Kitesurfing in Greece and the Greek islands is becoming more and more popular!

With so many coastal destinations that have amazing beaches and shallow waters, there are countless opportunities to try your favorite watersport during your holidays in Greece.
Depending on the destination you choose, you will find excellent kitesurfing facilities scattered around the mainland and the islands, as well as locations that are suitable for independent kitesurfers.

In brief, some of the most famous kitesurfing spots are located on the islands of Naxos, Paros, Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos & Lemnos.
But kitesurfing is also available in Mykonos and Santorini.

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Kitesurfing Clubs

For beginners, this water sport is much easier to learn than windsurfing and for this reason it has received more attention.
Many kitesurfing clubs have opened all around the country during the last few years, attracting numerous visitors who want a boost of adrenaline!
These centers usually offer introductory courses for beginners and sessions for advanced kitesurfers. They follow strict safety standards and provide modern kitesurfing equipment that you can rent even as an independent kitesurfer.

Below, we have hand-picked the best 21 kitesurfing clubs in Greece.

Clubs we love are marked with a ❤.

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Big Blue Surf Center

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The Big Blue Surf Center is the premier windsurfing and kitesurfing center on Kos. An official Fanatic Boarder Center with pro training camps from PWA freestyle world champion Yoli De Brendt and Tom Brendt, it's the ideal windsurfing spot on the island.
Psalidi, Kos
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Cape Drepano Kite Center

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Cape Drepano kite center has been a trademark for kitesurfing in Greece for more than a decade. Greece is one of the best destinations in the world for watersports. A great place for kiteboarding, windsurfing, and SUP. Cape Drepano is the place to be!! Surrounded by water, Greece ...
Patra, Patra
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FlamiGokite is situated at Aliki beach in Lemnos. Here courses for both strapless and foil kitesurfing are provided by certified instructors, using brand new Cabrinha equipment.
Aliki, Lemnos
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Flisvos Mikri Vigla Centre

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Your holiday in Naxos will become an unforgettable experience once you begin to learn and practice the most famous water sports on the island: Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. Since these two sports mostly depend on the wind parameters, Mikri Vigla beach has become the ideal spot to practice them thanks ...
Mikri Vigla, Naxos
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Ion Club

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The Ion Club is located in Afiartis, in the southern part of Karpathos, an island in the Dodecanese. The club operates two surf centers in the area and it is just a few minutes from the airport.GREEKA TEXTS
Afiartis, Karpathos
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Keros Surf Club

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Located on the east coast of Keros beach on the island of Lemnos, on an extraordinary 2 mile stretch of golden sand and sparkling waters, is the Keros Surf Club. The center is a surfer’s paradise for all ages and all levels of expertise, endowed as it is with two sections: a flat section on ...
Keros, Lemnos
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Kite Mykonos

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Within a distance of 2,5 km from Mykonos Town, there is Korfos bay, one of the most popular spots for kitesurf lovers in Mykonos. Kite Mykonos is the first kitesurfing school in Mykonos operated by Alexandre Kuzolitz, a Brazilian water sports enthusiast who wants to share his passion for this ...
Korfos, Mykonos
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Naxos KiteLife

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The crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea and the perfect conditions found on Naxos, makes the island one of the most important spots in south-east Europe for watersports practice. Driven by a tremendous passion for Kitesurfing, Petros, an IKO level 3 instructor, has founded on Mikri Vigla Beach a ...
Mikri Vigla, Naxos
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Naxos Sports Thalasea

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Kite Center Naxos by Thalasea Sports, established in 1997, IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) affiliated since 2004, is Naxos’ first Kite Center and offers the best location right in the center of the kite spot on Parthena Beach, in the bay of Mikri Vigla, about 12 km south of Naxos ...
Mikri Vigla, Naxos
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Nissakia is one of the best windsurf and kitesurf spots located in Loutsa, at a distance of 25 km from Athens. The beautiful shore of Loutsa and its great wind conditions make it an ideal place to dare these two exciting water sports.
Loutsa, Athens
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Paroskite Pro Center

