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Apiranthos in Naxos is the most picturesque village on the island. It is located 26 km from the capital, between two green valleys, at an altitude of 650 meters.
The settlement was renamed a few years before the War of Independence. Some people believe that its name originates from the area of Perinthos in Constantinople since former inhabitants fled to the village to avoid Ottoman prosecutions.
At the same time, the place's traditions and patois are similar to those of montane Cretan villages, so it is assumed that many locals are descended from Crete.
The village is also the birthplace of Manolis Glezos, a Greek hero of the World War II resistance. He is best known for taking down the Nazi Flag from the Acropolis, an act that inspired Greek people to resist the German occupation.

Apiranthos is a large village and sits precariously on a hilltop. It comprises the prettiest and most charming village of Naxos for many. That comes as no surprise since it is full of lovely houses made with fine marble.
A large street starts where the bus stops, beyond the impressive Church of Panagia Aperathitissa - one of the oldest churches on the island, which houses some beautiful and valuable icons.

The regional museums are also situated there. Apiranthos boasts four interesting museums; the Archaeological Museum of Apiranthos, the Museum of Folk Art, the Art Museum housed on the ground floor of the Cultural Center, and the Geological Museum.
In addition, Apiranthos hosts Nikos Glezos' library, the largest library of the Cyclades. It was established in 1964 and is dedicated to Manolis Glezos' brother, who was executed by the Nazis.
Outside the quaint Folkore museum sits an imposing plane tree which adds to the scenery and makes it an ideal background for photos.

Several traditional cafes and taverns lie across the pedestrian walkway. A magnificent view is also offered, overlooking the town into the valley.

The architecture is awe-inspiring, with the Venetian influence being apparent. The setting is unique and makes you feel like you have traveled back in time.
One encounters houses with coats of arms above their doors as well as some ornate balconies in view.

A derelict windmill in ruins lies above the village. It is also known as the Frantzeskos windmill, the name of its owner. It was established around 1901 and functioned until 1917.

Last but not least, Apiranthos is home to a dilapidated Venetian tower named Zevgolis Tower. It is not open to the public since it constitutes private property, too.

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4 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 08 Dec 2015
    Cutie pie
    Naxos is really an exceptional island. I don't think you'll find other island being rich in, well, everything.
    Here, it's not only one village, capital, that it's nice, beautiful, full of history...
    Apeiranthos is an absolute must if you rent a car. High altitude, castles, interesting Cycladic old houses, more ancient than vivid. You feel as if you entered some medieval town.
    Several museums, souvenir shops and very alive.
    The view over the mill on a green hill across is very nice too.
  • barbara34 23 Jun 2010
    Refreshing nature
    Apriranthos is a beautiful village in Naxos that I highly recommend for everyone who wants to enjoy Greek culture. Greek islands are not just about beaches. Our plan at Greece was to spend a few days at the beaches. We took a bus to Apiranthos from Chora and immediately after landing, I was very moved by the beauty of the village. It was so traditional that you may feel like you have moved past in time. It is located at the foot of Mount Fanari and the setting was very good. Streets were narrow and they were paved with marble. There were little tavernas that served some Greek traditional dishes for us to taste. I was enticed by the villagers who respect their tradition a lot. The nature around was very green, even in the middle of summer, which can get very refreshing in the hot summer days.
  • tomsch 05 Nov 2008
    Nice architecture in Apiranthos
    Among the villages we visited on Naxos, I liked Apiranthos the most. It is a small village in the mountainside of Naxos, about 40 minutes drive from Chora. The most special thing about Aripanthos was its architecture: tall stone houses, paved paths, Venetian towers and lovely gardens. Go in the morning in Apiranthos, so that you can vist its museums. The Geological Museum has some rare rocks among its exhibits and the Folklore Museum really gives you a true picture of life on Naxos a few decades ago.
  • George_B 12 Dec 2006
    It needs more triditional shops and cafes
    Nationality: Greek

    Age: 28

    Date: 26/07/2006

    -How did you get to Apiranthos village: By car

    -Where is your accommodation located: Agia Anna

    -How much time did it take you to reach Apiranthos village: 40 minutes with several stops

    -What are the conditions of the roads that take you to the village: Good enough

    -Did you enjoy the trip to Apiranthos village: Yes

    -In order to get to the village were enough signs in order to find it: I used a map

    -Why did you choose this particular village: Recommended by friends and by brochure/magazine/newspaper, internet sites

    -How would you describe the village: Picturesque, authentic

    -Can everything, one might need, be found in the village: Telephone, bank, mini market, cafes

    - Did the village meet your expectations? Yes Rate: 8/10

    - Favorite thing about Apiranthos village: Waffles!

    - Is there anything that you don’t like about the village or things that should be done by the authorities to improve it or is something missing: More traditional shops and cafes

    - Any recommendations/tips for future visitors: No

    Other recommends villages? Filoti