Naxos Dolce Vita Cafe in Halki (or Chalki)

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Location: Halki

Built right next to Naxos’ first-ever citrus distillery, this small shop called Dolce Vita is a showcase of all sweet Greek flavors, ranging from traditional pies to simple ice cream scoops, accompanied by your coffee of choice.

Dolce Vita functions as a patisserie shop offering homemade sweet pies (sometimes accompanied by ice cream). For example, the shop is known for its orange pie, apple pie, tiramisu dessert, brownies, and local baklava. In addition, you can try the coconut pie with a scoop of delicious caramel ice cream or any of the daily-made treats!

The patisserie is also a cafeteria hosted in a lounge area with retro-type stone walls and modern furniture. It provides customers with flavorful coffee choices, wines, spirits, fresh juices, and refreshing drinks! Finally, you may choose to dine in or opt for a takeaway!

Dolce Vita is open from 10:00 to 00:00 during the high season.




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