Naxos Mikri Vigla beach

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The incredibly beautiful beach of Mikri Vigla on Naxos island is located 12 kilometres away from the capital and consists in two wonderful sandy beaches separated by an impressive hill.

- The northern beach of Mikri Vigla beach is wonderful, with soft golden sand and crystalline turquoise waters and is blessed by the meltemi (north winds specific to the Cyclades) which make it an ideal place for windsurf and kitesurf.
For that reason, the beach is an internationally famous kitesurfing and windsurfing spot and has 2 good clubs for renting high quality material and take courses.

- The southern beach of Mikri Vigla (on the other part of the hill) is an endless sandy beach (also called Sahara or Limanakia) with amazing crystal waters; because it is protected from the meltemi winds, it is reccommended for family holidays.
A typical greek tavern is also located there.

Several nice hotels and restaurants can be found in the area surrounding area. Try Kontos with excelent food and amazing views over the Mikri Vigla bay.

Best Hotels & Accommodations

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Apartments Studios
3 keys

Situated in a calm area, very close to Mikri Vigla beach, one of the most popular water sport spots on the island, Kontos Studios is a small Cycladic complex of buildings with fantastic sea views that can be enjoyed from the balconies and verandas.

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Apartments Studios
2 keys

The Cycladic complex of Victoria Studios & Apartments is situated a few meters away from Mikri Vigla beach. Its traditional furniture and lovely sea views create a truly relaxing atmosphere. The studios are well-equipped. You will also find a garden and a playground for kids.


Orkos Beach

Apartments Studios Rooms
2 keys

Orkos Beach hotel is located only 30 metres away from the turquoise waters of Mikri Vigla beach. This Cycladic styled set of rooms and apartments is an ideal place for families and couples who are looking for a quiet area but also for windsurfers or kitesurfers who want direct access to the beach.


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  • Kitesurfing lessons or rentals

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    Mikri Vigla, the long sandy beach in Naxos, is known as one of the best spots in South Europe to practice Kitesurfing. During all summer, the most favorable conditions are found here- the wind is blowing from morning till evening and the most dominant winds are side-onshore meaning no matter what, you will end up safely back to the beach. Kitesurfing can be a totally new sport for you, but if you really want to experience the island vibe, you have to give it a try. Before getting into the water and flying on a board, there are some steps to follow and some lessons to learn. Under the observation of an experienced instructor, you will be taught what this sport means, which are the safety rules and how to handle a kite before getting to feel the board under your feet. The course can be done in private or in small groups and will take no more than 2 hours per day because this water sport involves a physical demand as well. After you pass the three levels of the course, you will become a certified independent rider (certified by IKO). If you are already familiar with kitesurfing, you will have the chance to improve your technique and learn some tricks from the best instructors.

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  • Windsurfing lessons

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    It is said that you get to know a country once you start experiencing the local activities. The Island of Naxos is known for its golden sand beaches and crystal clear water that allows you to practice numerous water sports. One of them that became famous over the time is windsurfing. The island provides the perfect spots to practice this sport and during all summer, “Meltemi” wind is blowing in Naxos from morning till evening. Windsurfing is the best way to get into the island vibe and make your holiday a memorable one. If this sport is totally unknown to you, there is no reason to worry. Windsurfing lessons are suitable for beginners. The best instructors with patience and a lot of experience will teach you the theoretical part and the basics of it. After some hours of lessons, you will be able to make your first solo rides! If you already have an intermediate or advanced level, it is the best chance to learn from the best instructors some tips and tricks to improve your technique. Don`t forget that your safety is the priority so wear the proper equipment every time and keep in mind that your instructor is in the water as well, to help you when needed.

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2 Reviews
  • alexis 28 Jan 2011
    A nice sunset place
    A nice and calm place to see the sunset. Right on the beach with nice views. Just be aware that Mikri Vigla is a windy area.
    You can also practice or learn windsurfing and kitesurfing there.
  • alexis 22 Jun 2010
    Great beach
    This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Naxos. When it is not windy, this is an amazing beach for swimmers.
    But often windy, it is an excellent spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are a couple of clubs there to learn these kind of sea sports. In the case it is windy, there is also the second beach of Mikri Vigla that is called "Sahara" which is protected from the winds and an amzing place also.