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The Museum of Naxos Ancient Town (Metropolis Museum) in Naxos: The Metropolis Museum, which actually belongs to the Cathedral of Naxos, is found right in front of the Zoodochos Pighi Church, at the town square of Naxos town. It is a small museum, built on top of the excavated sites, where an ancient Mycenaean town of the 11th century B.C. was found.

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This place is known as the archaeological site of Grotta and the exhibits include pieces of pottery, ancient graves, remains of residences, walls, and other buildings. Experts estimate that the acropolis of the settlement was built on the current location of Kastro (the Chora’s Castle).

The excavations at the ancient site were conducted between 1982 and 1985 and the preserved museum opened to the public in 1999. The location is well arranged and fitted with glass panels for the visitors to see the old findings and remnants of the Mycenaean and Geometric settlements. The city was reportedly deserted after the Mycenaean Era, probably because the inhabitants were afraid of the sea flooding. The remnants of this town were found underneath a Roman City, while another part of the ancient city appears to have sunk under the seabed, as a result of the geological changes during the centuries. Cemeteries of the same period can also be visited at Aplomata as well as Kamini.

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How to get there

The Museum of Naxos Ancient Town is located in Chora, just a 5-minute walk away from the central bus station and 3 minutes from a parking lot.

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