walk in the whitewashed alleys is a unique experience. On our way to the small village square, we had a delicious meal cooked with fresh ingredients from the fertile land of Naxos.

    I can not even begin telling you about the warm atmosphere of the locals, the flourishing gardens in front of the houses, the interesting hiking trails and the arched alleys that will definitely captivate you. Equally interesting is Apiranthos and the coastal settlement of Apollonas with a great beach to enjoy your dives and nice taverns with superb view. It is really famous with tourists especially in August. The beaches of Naxos are endless and many of the tourists chose to camp there. In Plaka I would definitely do it, it is away from the city center with some nice cafes and restaurants.
  • bernard66 19 Feb 2012
    Enjoy your adventure vacations
    Naxos is so beautiful that it is a pity to stick to the usual. Go for more than Portara, the Kastro in Chora and the close beaches. Naxos has so many active things to offer.

    Starting from the watersports, windsurfing is definitely a good reason to visit Naxos, the ideal place for those who like adventure. Among the best spots to enjoy the waves are Mikri Vigla and Plaka, long beaches with beautiful surroundings that vary are quite popular with windsurfers and the more daring ones. Personally I didn't even try it so if you are not into water sports, consider getting the right gear if you want to enjoy a walk in the lovely paths and trails of Naxos.

    Being two weeks there, I found some beautiful mountainous mule paths that lead you to places you never really thought you would find in Naxos. I had the chance to join a walkers group organizing day trips in Naxos. I can tell you that it was a fascinating experience, climbing to the peak of the mountains with view to the Little Cyclades, visiting secluded chapels and walking through the island's green valleys.

    Diving can also be a good alternative if you don't want to follow the beaten track. I heard that there are some pretty good diving schools there. While you are in Naxos, you will find plenty of activities to keep you busy. I hope your vacation are full of fun and adventure.
  • jessica.edwards 31 Oct 2011
    Wonderful Naxos
    I have visited Naxos 3 times now, each time staying at the wonderful hotel Anixis in Chora. It is my favorite place in Greece that I have visited so far. Chora has a lot of charm - the shops, tavernas, night life all have a perfect balance amongst the scenery, the stunning beaches and the magnificent Portara.

    Every sunset on Naxos is fantastic! There is a huge choice of restaurants and tavernas, cafes and bars, either on the water front or within the winding maze like "white and blue" alleys of the old town. There is also the new part of town with more modern establishments and accommodations which then lead you onto Saint George beach. There are water sports on offer, as well as organised beaches and also secluded spots to explore.

    I have not found anything about Naxos that I dislike! I highly recommend it to all ages, although if you are looking for "intense" nightlife, it is probably not the place for you. The ferry route is approximately 4.5 hours, via Paros on Blue Star, from Athens. Definitely worth a visit if you want to experience a real Gem in the Cyclades.
  • erikht12 19 May 2011
    Holidays June 2010
    The time of the Greek Easter (April/May) and the autumn (late September and October) are to many the best period to visit Naxos. This is out of season, it is very laid back and quiet and life goes on as an everyday thing for the citizens. Most tourist places are closed (in April/May they start their maintenance before the season, in October they are closed) and there is no activity going on in resorts like Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna or Plaka.

    This trip to Naxos was in Mid June, and it was totally different. The major season had not yet started, but there were many tourists around. Seasonal shops and restaurants were all open until late, and the most touristic restaurants seemed to have full houses every night. Some of the traditional restaurants had also altered their image and menus, and like every year some had disappeared while others had been added to their numbers.

    The local buses were on winter schedules until June 10th. Then the most popular route (Naxos Town- Agios Prokopios- Agia Anna- Plaka) was switched to summer schedules- every half hour as from 8 am until midnight from Naxos Town, every half hour as from 8:30 am- 00:30 am from Plaka. The ones between 6-8 pm from Plaka and 10-12 pm from town are usually packed. You must remember to buy tickets before entering: They can be bought from the KTEL office in town, from local travel agencies in the resorts and several supermarkets etc. Buy a number of tickets when you are first there.

    Ticket Office

    Where to go

    A great number of excursion buses are already on the road. They usually start appr. at 9 am from town, and do the usual roundtrip: the old olive press and ceramics factory, Chalki, sometimes Panagia Drosiani, then Filoti, Apeiranthos and Apollonas. For those who have never been on Naxos before, it is a fair introduction, but for those who will like to explore the island, there are many other interesting places to go. Villages like Chalki, Apeiranthos and Apollonas has gone very touristy. If you like to see them, make sure you go outside the hours when the excursion buses are there.

    Chalki does have some attractions. It is the location for the Kitron Destillery, and an artist has made his home here- having an outlet for olive products and ceramics, as well as a nice gallery to show his ceramic art. Apeiranthos is still called the village of marble (the streets verify this), and they have a small archeological museum (free) where they have a very interesting collection of small Cycladic artefacts.

    However, if you are looking for the "genuine" mountain villages you should go elsewhere. Just before entering Chalki, there is a sign for the village Damarionas:

    These photos are from St. George's Day- the name day for everyone with that name (Georgios), when they have a celebration and a procession. Damarionas has been characterized as the "hospitable village of Naxos". The big festival of the village is on 6 August, when they celebrate the church of village, the Metamorphosis of Sotiros (Savior).

    By the way, try to look up the Naxos festivals, and don't miss them if you are there at the time. You will have a unique experience.

    Another village worth visiting is Koronos. Koronos is one of the oldest, largest and most mountainous villages of Naxos. The picturesque beauty of village is quite unique. It is located in the northeastern part of the island, and the bigger part of it is built in the sides of a deep and green glen. Walk the narrow alleyways and steep stairs, and have your lunch or dinner in the square in one of the traditional tavernas where they do homecooked local products and dishes.

    A hidden gem is the village Keramotis. It is located in the mountainside below the road crossing Stavros Keramotis. A website ( states this about the village:

    In the North and in the South of Keramoti are the springs of the two important rivers of Naxos, the one up Koronos mountain and the other up Fanari Mountain. This two rivers unites at the western part of the village, in "dipotamata"point, therefore continues to flow as a single river to the west and shapes up the unique waterfall in Naxos of 6 metres, flows to the village Eggares irrigating the area and debouch to the sea. The running waters, that maintain their flow even in summertime, offers to the village a all green breath-taking beauty, that abstains a lot from the usual Cycladic landscape. The life of village in the past, was unbreakably connected with water, as it is testified by the two devastated watermills, the traditional wash-house and the bridge.

    The residents of Keramoti, are characterized by the simplicity and the hospitality of the locals in the traditional mountainous villages of Naxos. There is a traditional song that talks exactly about that: "Keramoti and Danako they do not have a person bad...

    You can get a look at the roadcross at Stavros Keramotis and a distant view of the village here:

    Don't miss the fantastic views from the platform at Stavros Keramotis. It is the only place on Naxos where you will be able to see the sea at both sides of the island.

    Not far from Koronos is the Panagia Argokiliotissa, known for miracles taken place their several hundreds of years ago, and where they keep an icon found in a tree to remember the event. It is fantastic to see such a cathedral-like church being built in the wilderness, but it carries proof of its importance with the adjacent small houses with beds for the pilgrims in the old days:

    The "cathedral" building process has, by the way, now been finished and it is white and shining in the horizon when you pass by on the road.

    And talking of churches, one other not to be missed is Panagia Drosiani close to the village of Moni. It is one of the oldest churches around- built in the 6th and 7 th century AD, and it houses some unique icons from the 7th century AD inside (photos inside not allowed):

    Another village with a special attraction is Danakos. I once again use a quote from the above mentioned website:

    The village is built in a glen between two mountainsides. The waters of Vrisi, (source), revive persons, animals and ground. In platans, in oaks, in walnut all sorts of birds make their nest. Oranges, mandarins, figs, cherry-sours give colour to the landscape. Seven watermills exist but do not function anymore. The residents are millers, builders of stone -best in the island- and cattle-breeders. With their cheese someone can taste all the perfumes of nature. With their song -been famous versifiers- you conceive the difficulty of everyday routine. People are calm, full sweetness as the landscape, despite the cruelty of the stone.

    The village is the site for a spring that comes out of the mountain, runs for some hundreds meters before once again vanishing into the rocks. Some tests have been made, and they showed that the stream reappeared in Izmir in Turkey...


    The beaches closest to Naxos Town, including Plaka, have their qualities and charm, but tend to be very crowded in the season. Naxos has many other options. Going along the western coast you will find others like these (view the last part of the collection- photos are taken in October- i.e. out of season):

    There are also excellent beaches on the east coast, and from Moutsouna they have now made a paved road to places like Psili Ammos and Panermos. Get a decent map, hire a car and explore if you like a place on your own.


    The opportunity to have a meal in all restaurants on a short visit this June was not possible, but some observations were made and some tried out.

