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The village of Egares in Naxos is enveloped by greenery and is located in the middle of a fertile plain, 8 km from Chora and has a permanent population of approximately 200 people.

"If heaven was on earth, it would be here". That was written by Nikos Kazantzakis, one of the greatest Greek writers after he was hosted in Egares for two years as a guest.

In Egares, an Olive Oil Museum is housed in a stone-built structure. It is divided into two spaces; the traditional area that features the items used for olive oil production, and the room with the olive-product exhibition. The olive mill dates back to at least 1884.

The village's hub is its quaint main square. Adjacent to it lies the Church of Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

In the now uninhabited district of Mesa Gitonia, one can admire the Prantounas (or Fafopoulos) tower. The church of Panagia Monastiriotissa (the Virgin Mary of the Monastery) also lies in the area. On its inside, one can admire some frescoes.

The place is also ideal for hiking. A 12-kilometer-long trail connects Egares with Kinidaros village. While walking, you will have the chance to gaze at the heavenly nature as well as some man-made elements, like watermills.

Lastly, eating establishments in Egares serve palatable traditional dishes made out of the freshest raw materials.

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