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The village of Damarionas in Naxos is one of the most authentic and picturesque villages in Naxos, nested between verdant olive groves and vineyards.
The village stands at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level and is interestingly more connected with mountainous attributes.
It is located in the southern part of the Tragea valley and only a short distance from other settlements such as Vourvouria (700m away), Damalas (1.2km away), Halki (1.4km away) and Naxos Town (16km away).

Damarionas was allegedly named after Damaris the Athenian, one of the first people to embrace Christianity and introduce it to the village. The inhabitants were said to formerly have been living in the Agiassos area near the seafront but decided to relocate inland in fear of pirate pillaging.

The traditionally whitewashed, cubic-shaped buildings and the old mansions shape the local architectural heritage. Damarionas also features several orthodox churches and chapels, thanks to the religious nature of its inhabitants.
Panagia tis Spilias (the Virgin Mary of the cave) is worthy of a visit since it comprises a church built inside a cave.

Furthermore, Damarionas hosts approximately 350 inhabitants, mainly occupied with their olive groves, agricultural work, or livestock maintenance. There are also local delicacies that visitors can find, such as the handmade vegetarian pie (phyllo pastry filled with handpicked wild greenery) and the Citron Sweet Preserve (a jam-like sweet made of citrons).

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