    If anyone cares, recommendations are: Try To Limanaki, Galiani (on the main road into town) or Between Us (in Old Town alleyway), for seafood, Irini's, Between Us, Platia (big dishes for sharing), O Apostolis for traditional homecooked food. Out of town: Gorgona in Agia Anna, Taverna Pigi in Ano Potomia, the local tavernas in Sagri and Damarionas, and the two main tavernas in the "square" of Koronos.

    Many will miss To Kastro from this list, but this year that it has gone very overrated, and is more of special interest if you like to watch the view and the sunset along with your meal. Good cooking is also done in places like Scirocco, but they have are very touristic.

    Worthwhile to mention: In season there are numerous concerts and traditional dancing events in the Venetian Museum in Old Town. Check them out- there are posters in the paralia:

  • erikht12 19 May 2011
    Greek Easter 2010
    It's the time of the season... It was Maundy Thursday, and all and everyone in Greece were on the move. Out of Athens, out from any major city and town- all heading home to their place of origin to spend the holy Easter days with their families and friends. They bring all their belongings with them- children, dogs, suitcases, baskets, clothes- and most of it goes with them instead of being stored in the designated facilities. Old ladies in black, screaming children, barking dogs- an unbelievable level of noise, mixed with yelling, hugs, Ella!

    I booked late, and the only facility available was the Business Class. I didn't regret it- it would probably mean away from most of the noise and some comfortable place to relax. A waiter appeared and I had the first frappe on this visit, a crossword puzzle and a book and time passed away.

    Spyros, a special friend, was on the pier in Naxos awaiting me, and he told me that his daughter Maria was arriving with the same ship. A nice reunion on the pier! By car, it was only a 5 minute drive to the hotel. With Easter coming this early, most hotels in Naxos weren't even thinking of the maintenance work to do before the season, and among those being away for a holiday was my host at Ammos, where I usually stay. Spyros had arranged a room for me at Naxos Resort (former Naxos Royal Beach Hotel), conveniently located in the St George area, within easy walk from "everywhere" in town and rated as the best hotel in this area. I had checked the net before going, and they were advertising all kinds of facilities which made me anxious to see what it was like. Their room price on the net was expensive, but I felt the convenience would make it justice.

    When I entered, I was greeted by the manager and some members of the staff. Otherwise the hotel looked empty, and I could not see any other guests around. Then I was told that I was their only guest at the moment, but that they expected many for the next few days (Good Friday- Easter Day). On these days most facilities were available, but for the rest of the time I was their only guest and most things were closed. However, they catered for a nice breakfast every morning, and if I needed something there was always someone present to ask.

    For the three main Easter days, the hotel was much more crowded. A couple of tour operators arranged Easter trips for their customers, and some others visiting families were also accommodated for these days. On Easter Day the hotel also opened their doors for a genuine Easter celebrations for anyone- some 8 lambs were on the grills, several kokouretsis were on other grills and Greek musicians played for dancing.

    The journey and the hotel

    For me the hotel was a place to sleep and to relax in between. Like always I had a nice stroll around the town on my first day, and enjoyed being back. Most of the tourist restaurants and bars were closed, but the town also caters for their all year around citizens and I was welcomed everywhere as being one of them. A nice chat here, some refreshment with others along the waterfront, a lunch at Scirocco where they for this season also had menus in Greek both outside and on the wall (they are mostly catering for the tourists during the season and is very popular among them). Their food is always very good, and I had a long chat with the owners. Some tourists were sitting by a table further out, and Nikos told me they were Norwegian and asked whether I would join them. I rejected, telling him I was not coming to Greece and Naxos to spend my time with Norwegians... A little later the Norwegian guy approached me, and said: "G-T?". It took me a little while to understand what he meant until I realised it was his way of asking if I was Greek-Traveller... I confirmed, and he said that he recognised me from the avatar in Hellasforum, a Norwegian- Scandinavian forum I visit twice or three times a year. My brain worked overtime, and by searching what was left I remembered a guy who was very engaged in Naxos in the forum. "You must be Anders?", I asked and got it confirmed. I was asked to join him and the two girls for a chat and some refreshment, and we spent a couple of hours having a good time.

    Naxos stroll

    In the evening it was the traditional ceremonies and parades of the epitaphio. It is a solemn feeling around, people gathering to see the event, most dressed in their best clothes and with candles lit. Apart from where the three congregations from Naxos town are parading the streets are empty, and from a distance you can only hear those angel-like aerial voices singing the lament as they march along. In the small square on top of the hill where the main road leads down to the waterfront the three congregations meet, and the Naxian tradition is both to choose the nicest decoration and to be able to lift the epitaphio as high up as possible. After this event most people are gathered in the restaurants along the waterfront , greeting old friends who have arrived for the occasion, eating food according to the tradition of lent and having a good time into the late hours.

    The next big event for Easter is the Holy Saturday midnight mass. It starts at 11 pm and goes on until 3 am; but it is what happens around midnight that is the important part for most. The families are gathering outside their local church bringing candles to be lit, and when the midnight hour is there the priests starts singing "Christos Anesti" (Christ has risen), bells are chiming, everyone helps another to light the candles and the big noise begins. Fireworks, firecrackers and in some places I have even heard they are using dynamite – people hug and kiss another with their greetings "Chronia Pola, Christos Anesti" and reply "Alithos Anesti" (He is indeed risen). Then the families gather and walk together back home with their lit candles, burn a cross above the entrance to bless their house for the coming year and have their first meal with meat after lent. The traditional main dishes are Margaritsa soup (made up of most of the stuff in kokoretsi, lamb heart, liver, intestines etc all chopped up and cooked with lettuce and onion and herbs) and the lamb’s intestines. However, nowadays most people also cook other dishes to choose from.

    Easter Day is the big day for the celebrations. Early in the morning the lamb is put on a spit over the grill, the kokouretsi is being made on another spit and put on another grill, all the best food they can provide is on the table along with homeproduced wine, raki, beer and water. The chat around the table goes on for hours, before the music comes on and we are into dancing, singing and enjoying ourselves as long as we can keep it going.

    Easter celebrations

    Videos from the celebrations

    Holy Saturday mass – Part 1

    Holy Saturday mass – Part 2

    Lamb on the spit

    Kokouretsi being made

    Easter dancing – Part 1

    Easter dancing – Part 2

    The son of "my family" is learning to play Greek instruments, and he also made us a small concert:

    The next few days I travelled around the island with my friend, the taxi driver Thassos, and got some impressions what it was like out of season here as well. The main places visited were Moutsouna, Panormos and Lianos:

    Then it was time to move on to Athens. When checking out I got a very pleasant surprise: due to the fact that most facilities were unavailable when I was staying as the only guest, and Spyros being a good friend of the manager, my room price was given a discount of appr. 50%...

  • sophist66 13 Apr 2011
    Homeland of Zeus
    This island became my great love. It is not only due to the natural beauty and the important sightseeing but also the friendly locals that were always there to help us. We stayed in Chora, in one of those traditional hotels located right on the beachfront. It was a bit far from swimming, but in early May it is not very hot to swim in the sea. It is mostly a time for sightseeing and trekking.

    The myth says that Naxos was the place where God Zeus would grow up in a cave in the mountains, but sadly this cave is reached only on foot and it was difficult to go with a 5-year-old boy with us. Maybe we go another time when we come without children.

    On the first day, we rented a motorbike to visit the remote and isolated beaches and the beautiful villages. Most of the beaches in Naxos are long, covered with sand and pebbles. Some of them are fully organized with umbrellas and sundecks and many tourist facilities.

    Personally I loved the beaches of Agios Prokopios and Plaka, my favorite with calm waters and long coast. There are many cafeterias across the beach and plenty of nice restaurants and traditional taverns. Unfortunately, the weather was not that suitable for swimming, so we spent most of the time sunbathing, but it was a perfect time for my little son to make sand castles.
  • masiarzk 15 Jan 2011
    In the right place
    It was another trip to Greece, it fell on Naxos:) quite by chance, but once we were able to get there (after an overnight flight and 5 hours on the ferry), it was obvious that we are in the right place.

    Saint George Beach at which we stayed was might have a bit Discharge but wonderful. The sand, the water is wonderfully warm and crystal-something wonderful. To all this Chora has so much wonderful charm that it is possible walk through the alleys all night:). The people are great nice and warm and open to others.

    Oh, I forgot, and especially delicious food, I can recommend Maro's tavern. Come, sit, you order and eat all in place and atmosphere you do not want to leave:) first class food, great people. We were there every night and a little thanks to them back there again: D I ate there even the traditional sheep's stomach (or something like that) and it was good. Recommend, recommend, recommend :))))

    This year, I will spend there a part of my vacation also :)
  • arbanlol 29 Dec 2010
    Feel the uniqueness of the island
    Naxos is a lovely island in Cyclades and quite popular, in fact. As soon as you arrive at the port, you can feel the uniqueness of the island and admire its special architecture. In the northern part of the capital is the famous Portara which means Big Door and it is actually the trademark of the island.

