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General information

Kinidaros in Naxos is a small village located almost in the center of the island, 15 km from Chora. Its population reaches 400 individuals, occupied with agriculture, animal husbandry, and the regional marble quarries. Locals also have a special place for music in their hearts, and Kinidaros is considered Naxos' musical village.
It is surrounded by lush greenery, and in ancient times, the area was known for its marble mines.

Kinidaros was initially built in Kioura, an area enclosed in lushness. The ancient aqueduct of Naxos that tyrant Lygdamis constructed in the 6th BC century started there. However, pirates destroyed the village during the 15th century. The few inhabitants that survived the attacks fled to the central part of the island and founded Kinidaros as we know it.
After Venetians conquered Naxos, families from different places came to the island. Families of singers, dancers, and musicians settled in Kinidaros - that is why the locals have such a passion for music. It is said that people from Kinidaros learn how to dance before learning how to walk.

Adjacent to the village lie the quarries from which the infamous Naxian marble originates. Many locals are still engaged in marble mining.

Dryades forest is another notable area of the settlement. It is a verdant area with benches that constitutes a favorite spot for locals when they feel like walking or resting.

Garinou spring is considered an attraction of the area, too. It is situated outside Kinidaros and can be reached on foot or by a 4x4 vehicle. One may even see water turtles at that beautiful spot.
While exploring the place, visitors can also see the Byzantine churches of Saint Artemios and Saint Dimitrios.

The region is also ideal for hiking. A trail connecting Kinidaros to Eggares allows walkers to admire the charming landscape and encounter various churches.

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