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Some of our car rental prices in Naxos

Mini, 3-5 doors From 15€*

Economy, 5 doors From 16€*

Compact, 5 doors From 18€*

Automatic - Mini, 2 doors From 23€*

* The above prices are per day, for 5 days rentals and more.

About our car rental service offers car rental from Naxos Airport, Naxos port, Naxos center and many other locations. does its best to help you hire a car in Naxos. We cooperate with many Naxos car rental agencies and do our best to propose you the best prices available on the market. We cooperate with both local agencies but also with major car rental companies which have branches in Naxos. A lot of car rental agencies are spread all along Naxos.

The Naxos car rental agencies we collaborate with are easy to access. They provide a wide range of conveniences to our clients. It will be possible for a car rental employee to deliver you the car at your hotel, the port or any other place. Furthermore, you can choose to pick up the car from a place of your preference, for example from the port or airport the day you arrive. Moreover, they will be pleased to give you instructions on where to go and what to see in the region. They usually provide a map in all cars or you can ask for a GPS (upon request and extra charge).

Why rent a car in Naxos

Naxos is one of those islands where a car is almost mandatory. Renting a car rental in Naxos is strongly recommended and will permit you to discover the island at your own rhythm plus it will take you to places that are not accessible with public transportation. Imagine visiting a more remote beach, a traditional village in the mainland, having dinner at a restaurant away from the touristic zone and reaching amazing archaeological sites and viewpoints of the island.
Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades and has the highest mountain, Zas. This means that although the main touristic zone expands on the west side of the island, there are villages, beaches, archaeological sites, churches and towers scattered all over the island in big distances.
On the other hand, public transportation in Naxos (KTEL Bus) mainly operates on the touristic west side connecting Naxos Town to the most famous beaches (Agios Georgios, Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Plaka and Mikri Vigla). A few bus schedules connecting some villages with Naxos Town once or twice a day, are mainly addressed to locals that want to go to Town for everyday purposes. All the above have resulted in the necessity of a car on the island.

Driving in Naxos

Driving in Naxos is not considered very complicated compared to other islands. The biggest part of the island has a safe road network connecting every village and beach. Of course, in some remote beaches (Little paradise, Panermos) there might be a few meters of unpaved road that might need some extra driving attention. Also note, that since the island is mountainous there are many zig-zag parts (namely the road from Apiranthos to Moutsouna bay on the eastern side of Naxos) where you will need to be very careful. You might find that there is a lack of road signs, so better use a GPS. Also, take into consideration that during the night there is merely any street lighting. Last but not least, be aware of animals (cows, sheep, goats) that might block your way. Animals are everywhere on the island’s mainland so drive slowly and have your cameras loaded to capture the… only traffic jam!

Gas stations in Naxos

When receiving the car, remember to check the tank and confirm if it is a Diesel or a Petrol. Upon returning the car you will be asked to have already filled the tank. There are around 20 gas stations around the island (Shell, Avin, Eko, Aegean and other companies). Most of them are located around Chora but there are also some in the mainland too (Halki, Sangri, Filoti and more).

Parking in Naxos

Cars are not permitted inside the villages and Chora's old town. There are public parking lots outside almost every village (Halki, Filoti, Apiranthos) where you can park your car for free during your visit. Also, unless you are staying in Chora, most hotels have their own parking area. Remember to confirm this when booking your hotel. Parking at the beaches will not be an issue. There are semi-organised places for free very close to the beach where you can leave your car.

Naxos with a car rental

Naxos offers so many different places to see and discover. You can find them all in our section of things to do, in our highlights and on our blog. Below, you will find a shortlist of routes and suggestions that can be combined by car:

Car to Aliko/ Axiotissa restaurant

The region of Aliko is a strong pole of attraction that will win your attention. It consists basically of a cedar forest with some small sand dunes, numerous secluded creeks with nice clear waters, an abandoned hotel that has turned into an open gallery for street artists, a very photogenic white chapel by the sea called “Agios Georgios” and the FBI food track which is a canteen serving homemade ice cream, delicious fast food with a twist and cocktails. When your day by the beach is over, head to the island’s most famous restaurant “Axiotissa” for a dinner to remember for a lifetime! (needs a reservation)
The road to Aliko is a very easy going road and the parking will not be a problem as well. You can just leave your car at the end of the road and discover the region on foot. Same for Axiotissa. The restaurant is located on the side of the central country road to Chora in the region of Kastraki. The restaurant has a parking lot.

Car to Moutsouna/ Panermos

Moutsouna and Panermos are two of the most important places to see that are located at the eastern coastal side of the island but prepare yourselves for some driving! From Apiranthos village, you will have to climb down the mountain in order to reach the west coast and the quaint fishing village of Moutsouna. The 11km distance is a road with a lot of zig-zags so you need to drive very carefully. The views though are very rewarding! The village is very popular for its delicious fish taverns. The restaurant owners are fishermen themselves serving their catch of the day! From Moutsouna, you take the main coastal road southwards for 16km and you will reach the secluded bay of Panermos, a true hidden gem! The road is easy but beware that the last few meters remain unpaved but in a good condition. There is a parking lot that works by tip where you can leave your car. In Panermos there is only one canteen for the essentials and you should not leave without taking the boat tour to Rina sea cave.