    At the top of Naxos Town, there is this Venetian castle that is also considered one of the most important characteristics of this island. The white houses with the blue windows that stand there like significant monuments are always an attraction to the visitor, something that the locals can not realize. The churches of the island are several and they are all magnificent. Around the port you will find all the information you need, including bus departures, maps, car rent and definitely banks. The road that expands a long way through the marina has great taverns where you can enjoy fresh fish and anything apart from that. Also it has various restaurants, several bookshops, souvenir shops as well as jewelry shops for all tastes.

    One village that I was very happy I visited is Koronos. It is a traditional mountain village where the locals have preserved until today its original style and people rarely get to see. The locals are very friendly and they almost make you feel like home. It is located 30 km north east of Chora and the most important element of the village is that it produces all kind of agricultural products.

    It's important to say that the beaches of Naxos vary depending on the vacation style. One of those is Agios Prokopios which is located 5 km away from the capital and it is considered to be one of the most popular beaches of the island because of the crystalline waters and its golden sandy beach. It satisfies all visitors since one part of the beach is organized and the other keeps its natural beauty.

    Another beach that is worth referring to is Plaka. It is mostly a calm beach where you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the crystal waters. However, it is the ideal beach for the surfers when the weather conditions are suitable. Near the beach there are restaurants that you go and have fresh fish with the view of Plaka.
  • heyya 15 Nov 2010
    Photos make winter warmer
    A very beautiful island and very family-style. We are a family of four with two children 9 and 6, so we wanted something calm and safe. As a matter of fact, all islands are safe, as I have understood from my limited experience with Greek holidays.

    Our apartment was in Kastraki, just a walking distance from the beach, and at night we could hear the waves flapping on the sand. It was a very romantic sound and the best cradlesong for the children, who were already tired from the sun and the beach games. Kastraki is a nice beach and a bit faraway from the popular beaches close to Chora. Another nice beach is Mikri Vigla, Marangas and Orkos.

    In the afternoon, the beaches get windy, so we used to go swimming till noon, than have a nice meal at taverns on the beach and in the afternoon we would head to Chora or the beautiful villages in the centre of Naxos. Koronos in particular, Halki and Filoti were our favourite. We stayed for 10 days in Naxos and the last 4 days we hired a car to see the villages, cause buses were not very convenient from all beaches, just from Chora.

    Great holidays for our family and every time I see the photo books now, it makes my winter warmer!!
  • lennie 12 Aug 2010
    Like diamond in the sea
    We have been regular visitors to Naxos. Its green valleys, cultivated orchards and fertile hills combined with a fine beach culture and ancient ruins have irresistibly drawn us to this large island time and again. What has attracted us most about this Cycladic Island is the fact that unlike many other Greek islands, Naxos has not compromised its Greek identity to pander to tourism, and this has been possible largely due to its strong agricultural heritage.

    On our previous visits, we had visited many beaches on the western coast. There were so many, one linking to the other, that we can't seem to remember many names. We also visited the temple of Demeter, a 15-minute drive from the main road to Sagri. An amazing site that should really be better taken care of. This temple was dedicated to the goddess of grain and it really is located in the middle of nowhere. Maps have it but signs should be better put.

    The villages in the inland of Naxos are truly perfect diamonds. We used to go there early in the morning to drink a coffee in the square, looking at the green view, and then go swimming. Do not also miss the museums in Aperanthos. Go in the morning because they are not open in the afternoon.
  • loukiach 02 May 2010
    Alternative cute island
    I found Naxos to be total contrast to its high-profile neighbor Mykonos which has been swallowed up by high-class tourism and the big bucks that come with it. I really enjoyed my trip to Naxos and I consider it an alternative destination since then. Olive and fruit orchards, verdant fields, long sandy beaches and fishing hamlets which have retained their island traditions, appealed to my aesthetic sense much more than night clubs with blaring music and the opportunity to hobnob with the rich and famous of the world. Unlike many other islands I visited, Naxos is perhaps one of the greenest in the Cyclades with high mountains and lush green valleys, many of which are waiting to be discovered. The main occupation of the island is agriculture, and so far the islanders seem to be quite content with its rich farming traditions.

    On my walks over hillocks, valleys and meadows, I saw some of the most beautiful sights that will probably be etched in my memory for ever. Small villages clinging to mountainsides, where people wear traditional clothes and tend to their fields and herds of goats, marble quarries and ruins of ancient temples, and the deep blue waters of the Aegean can have a profound effect on visitors. And if you are one of those history buffs, Naxos can be quite engaging. Inhabited since the 4th millenium BC, the island has proved to be a veritable treasure house of ancient buildings, as well as artifacts, many of which can be viewed at the local archaeological museum. I came home with replicas of many of the artifacts that are sold in the small shops around the museum along with some great memories of a holiday well spent. As for beaches, for God's shake, do not stick to the popular beaches close to Chora. Head to the south and discover beautiful places like Mikri Vigla, Sahara, Kastraki, Pyrgaki and some many small coves.
  • blim 04 Mar 2010
    Wide open landscapes
    We arrived at Naxos port by ferry from Piraeus, and this seemed to be the most common way of transportation to Naxos with several itineraries during the day and especially in the summer. The trip lasted nearly 5 hours. My first impression of the beautiful port town of the Aegean was not unjustified.

    As we (family for four) toured the island in a rental car, I was vastly impressed by its wide open landscapes of fertile valleys, its historical ruins, and beautiful beaches of Naxos. No wonder that the island has been referenced in works of both, ancient and modern writers, as possessing outstanding beauty.

    Fortunately, we did not have to worry too much about keeping the children happy- we dropped them off at the Aqua Fun Park and they had a great day at the water slides and other water games. The other days, they played alone on the beach from morning to sunset. Didn't get a break, not even for lunch! I believe this was an amazing week for them. They may have returned home all red from the sun, but they had this big smile all the time there! Almost cried when vacations were over!
  • oliseb 03 Feb 2010
    Looking forward like crazy
    Unfortunately, we didn't tour Naxos much because we stayed for 4 nights only. Huge mistake!! Once we went there, we didn't want to leave, so to avoid the same mistake, better book for more than a week, probably 10 days, unless you don't like sightseeing and you want just to hang out in a beach.

    Mistake No 2: never rent a motorbike on a Greek island. You will get burnt from the sun and it is very dangerous to drive in the crazy Greek traffic or in the narrow mountainous roads. Cars are safer, more comfortable and air-conditioned(!!!), although you will have a problem with parking! We rented a motorbike at first but on the second day, we changed the booking for a small car. Go coast by coast the western side from Chora to Pyrgaki and swim in all the beaches on your way.

    Agios Prokopios and Plaka are awesome!! They have the cleanest water and the best beach bars!!! The souther you go, the less populated beaches are. Pyrgaki and Kastraki are fine for calm moments. Go windsurfing in MiKri Vigla and Agios Prokopios and have the whole day to spare! It will take you a lot of time, especially if you don't surf well.

    Small villages are hidden in the inland, but sadly we saw only Sagri and Halki, no time for the rest. We didn't have time for the northern and the western side either, but I bet it will be equally beautiful! Which is why we have already booked again for a week in Naxos this summer!!! Looking forward like crazy!!
  • joan_j 26 Jan 2010
    Do surfing and go tours
    A week in Naxos was not enough but you get to see the most interesting parts of it. Chora was like the other capitals of Cyclades, I didn't notice any different except for the impressive ancient door at the port. But the rest of the island was gorgeous, with the mountainous villages and the lovely coves. Apiranthos was my favourite village and we saw all the museums there. Such a small village and it has four museums!! They probably close in the afternoon, so better go in the morning. We rented a car for three days and drove all over Naxos. I don't remember even the number of the churches we saw in the way, so many nice chapels and all different one from the other. Most in blue and white, the favourite colours of Cyclades.

    Agios Prokopios and Plaka have the cleanest water and in June most people were foreigners. Apparently Greeks don't go vacations in June, they prefer July and August. Mikri Vigla is also a great beach for windsuring. It was my first time to try windsurfing this summer and it was much much fun... If only I could get steady on the board!! Taverns at the beaches are open from noon till midnight and we were always treated with a big smile! I enjoyed a lot the taverns in Mikri Vigla, it is much fun to see the other people surfing! If you have time, I suggest you a tour to Koufonisia. They are boats that leave Chora in the morning and return in the evening. It would be nice to see other Greek islands. Also Koufonisia is so small that you don't easily go there for vacations. It is more probable to go for a few hours than for days.
  • agelikoni 29 Oct 2009
    Different from other Cyclades
    It was our first time to Naxos (although we had been to other Cyclades islands before) so we decided to rent a car and travel to as many more villages and beaches as we could! As part of Cyclades, Naxoskeeps the architecture of the islands and the white/ blue painted houses, along with the small narrow streets, but still it has two differences.

