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Apollonas in Naxos is a lovely fishing village located on the northeastern side of the island, 36 km from the island's capital. It is named after Apollo, the Olympian god of light and music, and is inhabited since ancient times. In particular, Apollonas' port was utilized to export fine marble from the regional quarry to other places.

Nearby the village lies the imposing Kouros of Apollonas, a half-finished statue of 10.5 meters in a supine position, dating back to the 6th century BC.

Annually, on June 28th, the Fisherman's Festival takes place in Apollonas. The villagers welcome residents of other regions of Naxos who are interested in participating. The celebration starts with vespers at Agios Ioannis church. Afterward, the priest blesses the boats and the waters and then the festival begins, featuring traditional music and fresh fish and seafood.

The settlement boasts a small sandy beach, bordered by a few taverns and cafes, tourist shops, and a mini-market.

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