Museums in Naxos

Naxos has a long drawn history from the Mycenaean period to the Venetian times and excavations on the island have brought to light important finds dating from antiquity to the Byzantine years. The collection is spread to many museums in Chora and other regions of Naxos. The existence of these museums bears witness to the strong culture of the island, through the ages.

One of the most interesting museums in Naxos is the Archaeological Museum housed in an elegant Venetian mansion. Inside visitors can view a fascinating collection of traditional items, tools and various findings from the ancient years. Similar themes are also explored in the museum of Apiranthos. In a close distance, there is the impressive Geological Museum offering a great collection of rare stones and other specimens.

Moving back to the beautiful Chora, there lies the Museum of Naxos ancient town. The exhibits list includes many findings from the Mycenean and Geometric era. Interestingly enough, the museum is close to the excavated sites which are open to visitors.

In the Venetian town of Naxos, you have the chance to visit an interesting museum which takes you to a unique journey back to the Venetian style. It stands for eight centuries as the symbol of Naxos old town and during summer it is used for cultural events. the village of Halki is the birthplace of citron liqueur, the local drink of Naxos. There you can pay a visit to the original Vallindras distillery, where kitron liqueur is still produced.