Naxos Watersports

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Overall, Naxos is a calm and relaxing island. Nonetheless, there are few watersports centers with fun games on its most popular beaches. The majority of watersports lie on Plaka and Agios Georgios beaches, two famous beach resorts on the island. There, you can find games for all ages and tastes, from waterskiing, kneeboard, jet skiing, bananas, canoe kayaking, SUP, and more. Enjoy a fun day at the beach with watersports in Naxos and make the best memories. For more action, you can also try windsurfing and kitesurfing, other popular sports on the island.

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Flisvos Watersports

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Flisvos Watersports Centre opened in 1974 and is the oldest watersports centre in Naxos island. It is located at the popular beach of Saint George and offers windsurfing equipment, SUP and other games.
Agios Georgios

Plaka Watersports

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Plaka Beach is one of the most known beaches in Naxos for its crystal blue waters and the golden dune beach and also because it is an important spot for water sports practice. The weather conditions are favorable for various activities like windsurfing, water-skiing or Kneeboard. With more than ten ...