Car to Halki, Filoti, Apeiranthos

Three of the most popular mainland destinations that can be easily approached by car are the villages of Halki, Filoti and Apeirnathos. These three traditional villages have their own different colour but all of them are picturesque and will introduce you to a different Naxian lifestyle. You take either the main road Naxos/Halkiou or the main road Naxos/Apeiranthou. Both are in a very good condition. First, you reach the charming village of Halki. You can leave your car at the public parking near the school and begin your stroll around the village, visit the byzantine church of Agios Georgios Diasoritis and eat the most delicious patisserie on the island at “Dolce Vita”. Less than 3km away is the village with the biggest local population of the Cyclades, Filoti. You leave your car at the public parking area on your left hand, before entering the village and continue on foot. You will see the main square with a centuries-old Plane tree, the church of “Panagia Filotitissa” and the Venetian Barozzi tower. Just 7.5km away by car is the village of Apiranthos considered by many as an important and emblematic historical and cultural place of the island. This village was built on a hillside far away from the sea in order to be protected by the pirates. It has many stone mansions, churches and museums. It is also famous for its meat taverns and a local dish called “rosto”. There is a parking area before entering the village where you can leave your vehicle for free.

Car to Demeter Temple, Bazeos tower, Agiasos beach, Little paradise beach

Apart from the amazing beaches, Naxos has some very important archaeological sites that can only be reached by car. The Demeter Temple and Bazeo Tower are two of them. The first is a magnificent archaic structure built with Naxian white marble and dedicated to the Goddess of fertility, Demeter. The temple is located in the area of Sangri. You will have to leave the car in the parking area and continue on foot for some meters. Bazeos Tower is a Venetian building and one of the most prominent sights in Naxos. It hosts mainly cultural events and exhibitions. It is located on the main road that connects the Chora with the mountainous villages of Halki and Filoti and has a huge parking space just opposite the street. If you want to continue your day with a swim, Agiassos beach is not very far from there. If you are seeking for an even more secluded beach, when you reach Agiassos beach, continue driving straight. A few meters later, the asphalt road stops. Continue further on and on your left hand you will see some beautiful turquoise waters and a small beach. Welcome to Little Paradise beach!

Car to Panagia Drosianni, Vasilarakiou Tavern

A short day trip is to Panagia Drosianni church which is the oldest Christian church of Naxos with a very peculiar architectural design and some significant frescoes. You take the central road of Halkiou/Keramotis and you will see it on your right. The parking is not very well organised and you will have to just leave your car on the side of the road. After visiting the church and since you are in the region, you can drive to Kinidaros village (10 minutes drive) and eat at Vasilarakiou meat tavern, the most delicious meat on the island!

Car to Potamia for hiking

Hiking in the villages of Ano Potamia, Mesi Potamia and Kato Potamia is the new upcoming trend in Naxos. You can reach Potamia villages only by car since there is no convenient bus connection there. These three neighbouring villages are situated in the greenest valleys of the island next to a riverside. To reach Potamia, you can take the main central road Naxos/Potamia. We suggest you park your car in Ano Potamia at the “Pigi” restaurant and start your promenade in the village there. Down the village you will come across watermills, towers and gardens with vegetables, fruits and flowers. Potamia is only 9km away from Chora.

Car to Apollonas

Apollonas is a quiet seaside village that became very famous due to the amazing 10.5m long, unfinished Kouros statue that was found and lays there for centuries. The road to Apollonas is easy and the distance from Chora is around 36km. Apart from the statue, there is a nice sandy beach and a few taverns and shops.

Some Car Rental Agents

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Auto Tour is a car hiring company which is situated near the port of Naxos. It provides services both for business and tourism purposes. It offers compact manual and automatic cars, cars suitable for families and group trips such as minivans, open jeeps, and passenger cars. The fleet is adjusted to environmental protection and sustainability, two major purposes of the company.
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This is a car rental company operating for more than 20 years. This company offers compact and bigger manual cars, open 2-seater jeeps, luxury minivans, minibusses, and off-road 4-seated cars. It is a company that also offers private tours in different languages such as English, German, Greek, and Italian during the summer period.
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Maganari Rent a Car

Naxos Maganari Rent a car is located within the walking distance of 300 meters from the port of Naxos. The company’s vehicle fleet consists of new models of cars. It offers small cars, minivans, off-road cars, and also both luxury and economy vehicles. Their vehicles are mostly with manual transmission.
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Fun Car & Rides

This company has been in the market for car rentals for over three decades. The company’s vehicle fleet consists of new models of cars and motorcycles. It offers small and family cars, economy and luxury vehicles, cars with two, four or seven seats, motorcycles, quad runners and even buggies.
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Naxos Vision

Naxos Vision is a car rental company, located in Naxos town. The company’s car fleet consists of new vehicles. It offers small, medium and big vehicles, family cars, mini buses, and jeeps. The company offers both automatic and manual cars.
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New Car

New Car is a car hire company that operates in Naxos town. The company’s fleet consists of new vehicles. New Car offers a variety of models and you can find cars both automatic and manual transmission. They have small and bigger car categories, economy and luxury cars as well as family cars.
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This car hiring company was established in 1983 in Naxos town and since 2003 it is the branch office of Europcar on the island. It offers rentals of vehicles such as passenger cars, light open jeeps, Smarts, minivans, off-road jeeps, ATV’s which are mainly automatic, motorcycles, scooters, and bikes.
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Apollon Rent a Car

This car rental company is quite new in the market since it was established in 2007. Their main office is located in Naxos Town. The fleet of the company is quite various. They offer both manual and automatic vehicles, Jeeps 4X4, Minibusses, Cabrio, and others.

Car Net

Car Net has been in the market of car rentals since 1986. Situated in Naxos town they offer a variety of vehicles such as compact, mini cars, Jeeps, automatic or manual. Pick up and drop off services are available to any location on the island.


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