    First thing that we noticed as we started traveling across the villages was the fact that there were many towers spread along the island. Locals told us that were standing there since the Venetian ages, and indeed you could find many of them.

    Second thing about Naxos is... if you think that this is a crowed island of Cyclades, and if you are looking for crazy nightlife, then you head to the wrong island. Naxos is a calm place, it has many tourists of course, especially in August, but still it attracts different people.

    So.. after all this driving and traveling, I suggest you not to miss to visit: The Castle in Chora and Apiranthos, a beautiful, traditional village in the mountains. What many people don't know about is that Naxos has very strong winds and there are actually many beaches, ideal for windsurfing. Ask the locals around, there were plenty of them and have fun!
  • susu47 11 Aug 2009
    Fairly traditional than other islands
    We have for a long time been visitors to Paros and a friend that lived previously on Naxos persuaded us to visit. We found the scenary on the island exceptional, good beaches to the South West below the Main town, with the villages in the interior very greek. We visited all three kouros and the temple ruins at Dimitra, emery mines and seaside port of Moutsouna, mountain villages at Apiranthos and Koronda, seaside resorts of Abram and Apollonas. The main town of Naxoswas interesting especially the old town citadel with the Venetian House and Museums. Maybe it would be a good idea to pave the centre and not allow cars and motorbikes to enter. The food in Naxos was good and fairly priced. In the traditional tavenas at the seaside resorts and villages, people are still inviting you into their kitchens to see the food. We had no complaints regarding the services of taverns or hotel, with one excpetion about the service of the car rental agency: the company increased our agreed hire rate by 25% when we returned to pay at the end of our stay, which distressed us. We will never use this International Company again.
  • enricomedico 27 Jul 2009
    The small tavern of Pirgaki beach
    If you decide to spend some time on the beaches of the southern part of Naxos, you must go to the long beach of Pirgaki and to the small beach of Agios Georgios, near to the Cedar Forest.
    At the eastern end of the sandy track along the beach of Pirgaki, you will find a small tavern, that is a paradise for the greek food lovers.
    Stuffed pepper and tomatoes, chicken in red sauce, spaghetti, boiled vegetables, salads, tzaziki and grilled meat... Everything is well cooked and delicious.
    And that to say of the price… It is worth really to eat there.
  • Carrie_S 16 Jul 2009
    Wonderful island and cheap
    Naxos is a wonderful island. Naxos town has developed really nicely since we last came in 1990. The shops and restaurants are great, a mix of traditional and modern, with some lovely cafes. The waterfront has a lovely marina and paved area to walk and sit, to enjoy the views of the bay and the temple. This temple door is nicely lighted at night, so romantic! The port is nearby, but there is plenty of room so it gets crowded. St George bay has shallow water and a sandy beach close to the town, so everything is in walking distance. It is also easy and quick to get to other beaches on the buses for a change. St Prokopis and Plaka are also nice and have lovely bars around them. Naxoshas the cheapest drinks in all Greek islands, 5 euros a drink when in Mykonos it costs at least 10-12. Our accommodation at Santa Katerina was excellent and the owner so friendly. We thought that Naxos was perfect for a family holiday and we will come back for sure.
  • joyce4 23 Jun 2009
    Look for small beaches
    I loved the island. Naxos is one of the purest islands in Greece and especially recommended for people who love the true and calm face of Greece, not the awful bars of Mykonos or the insulting visitors of Kos. I loved Naxosbecause it had what I mean of good Greek vacations: greenery all around, lovely villages with small coffee shops in the square, trekking paths, good food and clean beaches. What else to ask for?

    Most popular beaches on Naxos are around the capital, Chora, but if you rent a car (even for 2 or 3 days) you can discover amazing beaches in the most unexpected spots. You drive and you see all mountains and suddenly in the next turn you see a beach in a distance of 1 or 2 km! And the most magnificent is that there were high chances that you could be alone on this beach! Most people go to Agia Annna, Agios Prokopios and Marangas, so they may not bother you if you find a nice, secluded place to swim.

    Taverns are excellent in all the island. Never hesitate where to seat, any tavern will be great. The Greeks cook deliciously and take care of the ingredients they use, usually these ingredients are produced locally.
  • 56hj8oli8 02 Jun 2009
    Enchanting island with many beauties
    Next time we travel we will we will make it easier. We spent 24 hours travelling. Even if everything was well organized (the plane, the bus from Athens to Pireaues, the boat and even the transport from the harbour of Naxos to Maragas Camping), it was exhausting to travel for so many hours without a nights sleep. I went to Naxos 30 years ago as a backpacker and wanted my husband and my children to experience Greece as I did, so many years ago. We went to Greece as a family 2 years ago (Thassos) and are all enchanted by Greece. Probably next years holoday will go to Greece.

    Naxos had changed a lot since my last visit but it had also been the same in some points. Many beaches were still unexplored. I saw sun beds in Agia Annna and Agios Prokopios, which were not there 30 years ago. Also in Mikri Vigla there were only kitesurfers, almost no swimmers. They say that the wind there is the best in Greece. My son tried windsurfing and he loved it. Also almost a tavern had opened in every beach. Greek food though is always delicious, no matter how many years pass.
  • agnest 21 Apr 2009
    Amazing even in springtime
    We just came back from a week in Naxos and I feel so relaxed! We have visited Naxos many times in summer and have good friends there, but this year we chose to go in springtime. Nature was so wonderful that you could sit and look at it for hours! Plus there were no crowds to spoil your calm.

    It was not difficult to find a room there that time of the year, because most hotels had opened for Easter (last weekend was the Greek Easter). Prices were a bargain, almost half the price of high season.

    Beaches of course were quiet chilly. We tried to swim twice but no success, the water was very cold. However, hiking along the villages and the green paths was a delight. Kostas, a friend of ours, went us hiking from Chora to his land property about an hour away. Smaro was there, his wife, and all together we gathered peaches from his trees. Fun and unique experience, I had never gathered any fruit in London! Next night, we went fishing the four of us but didn't catch any fish. Bad luck, I guess!

