Naxos Weather

The weather in Naxos Greece is similar to the one on the other island of the Cyclades. It is a typical Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters with low rainfalls and hot, dry summers. Like all the Cyclades islands, weather Naxos is exposed to the “meltemia”, the strong winds blowing from the north during summer and gets really strong during the middle of July until the middle of August. Because Naxos Island is located in the middle of the Cycladic group, it is even more exposed to those winds, which make it an ideal island for windsurfing & kitesurfing and explain why it is so popular among windsurfer, who come to Naxos from all around the world. As an island surrounded by the sea, the climate in Naxos is quite humid.

Average Air & Sea Temperature in Naxos in °C
  April May June July August September October
Air 16 20 23 25 25 23 21
Sea 16 19 22 24 25 23 22

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