Naxos Aliko beach (Hawaii & Kedros)

General information

Aliko Naxos: Aliko is a wonderful peninsula with some very beautiful beaches, located on the south western side of Naxos, Cyclades.
Located only 18 km south of Naxos Town and just after the beaches of Kastraki and Glyfada, Aliko is a lovely place to relax away from the crowded resorts of the island.
This special region consists of some beaches and many small bays with soft white sand and crystal water. The most famous beach is called Hawaii. Some other beaches in the area are Agios Georgios, Mikrolimano, and the nudism-friendly beach of Kedros.

Kedros beach is located in proximity to Hawaii, on the northernmost part of the Aliko peninsula. It is named after the cedar forest situated in the area behind the shore (kedros is the Greek word for cedar). It is the largest beach on the Aliko coastline but not so much preferred by tourists, probably due to its secluded location and the fact that you need to walk in the sand for some time to reach it. But the same reason is why it is preferred by naturists.
The beach and seabed are sandy, while the sea has an aquamarine color and crystal clear waters.
The beach doesn’t boast any amenities, so remember to bring your beach gear. However, a food truck lies around the area; you can purchase water, beverages, and something to eat from there. Note that because of the fact that it is remote and off the beaten track, Kedros is a favorite swimming destination for naturists.
You can approach Kedros on foot from Hawaii since the beaches are adjoining.

Above the beaches of Aliko, there is a unique cedar forest with marvelous sand dunes.
This forest has been declared a protected natural area and creates an exotic landscape.

Aliko can be reached by private means or by bus. A bus to Aliko departs from the port of Naxos 6 times a day.

Best Hotels & Accommodations

Villa Riviera Paradise


With its pool and flourishing garden, Riviera Paradise: a unique vacation experience is a small oasis. It is located in the area of Aliko, and has a large capacity and a traditional Cycladic design. Comfortable outdoor seating areas are available and you can relax by the pool. Pets are allowed.


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    The island of Naxos is full of surprises and amazing places that you will want to visit during your stay. But there are also some spots that can be seen only by boat that you don`t want to miss. This full-day cruise over the south coastline of Naxos will give you a different perspective on the island and the chance to create lifetime memories. Gather your family and friends, put on the swimsuit and take the camera with you! The traditional wooden boat will depart from Agia Anna Port in the morning and for the next seven hours, will take you to the most amazing places. It will be a day full of activities and fun. The captain will make some swimming stops at Aliko, Rina and Kalados. Don`t forget your snorkeling gear because these are the perfect places to observe the underwater life. At Aliko you can also admire the sandy beach bordered by the cedar trees while Rina will offer you a unique wild landscape. Here, the image will be completed by the traditional Greek lunch cooked and served on the boat along with unlimited soft drinks, water or house wine. The final stop will be at Pyrgaki Beach and after this the boat will return.

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  • All Inclusive cruise on a luxurious catamaran

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    Your holiday in Naxos is not complete without a visit to the stunning secluded beaches of the Small Cyclades and to the famous swimming spots around the Island of Naxos. This luxury brand new Catamaran will take you on a cruise on the Aegean Sea crystal blue waters for almost eight hours. Put your swimsuit on, take your friends and your family and make sure you are at the Naxos Marina before 09:30 AM when the captain sets sail. You can sip your coffee onboard, relaxing on the shaded aft lounge while the spacious and comfortable catamaran is taking you to an unforgettable experience. There will be some swimming stops on the way where you can refresh and enjoy the beauty of nature. To make your experience even more memorable, you can use the snorkeling equipment provided for everyone and go to admire the underwater world. Connect to the catamaran free Wi-Fi and share your experience in real-time with the loved ones. Your lunch will be cooked and served by the crew on the large deck area and after tasting some delicious traditional dishes, you can enjoy a glass of wine or even a local raki. Recharge with a fresh fruit salad and get ready for another swim. On your way back home, relax and enjoy the last moments of a lifetime experience.

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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 29 Nov 2015
    Great beach
    Alyko is less than 30 mins from the city by car.
    We visited it several times, because it is simply enchanting.
    This is an unbelievable beach, with stunning rock formation and clear, shiny and colourful water. You'll be enchanted and I'm sure you'll come back several times.
    Going down to beach is a little tricky, so mind your shoes and equipment you're taking with you.
    Also, expect many nudists here.
    And a lot of fish... and some of them are naughty and bite just a little. :)
    Naughty fish is my only minus.
  • alexis 22 Jun 2010
    Top beach
    This is definitely one of the top beaches of Naxos. This is a calm beach with nothing else except the beach and the sea. The only thing (and good thing) about it is that it is located far away from town and very few buses reach it. On the way back from Aliko, you can stop at a great restaurant called "Axiotisa" or turn on the left to Mikri Vigla to eat at "Kontos restaurant".