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Paros Kite Pro Center is the perfect place to try out kiteboarding for the first time or learn some new tricks. Located on Punda beach, it offers high-quality lessons and other services for fans of watersports.
Pounda Port, Paros
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Santorini Kite

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Santorini Kite is situated in the southeastern part of the island, at Monolithos beach near Karterados village, the impressive black sand shore within a spectacular scenery. Its location is ideal, as the beach is easily accessible, while its morphology creates the perfect conditions for skilled ...
Monolithos, Santorini
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Sigri Surf

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Sigri is a small fishing village on the west coast of the Island Lesvos. The village offers very nice private apartments and studios and a very special and a familiar hotel. If you are searching for the typical Greek feeling then Sigri is the right place for you. No mass tourism. a lot of nice ...
Sigri beach, Lesvos
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Surf And Kite Theologos

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Located just 5 km from the airport of Rhodes, at the fantastic beach of Theologos. The windsurf station is based directly in front of the TUI Family Hotel Alex Beach and there you can find the most modern equipment from Fanatic and Starboard, as well as sails from North Sails and Severne.
Theologos Beach, Rhodes

Bigdayz Kitesports

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In the southern part of the island on Agrilaopotamos beach you will find Bigdayz Kitesports. Apart from the breathtaking view, the station offers you brand new North Kite boarding equipment and rescue boats, as well as plenty of storage and various amenities
Pigadia, Karpathos

Club Surfing Bird

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Surfing Bird is located on the beach of Theologos, a tourist place in close distance to the airport of Rhodes. Due to the long beach and the usual side wind, this spot is fantastic for kiters and windsurfers of all levels. For its special wind conditions, this is also a great spot for beginners.
Theologos Beach, Rhodes

Horizon Surfing Center

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For those who love water sports, the specially equipped Horizon Surfing Center on Troulos beach Kos, close to Mastihari, provides the proper equipment for wind surfing, kite surfing and catamaran sailing.
Mastichari, Kos


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Rhodes Kitesurf center Meltemi at Delfini is located in the lush green gardens of the Delfini Hotel in Fanes and is only meters from the water's edge with spectacular sunset views and traditional Greek cuisine served nightly and the option of single or double rooms.
Fanes, Rhodes

Naxos Kitesurf

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Naxos Kitesurfing is an ideal kitesurfing school for everyone, providing classes suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced kite surfers while offering the latest sea equipment and guidance by professional instructors.
Glyfada, Naxos

Paros Kite Center

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Paros Kite is a Windsurfing and Kiteboard center situated in Pounda Beach since 1993. This company has qualified instructors and supervisors along with various course levels for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Moreover, Paros Kite also offers many additional services, such as yoga ...
Pounda Port, Paros


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The kite center is located on Theologos beach, far away from all-inclusive hotels and mass tourism, close to the traditional village of Theologos.
Theologos Beach, Rhodes

Where to go for kitesurfing?

The islands of both the Aegean and the Ionian Sea make excellent kitesurfing destinations!
Kitesurfing can be practiced at many organized or secluded beaches, although some locations in Greece have grown to become popular kitesurfing hubs, attracting watersport enthusiasts from all over the world every summer.

Below, you will find more information about the weather conditions in both seas.

• The Aegean sea

Located east of the Greek mainland, the Aegean Sea can get very windy during the summer. The Etesian winds known as "Meltemia" can get quite strong and offer several windy days in a row per month during the summer season.
The Aegean windy season usually lasts from May to September.
Meltemia are common during July and August, affecting the weather conditions in many islands, but mostly the Cyclades. They blow mostly during the day and for about 2 to 4 days at a time.

Usually, these winds don’t follow the same direction in the entire region of the Aegean Sea. In the northern Aegean they come from the NE, in the central Aegean (Cyclades) from the North and in the South Aegean from the NW.
The intensity depends both on the area and the direction.
Apart from the summer, strong winds blow in the Aegean sea during the winter with speed of 8-9 Beaufort.

• The Ionian sea

Located west of the Greek mainland, the Ionian sea offers consistent summer winds known as "Maistro".
Every day, they start blowing around noon and continue to do so at 15-25 knots until the time of the sunset.