  • joankam 01 Apr 2009
    Quite poor nightlife
    We had learned about Naxos from websites and travel guides. We had learned about the villages, the amazing beaches, the best taverns, the natural beauties. However, we hadn't realized that things would be so peaceful there. There were not as many clubs and bars as I expected. In fact, only some beach bars in Plaka were actually interesting. The other cafeterias in Chora, which would turn into bars at night, were not that appealing to me, although they had beautiful views in the balcony. I guess I was expecting the vivid nightlife of Mykonos and Paros, but I found the opposite. I was not much disappointed, because in the end our vacations was relaxing, but I was somehow surprised.
  • elena34rt8 11 Feb 2009
    Sandy beaches and friendly people
    Naxos has the most beautiful beaches of the Greek Islands, especially because they are sandy beaches. We went to Aghia Anna for the good beach but our appartment was in Aghios Prokopios. Birikos appartments were we stayed are very nice. Maria and Dimitros and their children are very friendly and the appartments very clean. Naxos town is a lot busier than the other villages on the island, especially in the evening where people go there in the coffee shops and the bars.
  • ja7231son 28 Jan 2009
    Enjoy walking and swimming
    The trip to Naxos was good, we booked with Blue Star, only too much people on the boat. Naxos has beautiful nature and very nice beaches. We mostly enjoyed the beaches to the south of the town. We also liked walking the labyrinth area of Bourgos and Kastro. People are very friendly and food wonderful. We had a good experience in many different restaurants.
  • andr35 20 Jan 2009
    Revise the road system
    Our trip to Naxos was fine, except for the return trip with the G.A. ferry, which was not comfortable at all. Anyway, Chora on Naxos was wonderful and truly picturesque. The Greek food was very tasty, the service quick and nice and the prices honest. I especially enjoyed the Vassili Taverna in the Old Market Street, Chora. Don't also miss Psili Ammos beach, so far from Chora but so nice! The only bad thing was the poor connections between the east and the west coasts (46kms distance in more than 90min is too much). The authorities must revise the road system of the island.
  • arletteb 25 Dec 2008
    Relax and socialize
    I've enjoyed the whole discovering of Naxos, which was easy with a car. Beaches are great, old villages as well. I liked most of all the small villages in the mountain and Chora. The beaches were all good, but really worth visiting are Alyko, Agios Prokopios and Plaka. I also had a very good experience regarding food... especially in Paradiso Taverna, the dishes are so like its name! We spent a lovely time relaxing, swimming and socializing with other tourists and the locals as well, who were mostly friendly and welcoming. The same I have to say about the staff in our hotel Villa Adriana, totally charming and clean. However, it would be perfect for the island if they would enlarge the bus schedule in morning and night or offer an alternative service, because taxis are really too expensive!
  • ali 08 Dec 2008
    Try to sample many islands
    I was in Naxos in September which made things easier for booking flights, hotels and ferry tickets, as the peak season had passed. It was a gorgeous island with very friendly people, fantastic weather and gorgeous water to swim in. I absolutley loved the tavernas of Naxos, all by the sea, very traditional and rustic serving unpretentious, delicious food. You, Greeks, ensure that the islands don't lose their appeal over tourism, and you, tourists, try to sample as many islands as possible as they all have different qualities but take the time to relax, too.
  • jultrws 23 Sep 2008
    Cozy beaches
    From Santorini I decided to go and visit Naxos island last year, which I wanted to see it again this year.
    Some parts of the island are attractive, like the west coast, the rest remains wild and deserted for almost the whole territory. Still, however, on Naxos there are a lot of things to do! Nice historical sites to see, for example: Dimitra's temple was really beautiful.
    The villages, apart from Naxos Town, don't offer much to the tourists, but the beaches are cosy and really beautiful. The only thing is that they are not clean: everywhere cigarettes on the sand.. this is really awful.. I don't understand why people and authorities allow this.
    Many restaurants almost everywhere on the island. They are very simple and offer more or less the same things. No particular or chic places to go, especially in Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna, the places in which I was.
    About the beaches, I would say Plaka and Akti beach were the best.
  • ghagiu 12 Sep 2008
    Windy windy windy
    Not so beautiful island, but very big. If you are not in love with kiteing or windsurfing, you'd probably feel disapointed. Beautiful beaches, but you'll have to bring your own umbrella in most of the places. Not very crowdy, good food and good prices. Try doing something else than sunbathing. Villages in the mountains are very interesting. If your are going to make a trip in the mountains by car, be sure you've taken your ginger pills before. The roads are very, very, very curvy all the way.
    There are not many ways to spend your time. An island where nature and love for nature is at its highest price. No skyjet, no banana, no clubs (just tavernas), no fun. Don't go to Naxos if you are looking for the atmosphere from Santorini, Mykonos or Rhodos.
  • kaare1950 24 Aug 2008
    Miss Naxos Intensely
    Here I sit at home in chilly Norway looking at the weather forecast for Naxos - 29 degrees and steady the next days! I couldn't afford a trip to Naxos this summer, but I truely wish I had had my 2 or 3 weeks at Naxos. I misss the atmosphere intensely, I miss dinner at Scirocco, I miss the harbour sunset views, I miss Summer Time Studios and Iliada Studios where I stayed, I miss watching the sun set over the Portara sitting with a drink at Iliada and I miss the chats I had with Stefanos at the jewelry shop near the Italian ice cream shop in the town centre. If anyone sees Stefanos, say hello from me!!! I also miss the best beaches in Greece along the coast! I am sure going back to Naxos in 2009! What a lovely paradise on earth!
  • marc.stuypens 19 May 2008
    This is the island for beachlovers. Here you can enjoy of endless sandy beaches.But if you rent a car you can discover the country with little taverna's where, for no price, you can still have a meal.I like to stay at Aja Anna: beautiful sunsets, beachrestaurants, nice rooms, quiet.
    Even on the promenade of the city of Chora you can eat greek food for less money. The city-harbour is very interesting with several architectural influences. The little streets bring freshness during your visit. Several high standard restaurants and hotels are situated in the old center.
    The best way to get there is to take the ferry from Santorini, because there are no directly flights from Belgium to Naxos . You first have to fly to Santorini.
    Be honnest staying at Santorini is not a punishment, excepting for your holidaybudget of course.
  • kaare1950 22 Apr 2008
    Naxos my star island
    Naxos has a very friendly atmosphere, it's great for families with small and teenage children as it's good for young couples and singles. Everyone I am sure will find activities of interest. Windsurfing, water scooters, fantastic beaches, a great interior with historic monuments...The island has a relaxed laid back atmosphere, lots of great restaurants and coffee shops, some very good art galleries, a variety of shops and beaches like nowhere else on any island in the Cyclades. My goodness, those beaches are terrific! Some with shallow waters for small kids, others for adults, and even some isolated ones for nudists. Hotels and flats-rooms for rent are found in every price class, but what's most important is the hospitality I found in Naxos. People are really nice and you fell so welcome. Scirocco is definitely everyone's favourite restaurant, busy yes, but what waiters they have! Ask for a birthday party, and those guys there do everything they can to make you feel well and welcome. But this is also the case at other places. Naxos is THE island of my choice! Nothing comes close.
  • roberto.finkel 30 Oct 2007
    Beautiful beaches
    Last year my son spent his holidays at Cyclades islands; he visited 5 isles and he found Naxos as the nicest; consequently I decided to spend a holiday at Naxos. The beaches along the left coast of Naxos are simply beautiful, Plaka beach is a Paradise. Best activities on Naxos: swimming, snorkelling and wind-surfing. Greeks are very friendly and helpful. I visited also Delos; it was interesting , but you can imagine that, living in Italy, where Roman culture was born, I find in my country much more to see than at Delos. Greek food is similar to wonderful Italian food; in general prices are cheap, with the exception of fresh bigger fishes like basses and giltheads or lobsters that cost much more than in Italy. Best Restaurant at Agios Prokopios: "Anesis", and "Waffle house" at Plaka Beach. Just take bath cloths, 2 jeans and 3 T-shirts with you; all the rest is useless!
  • jhender2 07 Aug 2007
    Castello Studios
    If you want the perfect holiday choose to stay at Castello Studios, right on the beach at Agia Anna, clean, tastefully furnished, overlooking the clear blue sea from your balcony, restaurants on your doorstep. Perfect! Owner was exceptional, he was great to deal with prior over the internet for our booking, we booked two apartments adjoining on the first floor one for our three grown up children and one for us. We rented bikes to explore the island, swam in the clean clear blue sea, we paid 90 euro per night per apartment and we could not have asked for such a perfect place to stay in. We loved Naxos, having left there for Paros, Syros and Santorini we would return to Castello Studios for the perfect holiday.
  • R_Steele 18 Apr 2007
    Beautiful sunset at the Portara
    Nationality: British
    Age: 33
    Countries visited: 5-10
    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane with the Excel and by boat with the Naxos Star. The trip was good although there was delay.
    Reasons for going to Naxos: Rough guide, lonely planet guide. Have been to many Greek islands and read about Naxos. Recommended by travel guides.
    Any Idea about Naxos Island before arriving: Thought the beaches would be good and the town would be interesting. Convenient for visiting other islands.
    More: Recommend that you hire a dune buggy – a lot of fun. The sunset at Agia Anna, Agios Georgios and at the Portara are beautiful. People very friendly.
    Favorite thing about Naxos Island: Beaches, nightlife, ability to visit other Cyclades islands from here.
    Best Beaches: Agia Anna, Mikri Vigla, Agios Georgios
    Best Activity: Beaches, nightlife, hiring a dune buggy
    Best Bar/Pub/Club: Captains Cocktail Bar-Naxos Town, Banana Bar-Agia Anna
    Anything negative about Naxos Island or needs improvement: I would extend the bus service so you could catch regular buses from Agia Anna to Mikri Vigla.
    Recommendations: Visit shark rock at Agia Anna on the headland near the white chapel. Go to Banana Bar at Agia Anna. Sea is warmest at Agios Georgios-good surf. Mikri Vigla is very nice.
  • Muller 27 Mar 2007
    Needs more marine life
    Name: M.Muller
    Nationality: German
    Age: 35
    Countries visited: 15-30
    The trip: I arrived on Naxos Island by plane with Swiss Air and by boat with the Blue Star Naxos. The trip was good although the boat was delayed.
    Reasons for going to Naxos: Recommended by friends who had gone there last summer.
    Idea about Naxos Island before arriving: My expectations were met with the landscape, beaches, villages and food (all is nice as we expected) we weren’t interested in the nightlife (same as anywhere).
    The beaches and the water was nice but not very interesting for snorkeling because of a lack of marine life.
    - Food/Restaurants : 6/10 The best food we got in local tavernas (in the villages)
    - Local People : We just met a few (short conservation) very nice.
    - Accommodations : 8/10
    - Activities : 10/10
    - Prices : 5/10 Normal
    - Public Transportations : 9/10
    - Authenticity : 5/10 Only some villages in the mountains were truley authentic.
    - Peace and quiet : 5/10 Except in the mountains
    - Weather : 10/10
    More: Over all a very nice and beautiful island. On the other hand there should also be some effort to take care of the marine wildlife.
    Favorite thing about the island: The inland with the small villages and mountains
    Best Beaches: We just know Plaka, which is nice
    Best Activity: Climbing on Zas
    Recommendations: Check on the weather (wind) according to the ferry travel.
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 6/10

