Naxos Natural History Museum

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Location: Apiranthos
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The Natural History Museum of Apiranthos is located at the village's entrance. It was established in 1996 by a local non-profit society to research, observe, and record the ecosystem of Naxos and inform the public about it. As the years passed, the museum's collection constantly expanded.

Some exhibits that stand out include four marine mammal skeletons (sperm whale, bottlenose dolphin, Monachus Monachus seal, and Caretta Caretta sea turtle), 80 samples of fungi, 260 land and sea shells, two aquariums (one of 300 and one of 600 liters). In addition, 300 flora species samples from Professor Dimitris Voliotis' research are also hosted in the museum.

A small library featuring scientific archives like observation histories, books, and photographs has also been created.

For more information, you can contact the museum at +30 22850 61725.



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