The most famous kitesurfing spot in the Ionian islands is located in Lefkada. It is Agios Ioannis, a beautiful and very long sandy beach, with turquoise waters and the ideal weather conditions for your favorite watersport.

• Athens & the mainland

Surprisingly, the coastline of Athens also offers a few spots for kitesurfing, not far from the Greek capital.
Athens can get windy during wintertime and summertime and some watersport clubs have been established on the northern seashores of Attica (Loutsa).

Nafplio, Astros and Evia are also popular among kitesurfers and within a relatively short distance from the capital, which makes them excellent for short trips.
In addition, other mainland destinations offer kitesurfing opportunities, such as Psathopyrgos, on southern Peloponnese, at a location close to Patra, the third largest city in Greece.


What is the best season for kitesurfing


For both the Aegean and Ionian islands, the best months to practice kitesurfing are from June to September.
For the islands of the Aegean, the most windy month is August. The weather is very warm at this time of the year and the summer winds create the perfect conditions for kitesurfing.
For Greece, kitesurfing season is also considered the high season in terms of tourism, which means that seafront destinations get lively and you will have the opportunity to combine watersports with other activities.



Kitesurfing Spots by destinations


• Athens

Famous for its long sandy beach and within a short distance from Athens, Loutsa beach offers a lovely secluded section that is frequented by watersport lovers (Nissakia).
Discover the kite clubs of Athens


• Cyclades

Attracting numerous sea sport enthusiasts, Pounda stands out for excellent location and weather conditions.
Discover the kite clubs of Paros

Mikri Vigla Beach is one of the most popular kitesurfing hubs in Greece, while Glyfada Beach is another great option for those looking for a more quiet spot for their practice.
Discover the kite clubs of Naxos

Due to its unique environments, Korfos beach is known as the best place for kitesurfing in Mykonos.
Discover the kite clubs of Mykonos

Monolithos beach attracts some kitesurfers bu the island is not popular for this purpose.
Discover the kite clubs of Santorini


• Ionian

• Lefkada
Agios Ioannis Beach is the most popular meeting point for kitesurfing enthusiasts in the Ionian Sea. But the beach tends to get overcrowded and some issues occur with the club. For instance, the club does not allow you to park there or even kite in front of their spot.
Instead, there are also other kitesurfing locations around the island that are perfect for independant kitesurfers (with their own material).


• Dodecanese

• Kos
Due to their windy weather and amazing sea, Psalidi and Mastichari are the most popular kitesurfing hubs in Kos.
Discover the kite clubs of Kos

• Karpathos
In Karpathos, the seashores of Afiartis and Pigadia combine windy conditions with a beautiful natural setting.
Discover the kite clubs of Karpathos

• Rhodes
The beaches of Theologos and Fanes have become the island's best spots to ride the waves.
Discover the kite clubs of Rhodes


• Northern Aegean islands

• Lemnos
The long and sandy Aliki beach offers an ideal atmosphere to practise your favorite watersport, followed by Keros beach, the next best sport for such activities.
Discover the kite clubs of Lemnos

• Lesvos
The peaceful seashore of Sigri becomes the island's most popular meeting point for kitesurfing loverls.
Discover the kite clubs of Lesvos


• Mainland

• Psathopyrgos
A secluded spot in the area of Cape Drepano, near Psathopyrgos, offers the perfect opportunity for a kitesurfing experience a few kilometers away from the lively city of Patra.
Dioni beach is another kitesurfing hotspot in this region.

• Nafplio
Located in Peloponnese, Nafplio is mostly known for its picturesque town, although spots that can be used for kitesurfing do not remain undiscovered.

• Astros
Not far from Nafplio, Astros is not an overly touristy place, which makes it ideal for independent kite surfers who want to discover off-the-beaten-track locations.

• Evia
The sandy seashore of Marmari, in Evia, provides the perfect conditions for kitesurfing at an almost exotic location, not far from Attica and the Greek capital.

• Preveza
The beach of Preveza is one of the nearest mainland locations to the Ionian islands. Make a stop there to try out some kitesurfing before heading to Lefkada.