Hiking in Naxos

Naxos is a rather blessed land; its unique morphology unravels soon after the arrival before the visitor, however, the island has many hidden secrets to explore. Mostly mountainous, Naxos is known for its impressive landscape, with sharp cliffs, high picks and rocky hinterland that end up to delicate, sandy shores.

Naxos’ mainland is full of picturesque, traditional villages; the geology of the land led from the ancient era to the formation of many hiking routes that connect different destinations, as the island is rather large in size. There are many hiking trails connecting places such Filoti, Melanes, Apiranthos, Halki & the valley of Tragea, Potamia and many more where the visitor can admire the not only the buildings, architecture, archaeological findings, and view, but also the overgrown slopes and charming glades, with the unique flora and fauna.

However, hiking is not only limited to visiting picturesque settlements; one of the island’s jewel is the imposing Mount Zas (1004 meters), the renowned home of God Zeus after whom it was named. Zas is a wonder of extreme beauty, also famous for its cave (with the dazzling stalagmites and stalactites) as well as the pick, which offers a breathtaking view to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands. You can organize your Mont Zas trekking day very easily.

Due to its size, Naxos may be a challenge to explore - one however that you must take up, as it is a land of mesmerizing natural beauty and rich cultural background.

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