  • Trude 11 Feb 2007
    Should be less expensive
    Name: Trude
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Age: 27
    Countries visited: 5-10
    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane with the Apollo and by boat with the Blue Star Naxos. The trip was good although the boat was delayed because of bad correspondence.
    Reasons for going to Naxos: Discovered on the internet.
    Idea about Naxos island before arriving: I was waiting for something really good, with beautiful landscapes, fabulous beaches and tremendously great beaches!
    - Island/Area : 7/10
    - Landscapes : 8/10
    - Tree Covered : 7/10
    - Beaches and Waters : 7/10
    - Cleanliness : 5/10
    - Villages : 2/10
    - Main Town : 7/10
    - Food/Restaurants : 8/10
    - Local People : 7/10
    - Accommodations : 1/10 The rooms are really expensive and bad service
    - Activities : 5/10
    - Excursions : 5/10
    - Sightseeing : 6/10
    - Prices : 4/10
    - Public Transportations : 3/10
    - Authenticity : 6/10
    - Peace and quiet : 7/10
    - Weather : 9/10
    Favorite thing Naxos island:
    Best Beaches: Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna
    Best Activity: Swimming
    Anything negative about naxos island or needs improvement: Should be less expensive and the accommodations should be more attractive to tourists.
    Recommendations: Be careful when you are searching for a room.
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 7/10
  • Giani 30 Jan 2007
    Awsome beaches and weather
    Countries visited: 15-30
    The trip: I arrived on Naxos by plane with the Alitalia and by boat. The trip was good although there was delay
    Reasons for going to Naxos: Recommended by friends
    Idea of Ios before arriving: Typical Mediterranean country with awesome sea and hard wind. Interesting because of the ancient archeological site
    - Island/Area : 7/10
    - Landscapes : 9/10
    - Tree Covered : 6/10
    - Beaches and Waters : 7/10
    - Cleanliness : 8/10
    - Villages : 8/10
    - Main Town : 8/10
    - Food/Restaurants : 9/10
    - Nightlife : 6/10
    - Local People : 9/10
    - Accommodations : 9/10
    - Activities : 8/10
    - Sightseeing : 9/10
    - Prices : 6/10
    - Authenticity : 7/10
    - Peace and quiet : 10/10
    - Weather : 8/10
    Favorite thing about the islandof Naxos:
    Best Beaches: Agios Prokopios, Kastaki
    Best Activity: Beach life
    Best Bar/Pub/Club: Loco
    Anything negative about the island of Naxos or needs improvement: Improve the pavement of the streets
    Recommendations: Try the pita gyros
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 7/10
  • Mikel 08 Jan 2007
    Rent a scooter and discover the island.

    Nationality: Germany

    Age: 23

    Countries visited: 10-15

    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane and boat. The boat was delayed but the trip was good

    Reasons for going to Naxos: Recommended by friends

    Idea of the Naxos before arriving: Before we were in Paros and I expected that it[s the same but here the beaches are more beautiful

    Best Beaches: Maragas and Apollon beach

    Best Activity: Renting a scooter and visiting the island

    Best Bar/Pub/Club: At the port

    Anything negative about the island or needs improvement: Sometimes too expensive for visitors

    Recommendations: Take a scooter and do a trip on your own

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 8/10

  • Di_Ashton 30 Oct 2006
    Very good value everywhere
    Nationality: British

    Age: 50

    Countries visited: 10-15

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by Plane and Boat with Easy Jet and Blue Star Naxos. The trip was very good with no delays. The ferry is the best way to arrive, you have time to get into the 'island mood'

    Reasons for going to Naxos: Discovered in Brochure/Magazine/Newspaper. Sounded good when I read about it. Visited for one day last year whilst staying on Paros and decided to go back to explore further

    Idea before arriving: I've visited lots of Greek islands and they're all slightly different. I read up about this one and looked it up on various web sites. It seemed to be busy enough to be interesting, but not too crowded and big enough to explore by bus with contrasting areas - beaches, mountains, villages

    - Island/Area : 10/10 A great location right in the middle of the Cyclades. You never feel isolated as you can always see other islands in the distance

    - Landscapes : 10/10 Beautiful sea, mountains, agricultural land - it's got the lot!

    Tree Covered : 10/10 Surprisingly green even at the end of August

    - Beaches and Waters : 10/10 The best sand I've seen in the islands and crystal clear waters

    - Cleanliness : 10/10 Spotless!

    - Villages beauty : 10/10 The mountain villages are out of a fairy tale, especially Filoti.

    - Main Town beauty : 9/10 The Hora is a bit more commercialized than I'm used to, but this is more than made up for by the lovely old Kastro

    - Food/Restaurants : 10/10 The ones along the front cater to tourists, but get into the side streets and there are lovely garden tavernas with excellent home-cooking. Great value too

    - Local People : 10/10 The best! Everyone was really friendly, helpful and generous. They also allowed me to speak Greek and didn't reply in English!

    - Lifestyle : 10/10 So relaxing

    - Activities : The beaches, bus rides and exploring were enough for me, but there were organized trips etc. if one wanted them.

    - Excursions & Sightseeing : 10/10 Local buses offer a very good way to get around.

    - Prices : 10/10 very good value everywhere, especially so in the quieter areas

    - Authenticity : 10/10 Away from the port and the immediate surroundings, very unspoilt and authentic. Where else would you be invited to hold a ten-day-old goat?!

    - Peace and quiet : 10/10 Again, away from the port area it's possible to find remote places offering much peace and quiet. Pyrgaki for example is like the end of the earth! (and extremely beautiful)

    - Weather : 10/10 Wonderful. Still beautifully warm at the beginning of September

    This is the biggest island in the Cyclades but that doesn't have to mean crowded. For people who want bars and clubs, they are there, but for those who don't they can easily be avoided. In the mountain village’s time seems to have stood still. As a tourist you can treat it just as another holiday spot or you can talk to the people and find out about local life. In other words you can make it whatever you want to

    Opinion about the accommodations:

    - General, for Accommodation : 10/10 a lovely room

    - Location (surroundings) : 10/10 Away from any noise in what appeared to be a residential area, although there were quite a few rooms in to let

    - Access (distance from town, beach) : 10/10 Only 5 min from the beach and 10 min slow stroll to the town

    - Facilities (air-condition, telephone, TV) : 10/10 No telephone (but you don't need one as there are plenty of public phones), but everything else, including cooking rings and saucepans

    - Comfort : 10/10 Lovely

    - Service : 10/10 Excellent and very friendly

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10 Brilliant

    - Price : 10/10 Very reasonable, especially in mid-season

    Opinion about catering:

    - General, for catering : 10/10 Plenty of choice. A bit touristy on the front but more authentic elsewhere

    - Quality of food/drinks : 10/10 Always very tasty and well made.

    - Variety of dishes/drinks : 9/10 Again, better away from the front here the choices are more limited

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10 Always spotless

    - Service : 10/10 Sometimes a little slow (but that's the Greeks!), but always friendly and polite

    - Environment : 10/10 Whatever you want you can find it

    - Prices : 10/10 Always reasonable, more so in the small towns and villages

    - Access (distance from town, beach, hotel) : 10/10 You can go as far or not as you want to. There's always somewhere to eat even in the smallest places

    Opinion about attractions:

    - General, for attractions - recreations : 10/10 You can do as much or as little as you want to

    - Variety : 10/10 Ditto

    - Infrastructures : 10/10 Easy to find out what is on offer

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10 Always good

    - Service/Guidance : 10/10 Ditto

    - Prices : 10/10 Very reasonable

    Opinion about Travel and Transportation:

    - General, for travel & transportation : 10/10 Easy to get there from Piraeus or Rafina or by Air

    - Transfers : 10/10 Met at the port and dropped off again

    - Friendliness, information and help : 10/10 The friendliest people ever!!

    - Service : 10/10 Great

    - Ticket prices : 10/10 Good

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10 Always good

    - Safety/Security : 10/10 Safety - well, you don't judge by English standards do you?!

    - Security, you can leave anything anywhere and it's quite safe

    Opinion about local transportation:

    - General, for local transportation : 10/10 Good bus service (check that the printed timetable is correct though!)

    - Vehicle's conditions : 10/10 Good. Some of them have been replaced with brand new ones

    - Service : 10/10 Good

    - Safety : 10/10 These days they even have seat belts (but nobody uses them!)

    - Tickets and prices : 10/10 A good system for buying tickets before you get on the bus, and a cheap way to get around

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10 Good

    - Conditions of roads : 9/10 Some are still dirt roads, but there are lots of recently improved ones

    Opinion about the infrastructure:

    - General, for infrastructure : 10/10 Good

    - Tourist information (kiosks, maps, etc) : 10/10 Good in the area of the port

    - Telecommunication : 10/10 Public phones are everywhere

    - Health service : 10/10 There's a hospital if you need it

    - Park & Public spaces : 10/10 Lots of children's play areas

    Favorite things about the island/area

    - Best Beaches : Agios georgios for plenty going on, Pyrgaki for remote beauty

    - Best Villages : Filoti

    - Best Activity : Swimming in crystal clear waters

    There's something for everyone. There's lots of history for those interested in that, there are places to explore and there are bars etc. for those who want them

    Negative opinion about the island

    Not really!

