Canyoning or canyoneering is an adventurous extreme sport, in which people travel through canyons walking, climbing, jumping, swimming, etc. In Greece, you can find canyons that are very easy to cross and others that are hard. Canyoning in Greece is suitable for those who love adventure and have good health, as it is a pretty risky extreme sport.

There are many gorges and mountainous areas in Greece suitable for canyoning. To name a few, Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, the numerous gorges in Evritania (Central Greece), such as the gorges of Vothonas and Viniani, Epirus gorges, such as Vikos, Crete island and Xiropotamos gorge in Thrace are the best spots for canyoning in Greece.

There are many clubs that organize canyoning excursions in Greece, mainly at the weekends. These excursions are usually moderately priced, while accommodation is also arranged if they last for more than a day. However, in any case, you have to contact the club of your interest for more information about the location, the equipment needed, the details of the excursion, the cost and the dates available.

Trekking Hellas
Trecking Hellas proposes canyoning in Mont Olympus.
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Mountain Escapes
Mountain Escapes proposes canyoning in Pelion.
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Extreme Tours
Extreme Tours proposes canyoning near Athens.
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Pro-Active Adventure Crete
Pro-Active Adventure Crete proposes canyoning in Crete.
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Wildnature Expeditions
Wildnature Expeditions proposes canyoning in Kefalonia.
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