Why Visit Naxos?

Naxos is a very good island to visit and here are a series of good reasons to visit it, namely: exotic endless beaches, amazing gastronomy, beautiful mountains, traditional villages.

Visit Naxos for its exotic beaches

Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, Plaka, Alyko, Panermos. Naxos has a huge coastline with different types of beaches. There are organised beaches with sunbeds and unorganised secluded small creeks. There are windsurfing spots and calm, easy-going family beaches. Naxos offers a variety of beach types for every taste. The only thing that remains in common among them, is the pure white sand and the crystal clear blue waters.
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Visit Naxos for the amazing gastronomy

Naxian products are famous for their high quality and flavours. Naxos is a very fertile island thus, produces some of the most delicious greek products. Local cheeses, honey, olive oil and Kitron liqueur are just a few. In addition to that, the traditional recipes are exquisite! Be prepared when visiting Naxos: a dinner at a local taverna can turn into a gastronomic experience that you will never forget!
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Visit Naxos because it is always sunny

The weather is warm and sunny from May to October and the winter is pretty mild.
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Visit Naxos for its beautiful mountains

Although an island, Naxos has an amazing mountainous scenery as well. Imagine rock formations, traditional villages and abandoned settlements hidden away to protect the local population from pirates, organised hiking trails for all levels, majestic Venetian towers and Byzantine churches. Last but not least, the view from the mountains is breathtaking. There are many viewpoints where you can even see other neighbouring islands (Donoussa, Scinousa, Iraklia, Paros, Ios and more).

Visit Naxos for its traditional villages

Chora, Halki, Apiranthos, Filoti, Potamia are just some of the villages of Naxos that managed to preserve their strong traditional character and Cycladic architecture. Strolling around the whitewashed alleys of Chora or drinking your coffee at the “kafeneio” in Halki will definitely make you feel like a local.
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Visit Naxos for its strategical position for island-hopping

Naxos is located at a relatively close distance to other Greek islands that are all well connected by ferry. The most popular island-hopping routes from Naxos are to Paros, Amorgos, Santorini, Mykonos as there are frequent ferry connections.

Visit Naxos because it is easy to get there

Naxos has a National Airport and can also be reached by ferry from Athens and other islands of the Aegean.