Naxos Local products

The island of Naxos is the largest and most fertile Cycladic island and has an important agricultural production. Therefore, it produces a wide variety of local goods. Some products of Naxos famous for their excellent quality are potatoes, olives, olive oil, fruits, honey, cheese, wine, meat, and the famous liqueur of Naxos called kitron. The marble of Naxos and the Smirida black stone are known since antiquity for their high quality. Handcrafted textile is also a specialty of the island.
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Most of the food specialties of Naxos include one of the delicious types of cheese produced on the island. Some of the most famous are graviera (a hard cheese with an intense taste), mizithra (a hard cheese mostly used on pasta and meat dishes), manouri (a type of soft cheese with a light taste), ksinotiri (soft cheese with an intense and a little acidic taste), anthotiro (a delicious soft cheese), provio (an excellent cheese made of sheep's milk), and kefalotiri (a hard and salted cheese used for omelettes, on pasta and for the famous and mouth-watering fried cheese called saganaki).

Wine and liqueurs

According to mythology, Naxos is the island where the Olympian Dionysus, god of wine, grew up. He loved the island so much that he made its land fertile, full of vineyards producing high-quality wine. That myth explains why there are vineyards all over the island. Local wine can be tasted and bought in every shop and tavern of Naxos.

Another famous product of Naxos is the famous liqueur called kitron, an aperitif made of the namesake fruit, which resembles the lemon but has a stronger and slightly different taste. The first distillery producing the spirit, Vallindras, was established in 1896 in the village of Halki, the former capital of the island.