Naxos Galini

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Galini Naxos: The village of Galini is built in a fertile valley a few km north of Chora. It lies nearby Egares, in the same fertile dale.
It has about 300 inhabitants, which mostly deal with agriculture and take an interest in retaining their traditions and customs.

The fortified monastery of Ipsilotera is located close to Galini. It was constructed by Iakovos Kokkos in the 17th century and stands out for its unique semi-circular tower. Local rebels used to concentrate on the edifice during the Venetian nobility's oppression.

About 400 meters north of the village lies the church of Panagia Attaliotissa, a cruciform basilica with a dome. Legend has it that the chapel was built by a noblewoman who came from Asia Minor, in particular from Antalya. The woman reached Naxos during the Byzantine Iconoclasm and brought an icon of the Virgin Mary.

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