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General information

The village of Agios Arsenios in Naxos (or Argesiani) is located only 6 km from Chora and has about 1000 inhabitants.
Most of them are farmers, as the surrounding area is fertile and famous for its potato cultivation, and stockmen, especially cattle breeders.

Agios Arsenios is often called Agersani by the locals. The oldest reference to the toponym was found in a document written by the then Duchess of Naxos in 1434; the area was mentioned as in lo luoco de Gersani (the place of Gersani). In particular, the current name of the settlement was officially established in 1940.

Initially, the village was built in the Stelida region but was destroyed by raids that occurred during Ottoman rule. The former settlement was abandoned, and residents decided to build their new houses in the Livadia plain.

Noteworthy regional sights include the two old windmills lying on Stroumboulas hill and the tower of Saint Nicholas, which is known for its characteristic dovecotes. At Elliniko district, a hill in southern Agios Arsenios, one can see the ruins of an ancient fortress while in a 6-minute drive from the heart of the village lies the archaeological site of Yria, where the ancient temple of Dionyssus and fragmented vessels can be admired.

Saint Spyridon is the main church of the village. An 18th-century church dedicated to Saint Nicholas is situated nearby, too. Saint Nikolas church served as a lookout during the period that pirates roved in the Aegean.

Close to the village lie the most renowned and lively beaches of Naxos - Agios Prokopios and Plaka.

Agios Arsenios Map

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