KTEL Buses in Naxos

KTEL buses in Naxos constitute the most budget-friendly way to move from one place to another. They also are the only type of public transport on the island.
Numerous routes to several locations take off daily, especially during the summer. Changes occur after the departure of tourists; however, most areas on the island are still approached off-season.
Naxos has around 20.000 permanent residents who use the bus for their transportation all year long and even though changes may occur to timetables, the service is reliable.

Bus tickets

The ticket fare depends on the length of the route. Prices range from 1.80 to 6.20.
A 25% discount is available for students after showing their student ID, while children under the age of 6 can use the bus for free.
Unlike buses on other islands, you can't buy your ticket directly from the driver, so travelers need to purchase their tickets before boarding the bus. You can source your tickets from the main bus station in town, which is located opposite the port.
The tickets don't indicate seat numbers, so if you board the bus early you can pick where you want to sit.
In case a bus gets too crowded, some passengers may need to hop off and wait for the next instead.


All buses boast comfortable seats and are air-conditioned during the routes.
Storage space is available above each pair of seats for small-sized items, while heavier baggage like suitcases can be stored under the bus. You can use the storage space for free after buying your ticket.
Note: KTEL buses are not suitable for wheelchair users.

Getting to your destination

The main bus station lies opposite the port in Town. You can take the bus from there and head to all possible reachable destinations.
Bus drivers may not stop at less popular stops, so it is recommended to inform the driver in advance about where you want to get off.


Timetables are posted on the official website of KTEL Buses. However, changes may occur anytime, so keeping your plans flexible until your arrival is recommended. Alternatively, you can call or send an e-mail to the company and ask them about the itineraries.

During the high season (approx. May to September) buses depart frequently, especially those heading to touristy places. Buses of Line 1, which reach the most renowned beaches, depart every 30 minutes from 07.30 to 01.00 and 02.00. Buses that reach off-the-beaten-track areas are limited during the summer season too, with one or two departures per week.
In winter, bus departures are limited and mainly serve the villages, not the tourist spots.

Bus Routes

You can find further information regarding destinations, prices, trip duration per route, and more.

Important note: Availability may change, depending on the season. During the high-season itineraries are more frequent.
Make sure to double-check timetables when you arrive at the port.

  • • From Town to Plaka and back (Line 1)

    Availability: From 07:30 to 01.00 and at 02.00 every day
    Stops: Port - Municipal Parking - Elli's Park - National Bank - Cinema - Princess - Naxos Camping - Naxos Palace - Lagos Mare - Gas Station - Agios Prokopios - Agia Anna 1st - Agia Anna Parking - Agia Anna Port - Paradise - Maragas - Italika - Plaka - Placafe / Aegean - Three Brothers - Dolphin - Plaka Camping - Petrino - Plaza Hotel
    Some buses continue and approach Orkos - Parthena - Mikri Vigla (Kontos) - Mikri Vigla (Beach).
    The route's terminal is written on the bus.
    Price: €1.80 - €2.60
    Duration: 10' - 35'

  • • From Town to Apiranthos, Apollonas, and Moutsouna (Line 2)

    Availability: Seven routes per day
    Stops: Port - Hospital - Vallindra - Galanado - Kato Sangri - Sangri - Damalas - Damarionas - Halki (Church) - Halki - Kaloxylos - Kerami - Filoti (Platanos) - Filoti (Velaki) - Danakos - Apiranthos (Lagkadi) - Apiranthos (Pappas) - Apiranthos
    After reaching Apiranthos, some buses head to Apollonas and approach Stavros Keramotis - Argokili (Crossroad) - Lionas (Crossroad) - Koronos - Skado - Skado (Seladi) - Komiaki - Apollonas (Kouros), and finally Apollonas village.
    Others head to Moutsouna and approach Azalas, Moutsouna (Volakas), and finally Moutsouna Port.
    Price: €1.80 - €6.20
    Duration: 15' - 1h 45'

  • • From Town to Pyrgaki (Line 3)

    Availability: Five routes per day
    Stops: Port - Hospital - Vallindra - Galanado - Glinado (Church) - Ginado - Agios Arsenios - Vivlos (Church) - Vivlos - Vivlos (Banikos) - Camp - Agia Paraskevi - Mikri Vigla (Stratouris) - Mikri Vigla (Orkos) - Mikri Vigla (Beach) - Kastraki (Beach) - Kastraki (Apolafsi) - Glyfada - Alyko (Faros) - Alyko - Pyrgaki (Finikas) - Pyrgaki (Kottakis) - Pyrgaki (Psili Ammos)
    Price: €1.80 - €3.10
    Duration: 15' - 55'

  • • From Town to Kinidaros (Line 4)

    Availability: Two routes per day (08:00 and 12:00)
    Stops: Port - Hospital - Vallindra - Agios Thalellaios - Melanes - Kourounohori - Miloi - Kouros Melanon - Kinidaros
    Price: €1.80 - €2.60
    Duration: 15' - 30'

  • • From Town to Apollonas (Line 5)

    Availability: Two routes per day from Monday to Friday
    Stops: Port - Municipal Parking - Galini - Eggares - Moni Faneromenis - Hilia Vrisi - Kampos Komiakis - Abram - Agioi Theodoroi - Agia - Kouros Apollona - Apollonas Limani
    Price: €1.80 - €6.20
    Duration: 60'

  • • From Town to Keramoti (Line 6)

    Availability: Once a week to Keramoti
    Stops: Port - Hospital - Vallindra - Galanado - Kato Sangri - Sangri - Damalas - Halki (Church) - Halki - Kaloxylos - Kerami - Filoti (Platanos) - Filoti (Velaki) - Danakos - Apiranthos (Lagkadi) - Apiranthos (Pappas) - Apiranthos - Stavros Keramotis - Keramoti
    Price: €1.80 - €4.20
    Duration: 15' - 1h 10'

  • • From Moni to Town (Line 7)

    Availability: Twice a week
    Stops: Moni - Halki - Halki (Church) - Damarionas - Damalas - Sangri - Kato Sangri - Galanado - AB Market - Hospital - Port
    Price: N/A
    Duration: 10' - 40'

  • • From Town to Aggidia (Line 8)

    Availability: N/A
    Stops: Port - Municipal Parking - High School - Hospital - Agios Stylianos - Aggidia
    Price: N/A
    Duration: 10'

  • • From Tsikalario to Town (Line 9)

    Availability: N/A
    Stops: Tsikalario - Ano Potamia - Mesi Potamia - Kato Potamia - AB Market - Hospital - Port
    Price: N/A
    Duration: 30'

  • • From Town to Kapares (Line 10)

    Availability: N/A
    Stops: Port - Elli's Park - Cinema - Princess - Naxos Camping - Naxos Palace - Lagos Mare - Gas Station - Agios Prokopios - Agia Anna 1st - Agia Anna Parking - Agia Anna 2nd - Kapares
    Price: N/A
    Duration: 20'

If KTEL Bus Routes or their availabilities don't serve you, consider renting a car or booking a private transfer.