    Recommendations for future visitors

    Find out what you can first to make sure that you get what you want to out of the visit. Talk to the local people - they will appreciate it, especially if you can manage a little Greek

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries

  • paulaannettescott 06 Aug 2006
    beautiful island ! just one bad waiter!
    We went to Naxos as part of our island hopping and it was our first island. The island is beautiful and people so friendly and helpfull ,stayed in Margo studios would recommed to anyone. They were so nice and friendly, rooms clean comfortable and really resonable price. Will definately be back there! The beaches were lovely and the old market such a gem of a find in naxos town , only sorrry we were the only two nights. The only down side of the stay there was we went to explore the walled old venitian part of the town up on the height which is lovely and decided to have dinner in Taverna O Vakchos, they were so welcoming to get you into the place but when we ordered the waiter was very abrupt. We had not even finished our starter and the main course was brought out and our unfinshed starter taken away! They seemed put out that we were delaying the table! The tables around us seemed to be having the same treatment from the Waiter, in fact the table next to us was being served as we got our wrong meal. We said excuse us but when he was ready we had a problem he barked at us what was the problem? As we told him he barked back "FINE I suppose I will have to change it" !! At the next table a girl had been asking a question about one of the dishes on the menu and after his exchange with us she seemed afraid to not order it from him!! I do have to say it was a large resturant and buzy but it didnt seem to stop the other waiters from looking like they were friendly and helpfull to other diners! It was not as if we held the table up all night the experience lasted all of a half hour because of their rushing us!!! This was a pity as we so enjoyed Naxos and will return next year just avoiding that resturant!!!
  • krutsen 06 Mar 2006
    Naxos for ever
    Nationality: Norwegian

    Age: 50

    The trip: We went by plane to Santorini and then took the ferry to Naxos. The really was nice. It was our first approach with the Greek sea and sun!

    Reasons for going to Naxos: It was not the first time we went to Naxos in Greece. We have been there before. We liked it so much that we decided to celebrate my 50th anniversary there.

    Idea before arriving: The last time we were on Naxos Island we thought only staying for a few days but we liked it so much that we spent almost all our holidays there.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met once again our expactations. It is really a lovely place. It is less touristy and organised than the other islands (Paros, Mykonos, Santorini) and that is all the charm about it. It is a large island so it gives many different choices of excursions. The mountainous villaged are charming and the beaches are really amazing. Especially the one of Plaka.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches of course, the food (Irena restaurant is incredible) and the music rebetica that we have discovered. The main town is also a jewel. There is also someting really great that someone should not miss. There is a little garden (near one of the main doors of kastro) in the area of Kastro were a small summer festtival takes place. From folkloric Naxian music to violin classicals.

    There are also many places were you can try windsurfing.

    Negative opinion: No negative opinion.

    Recommendations: For familly people and for who like silence.

    We will definitely go back to Naxos. I am thinking of buying a house on a Greek Island. Maybe Naxos will be "our" destination.

  • oliver_in 15 Feb 2006
    Great island by difficult ferry trip to reach it
    Nationality: Norway

    Age: 35

    The trip: We took the boat from Santorini. It was a beautiful trip but the service was bad and the staff rude... The boat was really overcrowded. There were no chairs for everybody cause many people used one or two more chairs in order to sleep. The staff was not doing anything about that. A shame! We set on the floor!

    Reasons for going to Naxos: It was our first trip to Greece and wanted to see as much as possible of it. We have heard about Naxos Island from our travel agency and from friends.

    Idea before arriving: We thought that the island would be less touristy than the famous Santorini. That it would be a beautiful cycladic island with traditional villages, a real greek way of life, amazing beaches and a good nature.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, definitely met our expactations. It is a really beautiful island with incredible beaches (Plaka). The island is really complete with beautiful villages, many excursions to do, archaeological sites, traditional villages, good food and a great nightlife. I really enjoyed spending some time there.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches. There is this long beach of Plaka with its incredible white sand and clear waters. We were sun bathing there for hours.

    Negative opinion: Too much sun beds and umbrellas on the beach. And they were really expensive.

    Recommendations: Try it!

    Yes, I would love to go to Naxos again. It is a really great place to spend some holidays. Less impresive than Santorini but much more fun.
  • lackner 16 Jan 2006
    Really great but disapointed by hotels breakfast
    Nationality: Austria

    Age: 43

    The trip: We went to Naxos with an travel package and the trip was fine. The people were helpful.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: We choose to go to Naxos island because we have never been to Greece before and Naxos proposes stays in small houses. We hate going in holidays in big hotels with several floors. And we booked last minute.

    Idea before arriving: Not so much sun, relaxing, good food, fun, friendly people, bars etc...

    Expectations and opinions: Yes we met our expectations with Naxos but disapointed with the hotel's breakfast. It was very poor. We are used to have better ones at home.

    Naxos is a great island with friendly people, many beaches, pure waters. The town of Naxos during the evening is also great.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The bus schedules are great! We thought that we would rent a car but there were absolute no need for that. There are buses for/from everywhere every half an hour and it it helped us much to visit the island without any problem.

    Negative opinion: The sun beds and umbrellas on the beach were very expensive: 6-7 Euros in September...

    Recommendations: Just come and see yourself...

    Yes, we would love to go to Naxos again. We was a very pleasant journey but next time we will choose a hotel according to its breakfast
  • ward_pen 29 Dec 2005
    Pleasant place and really good bus services
    Nationality: English

    Age: 38

    The trip: I used a flight to Santorini and then a ferry to Naxos Island. The trip was allright without any problem

    Reasons for going to Naxos: We like trying different islands of Greece. It was Noxos' year. Naxos was discribed as having good beaches and good bus services.

    Idea before arriving: Mixed feelings. Brochures all spoke well of the island but a website we later visited it did not live up to its reputation.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes! It met our expactations. It has pleasant scenery, nice beaches, clear sea. At least in September it had a good balance between tourist facilities without beeing overdevelopped.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: Really good bus services. It permitt us to see pretty inland villages and do good walks without renting a car.

    Negative opinion: Much rubbish!

    Recommendations: No any in particular. Just visit Naxos Greece.

    We won'y go to Naxos again. We will check for an other island for next year!

  • garcia_mica 14 Dec 2005
    Great island and not so expensive
    Nationality: Spanish

    Age: 34

    The trip: We arrived to Naxos by ferry and the trip was good though we didn't arrived on time.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: A friend's recommendation.

    Idea before arriving: We were looking for beaches and a bit of culture. We knew Naxos was the biggest island in the Cyclades. We also thought it would be a quier place.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, Naxos Island met our expectations. We found what we were looking for. It is a nice place to come and visit. It is not my first time in Greece and found this place really interesting... and not expensive as could be Santorini or Mykonos.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches and above all Plaka beach

    Negative opinion: None

    Recommendations: To stay at Plaka beach, rent a car and drive trough the island to see the authentic villages. There are reallt beautiful.

    Yes, I would love to go to enjoy the beaches of Naxos again

  • herzog 29 Nov 2005
    Beautiful island and still unspoiled
    Nationality: German

    Age: 52

    The trip: We arrived on the island of Naxos by boat from Sifnos/Paros. No problem, good connection.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: We have been to Naxos before - 6 times - and we love the island.

    Idea before arriving: The first time we came in Greece Naxos, we expected authentic greek way of life and tranquility.

    Expectations and opinions: We met our expectation, of course, 100%! Dispite of the tourism, it is a very typical greek island. We just hope it will remain like this for long time.

    The beach are excellent and the villages also. The capital is a unique and very romantic place. The food is also great but depend of the place. The accommodations are confortable but beware, there are not in the international standards.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches and the sea.

    Negative opinion: No, everything is fine in Naxos

    Recommendations: Go and visit the island. It is still an unspoiled place

    We already came here 6 times and there will definitely be a 7th and 8th... etc

  • Gerard_strod 04 Nov 2005
    Beautiful, at the image of Greece
    Nationality: Dutch

    Age: 47

    The trip: We landed by plane on Mykonos Greece, went by boat to Paros, stayed there for a week and then went to Naxos island. It was a pleasant trip.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: It is our 31 holiday in Greece. Naxos is one of the places we didn't visit. So we decided to go to the Cyclades Islands to see arround. We drove 65000 km through Greece.

    Idea before arriving: A green island, nice villages and not too crowded.

    Expectations and opinions: It did met our expectations. We loved this island. It has beautiful beaches. The villages are nice. Good for little trips by car.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The village of Koronos.

    Negative opinion: Nothing negative about this island or others. But some efforts should be done in order to put better signs to the villages, town and archaeological sites.

    Recommendations: Take as many days of vacations as possible. Then make a 3 weeks trip to Greece and visit several places amd islands. It worth it. Greece is a great destination and the most important in all that except the beauty, the food and others is the safety. Wherever you go you will never feel agressed. People are really friendy and for me it is paradise when the emotion of agression lives from your life and everything is naturaly calm at anytime of day and night.

