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Glyfada beach: Glyfada beach is a beautiful and long sandy beach located between Kastraki and Alyko.
It is among the longest beaches on the island and as most visitors go to Alyko, it never gets crowded.

The beach is characterized by its dunes and the cedar forest on its southern part as well as by a pong just behind.
The beach is really beautiful and ideal for swimming, when there is not much wind.
As Naxos is a windy island, when the wind blows from the North, it is quite exposed. This is the reason why a kitesurfing club opened here recently and the beach attracts some windsurfers and kitesurfers.

The area proposes some hotels and accommodation near and above the main road. T
here are also a couple of restaurants and taverns. You need your own vehicle to get there or take the bus that goes to Alyko.

This beach is ideal for some privacy but we recommend going there when it is not windy.
The best place is where Faros Hotel and restaurant is situated. There is a parking lot and you can walk to the beach from there.

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