Naxos Panermos Beach

General information

Taking the road to the southeast part of Naxos, visitors can discover a wild and secluded natural landscape. Just 17.5 km from the small fishing port of Moutsouna and 54 km from Naxos Town, lies the beach of Panermos in Naxos.

This little bay attracts many people lately, and is among the most secluded beaches in Naxos, totally off the beaten track. It is a sandy beach with a few pebbles, crystal-clear waters, and a few palm trees for natural shade.
It is partly organized, with a lovely cafeteria behind the beach where you can have something to drink or eat, while some SUP boards can be also rented.

A boat tour that starts off Panermos carries out mini cruises to close beaches (like Rina) on the southern part of the island, that are non-accessible by car.

For more privacy, a small beach lies behind the ancient acropolis above the beach, which can be accessed on foot.

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3 Reviews
  • Julie 24 Dec 2022
    Acropolis Of Korfari

    Admittedly, there’s not much left here, but I still loved this site for its amazing history. I also loved the stunning drive down the hairpin turns from Apiranthos to get here!

  • Yannis 09 Jul 2022
    Very expensive tour

    The beach is great. But the tour is too expensive. 20 Euro per person for a 2 hours trip to see a sea cave. The ride is nice, the sea cave is nice, but as a family of 4, 80 Euro (!!) is far too much. The price doubled in a few years. There is a guide but his explanations are very approximative. In fact, there is not much to explain there. Only sea and rocks. 15 euro for gasoline, 30 euro for snacks, 80 euro for the tour, 80 euro for the restaurant in Moutsouna and 150 per night for our room, it is quite an expensive day. I recommend you instead to take a morning ferry to Koufonissia and return by ferry in the evening. 20 euro per person the round trip and some beaches that will blow your mind!!

  • Pamela 12 Aug 2021
    Nice beach but an expensive coffee shop
    5 stars for the beach. But the little coffee shop is very expensive (1 star) and it is the only one around. The previous one is 15km away in Moutsouna!!!
    Take snacks and beverages from Halki or any other place.