Naxos Aliko - Mikrolimano Beach

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General information

The beach of Mikrolimano in Naxos (or Mikro Aliko) is part of the Aliko coastline on the southwestern side of Naxos. Many characterize it as one of the best beaches in Naxos because of its wonderful waters and sea bottom.

It is situated within a small cove and faces the south; its location protects it from most of the winds. The beach is located between Agios Georgios and Hawaii.
It’s a small cove surrounded by small cliffs and covered in tiny golden sand grains and pebbles. The waters are of an azure color and crystal clear.
Its seabed is shallow around the shore, however, it gets deeper after a little while, making the beach perfect for swimming.
A few rocks are scattered here and there, so you need to be careful when entering the water. It is an ideal place to snorkel, too; you can encounter a variety of fish during your dives.

Above the beach, you can admire graffiti art sprayed on the remains of a derelict hotel.

The beach is non-equipped yet relatively popular among tourists. It is a favorite of families too, so it can get a bit crowded during the high season.

We strongly recommend arriving before 10 am in order to find a good spot to set your beach gear.
Note that there are no trees around to provide shade, so remember to bring your sun umbrellas if you plan to stay for a while at the beach.

There is also a food truck nearby that is open until the evening. There you can buy water and other beverages as well as food.

Aliko Mikrolimano Map

Explore our interactive map of Aliko Mikrolimano.


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