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In brief, Naxos airport is a national airport and only receives daily flights from Athens. To get to Naxos from other islands, the ferry is the only option.

The airport of Naxos (JNX) is located around 4 km southwest of Chora (Naxos Town) and the port.
It is also known as Apollon and is small in size, with a 900-meter-long runway; hence, it only serves small-sized planes.
It is connected directly with the Athens International Airport and receives domestic flights from the capital.
It was constructed in 1992 and designed according to Cycladic architecture.



The airport of Naxos only receives flights from Athens. The two airlines that serve the route are Olympic Air and Sky Express and the flight duration is about 45 minutes.
Additionally, charter flights can also use its premises for landing and departing, as long as they are pre-arranged.
Due to its size, only small aircraft can approach it.


How to get to & leave the airport

Distances from:
Naxos Town: 3.5 km / 2.2 miles | Port: 4 km / 2.5 miles | Agios Prokopios: 4 km / 2.5 miles | Plaka: 6.7 km / 4.2 miles

Public buses

The airport is connected to other locations on the island via public bus routes (KTEL) that are regular during the summer. Route 1 (Naxos Town > Plaka > Naxos Town) is the one that you can use to head to the airport. The closest bus stop lies 600 m. from the building and is called "Naxos Camping".
Unlike other islands, you can't purchase a ticket directly from the bus driver - you can only board the bus if you have bought your ticket in advance. However, visitors who arrive at the airport can inform the driver, board the bus, and pay the fare at the ticket booth when they get off at Chora.
The main station's location is very convenient, as it lies opposite the port. It is the starting point of all bus routes and tickets to all places are purchased from there. Hence, to reach the airport from Naxos Town, you need to buy your ticket from the station's ticket booth.
Note: Buses don't carry out the route serving the airport during winter. Such itineraries start around May and last until October. If you visit the island during the shoulder season, make sure to contact the bus station first.
The itineraries are frequent with a bus departing every 30 minutes from 08:30 to 01:00.
The bus is not very convenient, but it is the cheapest way to reach the airport.
All KTEL buses offer luggage storage space.

Tip: It is better to inform the driver in advance about your destination to be sure that he will stop there.

Transfers & Taxis

To get to anywhere on Naxos island, you can take a taxi from the rank outside the exit gate. However, the cabs are limited. To play it safe, it is highly recommended to book a transfer service in advance and board your taxi, minibus, or private VIP car immediately. Alternatively, you can arrange a pickup directly with local drivers at the following numbers: 0030 698 950 4491, 0030 694 774 4883, 0030 697 674 3805.

Car Rentals 

Naxos is a large island boasting a plethora of beaches, settlements, and sites scattered across it, so renting a car is highly recommended it.
A few car rental desks are located in proximity to the airport.
Alternatively, it is possible to arrange a car rental in advance. It is one of the best options, as you have the opportunity to choose the vehicle that you want and keep it for as many days are you want.
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Shuttle services

Last but not least, many hotels provide shuttle services, so contacting your accommodation prior to your arrival is strongly recommended.



Since the airport is tiny, the facilities that are fundamental for its operation are the only ones available - public authorities, a meteorology observation office, and a snack bar.


Near the airport

If you would like to explore the region before leaving or as soon as you arrive in Naxos, some notable places around are the Temple of Dionysus (5 km) and the infamous beaches of Agios Prokopios (3.3 km), Agia Anna (3.8 km), and Maragas (4.9 km).



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