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Sigri village Lesvos: Sigri is a picturesque coastal settlement and the second largest port of Lesvos, after Mytilene. It is located 90 km north west of the capital and is popular for its beautiful shores. The village displays a traditional layout, similar to other areas of Lesvos with well-preserved houses and colourful yards. In combination with the picturesque port where fishing boats moor in the summer, Sigri offers a romantic atmosphere. Right next to the port is the Turkish castle built in 17th century.

The village has a few nice restaurants, and several churches from the Byzantine times, where only one is open to the public. There are many beaches in the wider region, most of which are quite unspoilt with no facilities, except from the main beach located close to the port.

Sigri has gained worldwide reputation due to the Fossil Forest, an international monument of nature and the Museum of Natural History. The village proposes many accommodation like hotels and apartments. During the summer many local festivals take place in Sigri.

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Petrified ForestNatural History MuseumOttoman CastleFossil Museum

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