Pocket Gallery in Naxos

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Gallery Handicrafts
Town, Naxos
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TSEPI/POCKET GALLERY specialises in Greek art and design. They represent 6 artists working on Naxos and have collections of contemporary Greek ceramics from 8 different workshops.
The collection also includes hand-printed fabrics from Crete, ALEXANDRA TSOUKALA satin necklaces and accessories, eyes and silver jewellery by BORD de l'EAU, ceramic jewellery by HARA PALIKARI, semi-precious stone jewellery by MARIA PAPACRISTOU and hand made cards and paper art by SEMEIOS.


1 Reviews

  • Mark Medcalf 11 Jul 2022
    Stylish, original and attractive
    A hidden gem nestling in the charming Naxos old town.
    I purchased some Raku Cycladic heads, however there are many other good ceramics there, had luggage space allowed.
    The choice of artworks by the owner (a former buyer at Harvey Nicols in London) both in the gallery and at it beautiful homewares / clothes boutique are all so covetable.
    I look forward to returning.