    Of course that I will come back to Greece!

  • savise 05 Oct 2005
    Beautiful, kind people etc
    Nationality: Italian

    Age: 30

    The trip: I came here by plane to Greece and then by boat from Athens. The trip was good.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: I had heard about the beaches, the sea foods, the historical monuments and the perfect weather conditions.

    Idea before arriving: That I would have great time on Nacos.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations and more. It was really good, all the way. I particulary enjoyed the beach of Plaka.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The local people. There are very kind and helpful.

    Negative opinion: None!!

    Recommendations: Just go to Naxos and enjoy.

    I will definitely get back to Greece but I don't know for Naxos. I would also like to visit Paros or Santorini.
  • piffl 29 Sep 2005
    Nice vacations there
    Nationality: Austria

    Age: 45

    The trip: I took the plane. It was a nice flight directly from Austria.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: Recommended by the parents of my wife.

    Idea before arriving: Not much. I have seen some things about the Greek Islands and Greece on the television and thought of all that nice cliche. All I wanted is too relax as much as possible.

    Expectations and opinions: It absolutely met my expectations. It a really beautiful island with extraordinary beaches, town and landscapes.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: To find beaches where you can be all alone.

    Negative opinion: The roads especially from Plaka to Orkos-Mikri Vigla are a mess. Some restaurants are really not good.

    I hope to go back to Naxos and Greece in general.

  • seeler 28 Sep 2005
    Too many plastics bags
    Nationality: German

    Age: 45

    The trip: We came by ferry from the port of Piraeus and teh trip was fine.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: I was part of our tour. We also made Santorini, Mykonos and Paros.

    Idea before arriving: The island where we had the more fun. Very beautiful, friendly and extraordinary historical past.

    Expectations and opinions: It met our expectations. We loved the weather and the incredible beaches.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beach of Plaka and its incredible beaches.

    Negative opinion: Visual polution with plastic bags, broken cars, etc...

    Recommendations: Just to enjoy it. Every island is very different from the others.

    Yes if there wasn't other places in the world to discover.
  • piltz 27 Sep 2005
    Back there every year for 10 years now
    Nationality: German

    Age: 60

    The trip: I arrived on Naxos by boat and it was very long trip!

    Reasons for going to Naxos: Because I have already been there 10 times and love it always so much!

    Idea before arriving: The first time I came I thought that I would find nice beaches, good hotels and amazing food.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations I think (10 times back !!!!). I am in love with the island.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches and the clear waters.

    Negative opinion: I first came in 1991! Now, the traffic is too high and there are too many places for accommodation.

    Recommendations: Never come here in high season (or anywhere else).

    I will definitely go back next year!

  • alan_c 23 Sep 2005
    Good beaches but windy
    Nationality: British

    Age: 57

    The trip: I arrived by ferry from Athens. I was very windy and the sea really choppy.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: It is not the first time I went to Naxos. I really enjoyed the first time and wanted to go back in Greece so I went there again.

    Idea before arriving: There first time I went there I really didn't know what to expect. I was open minded. I was only happy to escape from my rainy country and knew that there would be sunshine.

    Expectations and opinions: It definitely met my expectations and more than that. That is why I got back again a second time. It has incredible beaches (but very windy somedays) and the main town is really charming.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches and more especially the beach of Plaka. You can practice freely naturism.

    Negative opinion: Too much wind!

    Recommendations: Just enjoy. It a is still an authentic island is some part and just take a car and go discover the back country.

    I will definitely get back there!!!
  • grands 22 Sep 2005
    Good but disapointed by the sightseeing
    Nationality: French

    Age: 22

    The trip: We got to Naxos island by ferry from Athens.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: The island was proposed by our travel agency.

    Idea before arriving: We really didn't know what to expect. We had see some brochures but no specific idea.

    Expectations and opinions: The island met our expectations but we were a little disapointed by the sightseeing. Not much to see.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: Definitely the beach of Plaka.

    Negative opinion: There was nothing that we particulary disliked.

    Recommendations: Go and find other beaches. There are plenty of them. I could recommend Sahara beach.

    I won't return to Naxos. I would also like to discover other destinations.

  • maucci 22 Sep 2005
    Nices beaches but lack of authenticity
    Nationality: French

    Age: 51

    The trip: We came from Athens by ferry. The trip was fine despite from a strong sea!

    Reasons for going to Naxos: Naxos island was advised by our travel agency in Frence

    Idea before arriving: We didn't had any paricular idea, we were quite open minded. We know that we were in Greece and all that matters was the weather and the sea.

    Expectations and opinions: It met our expectations but maybe too much orientation to tourism. Chora is dedicated to foreign visitors.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches! there are really beuatiful and clean.

    Negative opinion: Nothing particulary apart from the lack of authenticity.

    Recommendations: Have to go there if you enjoy beaches.

    We will maybe come back here again.
  • nucci 22 Sep 2005
    A nice Island
    Nationality: Italian

    Age: 30

    The trip: I went to Santorini Island by plane and then took the ferry to Naxos. The travel was good.

    Reasons for going to Naxos: I chose to visit Naxos Island for the reason that it is the largest island of the Cyclades and thought it would have bigger choices.

    Idea before arriving: I only knew it had good beaches and that it was a nice place for spending holidays.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations. It is a really nice island with really good food and good prices.

    Favorite thing about Naxos: The beaches and the main town, Chora. Realy nice walks in the Venetian fortress.

    Negative opinion: There is not much concerning nightlife.

    Recommendations: Taverna "Lucullus" in Kastro (main town) and the Hotel Astoria in Agios Georgios.

    I hope to go back again!
  • jburlison 27 Jul 2005
    Cant go wrong
    This year will be our 5th visit to Naxos.The island is very beautiful with mountains, fertile areas, lovely villages and possibly the best beach in Greece (Plaka).
    The people are extremely pleasant; the food delicious.
    The main town is a maze of little alleyways and the castle has music evenings where you can watch the sun go down to the starains of classical or local music.
    Only 30 days to go!!!!
  • excalibur105 17 Jul 2005
    Our holidays in Naxos
    We went to Naxos last summer and stayed in the area of Agios Prokopis. It was very clean, lovely and had a fine view. The beach is astonishing with endless sand and crystalline waters. The area is really nice.

    A bus is connecting the resort to other beaches and to the town several times during the day. For two days we rented a car and discovered the lovely mountain villages of the island and some beaches unreachable by bus.
    Our stay was a real pleasure. The only negative thing about Naxos is that the town gets really crowded at nights and we had sometimes difficulties to find a place to seat!
  • paranoia 04 Jul 2005
    Perfect holidays
    My holidays in Naxos were just perfect. My husband, my two kids and I were staying at Plaka Camping on the marvel Plaka beach. The camping is well organised, calm and clean. The beach is endless and gorgeous, with soft sand and incredibly clear waters; sandy dunes are boarding the beach and, in some part of it you can find big flat stones which are perfect for sunbathing. I didn't knew that nudism was tolarated there and it was a realy nice experience for us. The waters are calm even when wendy and the kids were very happy. The area was really nice. Not noisy, not much people and many relaxing things to do.
    Hope i will be there again next year.
  • naish73 01 Jul 2005
    Naxos: Windsurfing paradise
    I go to Naxos every summer for a month to windsurf because it has good waters, strong winds and very beautiful beaches?and because it is a great island. The best spot for windsurfing is at Mikri Vigla. Arround 20 km from the port but nice trip.
    There is a nice atmosphere as a lot of people who are doing windsurf are staying on the beach in their camping cars. You can eat in the taverns nearby and shower with a hose which has been put there by the owner of the tavern of the beach.
    I was their for a month and was in the water 21 days.
  • rip 16 Jun 2005
    Magical island of Naxos
    The island of Naxos is a blend of magic and beauty. The capital is a lovely settlement which has been built around the old capital; the old capital is a real beauty: it is a medieval town surrounded by strong and thick walls were walking is a real pleasure. It is a labyrinth and I have enjoyed loosing myself in. Nether disapointed. I found a little festival in the Venetian castle that was playing traditional music and dances fron Naxos. It was realy nice and interesting.
    For a good visit of the island you will need to rent a car or a motorbike (plenty of rental agencies on the island) because Naxos is a big and mountainous island and the best beaches are far away from the town center. We rented a car so we could move at our ease and visit the lovely mountain villages.
    I have visited many islands in Greece and for me Naxos is a paradise on earth. The people are realy helpful and always smile at you.
  • endlessummer 07 Jun 2005
    My favourite island!
    Naxos is definitely my favourite island! It?s so great I could go there every summer! The town has many cool bars with happy hours and chip drinks and the beaches are beautiful. We stayed at a camping near the town which is cool because we were very close to the bars and clubs and we could party until the next morning. Awesome!