Naxos Kourounochori

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General information

The village of Kourounochori in Naxos was built on the slopes of a mountainside and has around 100 inhabitants and much greenery around it.

Some sights lie close to Kourounochori, such as the Fragopoulos Tower of Della Rocca and the Kouros Statue of Melanes.

Kourounochori comprises one of the four charming settlements in the valley of Melanes. Due to its location, the climate is mild year-round since protected from winds blowing from the north.

In terms of architecture, whitewashed one- and two-story houses with courtyards are mostly encountered. An engraved inscription in honor of King Otto, who visited the area in 1833, can also be found in Kourounochori.

The central church of the settlement is dedicated to the Savior and celebrates on August 6th. After the mass, the priest blesses grapes so that the crop is adequate and of good quality and distributes them to people afterward. A large feast comes next, featuring music, food, and wine.

The regional vegetation is rich and unspoiled, so any visitor who is into hiking can have a walk to the surrounding villages since several trekking paths are available in the area.

Kourounochori Map

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