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Melanes Naxos: Melanes is one of the oldest villages in Naxos, located 8 km south east from Chora.
The village got its name by the dark color of the soil and the surrounding nature is full of olive groves and fruit trees, creating a magnificent scenery.

Melanes is a mountainous village built at an altitude of 63 meters, with a population of about 500 permanent inhabitants. The main occupation of the locals is cattle-breeding and agriculture. Around Melanes, there are many Medieval towers here and there. These towers were used as homes or summer houses by the noblemen in the Medieval times.

A walking distance from Melanes, in the location Flerio, there is a statue of Kouros. This is an oversized statue of 6,4m height, lying in the ground among the olive trees. This statue was left at the exact location where it was found and archaeologists believe that it represents either a mortal man or god Dionysus. There is another statue of its kind near the village of Apollonas. For some reasons, these statues were left unfinished in the ancient times.

Melanes is a frequent destination for hiking. Many hiking trails start from Chora and leads to the reion of Melanes, passing through nice valleys, small settlements and ancient sites.

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  • ablutsauger 07 Dec 2015
    Nice place
    At first, we didn't plan to visit any of Kouros statues due to lack of time, but we saw a sign for Melanes Kouros on our way back from Zeus, so we decided to stop by.
    There is a nice path, sort of in the woods, leading to upwards path that leads to the statue, so it made it a mysterious place. The statue is just ok. Don't expect to stay there more than five minutes. If it's not on your way and you don't have time, no need to come. But if you have car and go to Zeus, for example, stop by.
  • George_B 14 Jun 2007
    A greek authentic village with modern details
    Hello, I'm Greek and I'm 42 years old. In the summer of 2006 I visited Naxos Island.
    I was staying in Agios Prokopios and I visited Melanes village, as it was recommended and known as one of the most beautiful villages on the island.
    I got there by scooter that took me about 30 minutes. The roads need to be reducing, quite good.
    I very much enjoyed the trip there, it was beautiful. I used a map and it was perfectly indicated.
    The village is picturesque, modern and authentic with labyrinth streets and small cubic houses. It has beautiful architecture, is clean and perched on a hill. It also has blue and white houses. It is a great village and quite.
    It also has mini markets and restaurants.
    My favorite thing about it was the authentic greek cooking, that is typical and traditional.
    The only thing that could be improved is the roads that have no good indications. Also the wind was too much.
    A tip for future visitors of Naxos would be to go to this greek authentic village and eat the traditional food.
    Another village I would recommend is Agios Prokopios.