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Information about Psili Ammos beach

Psili Ammos Beach in Naxos island: Psili Ammos is a small sandy beach on the eastern side of Naxos island, in short drive from the fishing port of Moutsouna.
Located 45 km south east of Naxos Town, this is a secluded place with soft fine sand and crystal water.

Psili Ammos beach is not organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and its secluded environment gives visitors all the relaxation they need.
Enjoy the wonderful view to the open sea until the small island of Donoussa.
The cedar trees that line up the beach offer valuable shade to visitors.

Map Of Psili Ammos, Naxos

Reviews of Psili Ammos, Naxos

1 Review
  • ablutsauger 01 Dec 2015
    What a strange beach
    Psili Ammos was one of the strangest things we visited on Naxos.
    It's completely "domestic", with domestic atmosphere (which means - visits from goats, goats all over the places, small houses with olive trees and completely non-tourist appearance).
    It had some tree seeds all over it (we thought at first it was a result from goats regularly visiting the beach until we got the point).
    It also had strange winds, it was coldish and, as far as I remember, it was too shallow. But anyway, it was a funny experience.