Why Visit Naxos?

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands and has become a favorite destination for many travelers in the last decade. That's no surprise after taking into consideration that is one of the few islands that has it all! Rich heritage, crystal clear waters, charming scenery, local goods, delicious foods, the list could go on forever. That many-sided nature of the island has turned it into a place that can meet the needs of any vacationer and offer them an incomparable holiday experience.

In brief:

  • Quaint villages: Naxos boasts a plethora of villages that are kept off the beaten track and preserved their traditional setting and ambiance. Many lodging units have respected that and are in harmony with the scenery.
  • • Marvelous beaches: With around 150 km of coastline, Naxos can certainly pride itself on the number of its beaches, which are multifaceted yet all charming.
  • • Historical sites: Elements of Ancient Greece, Medieval Times, and the era of Venetian rule are abundant on the island. Historical sights are scattered across the island waiting to tell their stories to visitors.
  • • Excellent products and cuisine: The combination of plentiful water and fertile terrain gifts Naxos with excellent fresh produce, meat, and dairy. Those are used by the local restaurants and result in palatable dishes for visitors to enjoy.
  • Always sunny: The weather is sunny and warm during spring, summer, and fall. The winter is mild, but mountainous regions experience cold.
  • Multifaceted landscape: Naxos is a mountainous island and home to the highest mountain of the Cyclades. Nonetheless, heavenly areas with lush vegetation are also part of the island's geography.
  • Island-hopping: Naxos is surrounded by the Cycladic islands; therefore, it comprises an ideal island-hopping destination. Ferries are frequent and most visitors combine their vacation to Naxos with a visit to the adjacent Paros, Mykonos, and Koufonisia islands.
  • Easy access: Naxos boasts both a port and an airport, so reaching it is quite easy. Flights to the island only depart from the International Airport of Athens, but ferries are very frequent during summer, not only from Athens but from numerous other islands, too.

Picturesque settlements with hidden gems

To its most extent, Naxos has not allowed tourism to change it. With a population of around 20.000 residents distributed in over 70 villages, the traditional element and more relaxed lifestyle of islanders take visitors to another era. The quaint stony Apiranthos, the former capital of Halki, and the island's largest village, Filoti, are indicative places where you can be captivated by the beauty and tranquility and immerse in the folklore ambiance.

Divine waters and shores

Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, Plaka, Aliko, Panermos. Those are just a few of the numerous exquisite beaches that Naxos can flaunt. The island's large size results in an extended coastline, which features all types of beaches. From sandy to pebbly and from fully organized to secluded, the perfect beach is available on Naxos, no matter your taste. Watersport centers also lie on quite a few beaches since the meltemia (strong winds blowing during summer) form large waves and allow windsurfers and kitesurf enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite activities.

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Visiting the historical sites

Naxos is often mentioned in tales of Greek Mythology. Allegedly, Zeus was born in Naxos, and Dionysus, the god of wine, fell in love with the island and blessed it with fertile land and lots of vineyards. In addition, that's where he met his wife Ariadne, the woman who helped Theseus get out of the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur. Portara, the trademark of Naxos, was meant to be a part of an Apollo temple that never went up. A temple dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of nature and hunting, is one of the first Ionic temples in Greece. Two large statues depicting men called kouroi have also been found in two regions of Naxos - one in Apollonas and one in Melanes. The old fortified town called Kastro and the several towers across the island are eminent representations of Venetian architectural influences. Last but not least, numerous churches built during different eras lie all over Naxos.

Soak up the sunlight

The weather in Naxos is so pleasant that it won't afflict you a bit. From April to October, the island is bathed in warm sunlight, while rainy days are extremely rare (if not absent) during the busiest months (July and August). The high temperatures of around 25℃ during the day last from June to September, while the Meltemi (winds blowing in the Aegean during the summer) contributes to the prevention of draining heat waves.

Palatable dishes made from the freshest of products

Naxos is the only island of the Cyclades that could be autonomous. Thanks to its fertile land, both agricultural and animal high-quality products are locally produced. The island is well-known for its potatoes, cheese, and kitron - a Naxian liqueur made of citron. The abundance of excellent products plays a major role in the delicious dishes one can taste at local eating establishments. Fine dining in a romantic setting or enjoying a meze with ouzo at a hidden traditional tavern, everything you taste is of dense and superb flavor.

Multifaceted landscape

Naxos has managed to combine almost everything regarding geomorphology. The island is home to the highest point of the Cyclades, Mount Zas, at an altitude of 1003 meters. Despite being a mountainous island, one can witness lush greenery sloping and forming enchanting beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. The sandy beaches are mainly located on the western side of the island, while the eastern coastline is more rugged with pebbly shores.

Island hopping

The port of Naxos is well-connected with several other islands, making it a great option for travelers interested in island-hopping. The cosmopolitan Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, and Ios, as well as the calmer Koufonisia, Milos, and Donoussa, are indicative of the destinations you can approach from Naxos! Check out the available island-hopping tours to Naxos!

Easy access

Naxos can be reached both via ferry and plane. Ferry routes are very frequent during the summer, with numerous crossings departing from the three ports of Athens daily. On the other hand, flights to Naxos depart from the International Airport of Athens. Only domestic and direct flights are available, though.