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Agia Anna Naxos: Located 7 km from the capital, following Agios Prokopios, there is the beautiful beach of Agia Anna. It is the group of several sandy beaches, interrupted only by a small fishing port and some rocky formations. Some parts of the beach are fully organized and some are not.

The crystalline turquoise waters are forming, with the soft golden sand, an idyllic picture. Agia Anna Beach can be reached by bus from Naxos Town. The village of Agia Anna has many hotels, studios and rooms for rent as well as numerous fish restaurants and taverns, cafes, bars and night clubs.

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6 Reviews
Guest 2009-03
Find everything in Agia Anna
A colleague of mine that originates from Naxos proposed me to visit the island. Beaches are wonderful, sea is crystal, food is really good and cheap, nightlife is nice. Especially in the area of Agia Anna, there are two bars by the beach. One is called Banana and operates in the morning and serves nice food and wonderful coctails and the other is called Island and works at night. A car is necessary on your vacations because Naxos is a big island and there are a lot of places to see. However, you can also stay in the area of Agia Anna where you can find everything there (bars, beaches and food).
Guest 2008-02
A long sandy beach with clear blue cold waters
Hi, I'm Dutch and I'm 22 years old. In the summer of 2007 I visited Greece and the island of Naxos. I was staying in Agia Anna, and I went to its beach, as it is the closest one to our accommodation. I went there on foot of course. It took me about 10 minutes. The road was ok but there should be sidewalks. It is a long sandy beach, with clear blue cold waters, fully organized with sun beds and umbrellas rentals and also crowded. The beach was close to telephone, mini market, restaurants, cafes, bars, beach bar, and water sports. But it didn’t have enough ATM machines. My favorite thing about the beach was the sun! Also the nice beach club (banana). The only thing I didn’t quite like is the fact that it was a little too crowded. A tip for future visitors would be, take enough money at once because there are few ATM machines.
Guest 2007-06
A beach with natural beauty
Hi, I[m Swedish at the age of 47. I visited Greece and the island of Naxos. While I was there I went to Agia Anna beach by car. I used a map to get there and the trip was really nice. The reason I went to Agia Anna because it was an isolated beach. It is a long sandy beach with turquoise crystalline waters, beautiful surroundings, organized and unspoiled, calm, clean, windy and with vegetation. The amenities that were close to the beach are restaurants and cafes. My favorite thing about it was the sand and the water, and the fact that there were no sun beds.
Guest 2006-11
Nice sandy beach
Nationality: Sweden
Age: 18
How did you get to Agia Anna beach: By foot as my accommodation is located in the area
Location of accommodation: Hotel Dimitra
How much time did it take you to get to the beach: 10 minutes
-What is the condition of the roads on the way to Agia Anna beach: Much traffic, small road
-Was the trip to the beach enjoyable: Yes and no. It’s not so far way but to much traffic but its near our hotel
- In order to reach the beach, did you use a: I stay in the area
- Reasons for going to Agia Anna beach: It is the closest one to our accommodation
-Describe the beach: Long sandy beach, crystalline waters, cold waters, fully organized with sun beds and umbrellas rentals, calm, clean, windy, expensive
-What amenities was the beach close to: Mini market, restaurants, cafes, bars
- Did it meet your expectations: Yes Rate: 8/10 Nice sand, not too many people and tourists
- Favorite thing about Agia Anna beach: Not to many people, a lot of space, clean, near to the water, good restaurants
- Is there anything that you don’t like about the beach or things that should be done by the authorities to ameliorate it or something missing: The sun chairs are too expensive, it blows to much sand
- Any recommendations/tips for future visitors: Get to the beach early if you want to have sun chairs near the water

Guest 2011-01
Great location
This is definitely one of the best restaurants of Naxos. The location is a must. Under a tree right on the beach (if you find a place to sit). The food there is nice, especialy the fresh fish.
Guest 2013-10
Calm and beautiful
The beach is on 15 minutes by car or by bus from Chora, and on walking distance from Agios Prokopios. Beautiful and idyllic place.

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