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Aliko Naxos: Aliko is a wonderful beach on the south western side of Naxos Cyclades.
Located only 18 km south of Naxos Town and just after the beaches of Kastraki and Glyfada, Aliko is lovely place to relax away from the crowded resorts of the island.

This special region consists of many small bays with soft white sand and crystal water.
Some tamarisk trees on the shore provide shade to visitors, while the beach is not organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Above the beach of Aliko, there is a unique cedar forest with marvelous sand dunes.
This forest has been declared a protected natural area and creates an exotic landscape.
Aliko can be reached by private means or by bus. A local bus to Aliko departs from the port of Naxos 6 times a day.

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Hotels in Aliko

Riviera Paradise


With its pool and flourishing garden, Riviera Paradise: a unique vacation experience is a small oasis. It is located in the area of Aliko, and has a large capacity and a traditional Cycladic design. Comfortable outdoor seating areas are available and you can relax by the pool. Pets are allowed.


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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 29 Nov 2015
    Great beach
    Alyko is less than 30 mins from the city by car.
    We visited it several times, because it is simply enchanting.
    This is an unbelievable beach, with stunning rock formation and clear, shiny and colourful water. You'll be enchanted and I'm sure you'll come back several times.
    Going down to beach is a little tricky, so mind your shoes and equipment you're taking with you.
    Also, expect many nudists here.
    And a lot of fish... and some of them are naughty and bite just a little. :)
    Naughty fish is my only minus.
  • alexis 22 Jun 2010
    Top beach
    This is definitely one of the top beaches of Naxos. This is a calm beach with nothing else except the beach and the sea. The only thing (and good thing) about it is that it is located far away from town and very few buses reach it. On the way back from Aliko, you can stop at a great restaurant called "Axiotisa" or turn on the left to Mikri Vigla to eat at "Kontos restaurant".