Naxos Kedros beach (Agia Anna)

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General information

On the western part of Naxos island, one can find Kedros beach. It is located on the small peninsula that separates Agia Anna and Maragas and has taken its name from the cedar trees lying just behind the beach (kedros = cedar). The chapel of Agios Nikolaos is at a very close distance to the beach as well.

Kedros is situated between Agia Anna and Maragas (the upper part of Plaka beach). Golden sand covers the shore, and the waters are aquamarine and crystal clear, making the beach perfect for swimming. A few big rocks also lie at the water's edge for those interested in leisurely paddling their feet or soaking up the sunlight in an alternative spot.

The atmosphere there is easy-going and tranquil. It’s quite peaceful and relatively off the beaten track.
No sun beds or umbrellas are available, so make sure to bring your own equipment with you.

No stores or kiosks lie around the coast, but the region boasts tavernas serving local dishes if you’re hungry and want to enjoy the Cycladic cuisine while gazing at the beautiful Aegean.

Because of its secluded nature, naturists strongly prefer this beach.
If nudism is not your cup of tea, Agia Anna and Maragas beaches lie just a few meters away and are better options!

Fun fact: If you follow the path to Agios Nikolaos chapel, you will encounter the stone shark of Naxos, a big stone painted like a shark! In the background, one can distinguish the Agios Prokopios beach and Stelida hill.



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