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    Karpathos is one of the most beautiful islands of Dodecanese. It is located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, between Rhodes and Crete. Due to the secluded location and the distance from the other Greek islands, Karpathos island started developing in the last decades. In fact, the southern side of the island has mostly developed in tourism, while the central and the northern side has remained unspoiled and authentic, with picturesque villages away from mass tourism. Karpathos Greece is mostly famous for the exotic beaches with the golden sand and the crystal water. Holidays in Karpathos are ideal for families and trekkers, as the trekking paths that cross the island leads visitors to amazing spots.

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    Travel guide to Karpathos, Greece

    Karpathos island is located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea. This is a place with stunning beaches, strong character and marvelous hiking paths in the inland. The villages in the countryside of Karpathos are surrounded by imposing mountains and have distinctive traditional style. Olympos, Menetes and Othos are few of the most characteristic villages on the island. Karpathos beaches are also famous for their fantastic waters and the natural beauty. Holidays in Karpathos can be combined with a trip to the neighboring island of Kasos.

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    Hotels in Karpathos

    Most hotels in Karpathos are located on the southern side of the island. Pigadia, Achata, Amoopi, Arkassa, Finiki and Lefkos are the places where most hotels and apartments are found. Most of these hotels are family places, although some have upscale facilities, like pools and spa therapies. These beaches are convenient places for day trips around the island. Some nice and more secluded accommodations for your Karpathos holidays are found in Diafani and Agios Nikolaos Spoa.

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    Karpathos Saria

    The island of Karpathos, in Greece, is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Dodecanese islands group. Karpathos is a Greek island with picturesque villages, exotic beaches, interesting sightseeing and delicious restaurants. The crystal blue colour and the golden sand of the beaches in Karpathos island amaze visitors. Kyra Panagia and Apella are the most beautiful beaches, while many other nice places can be found around the island. In fact, the southern coasts are developing as windsurfing spots.

    The center of Karpathos island is dotted with picturesque villages. Olympos is the most beautiful village, built amphitheatrically at a high altitude. In this village, every house is self-governing, with its own windmill and church. Women in Olympos are dressed in their traditional costumes every day, not only on special occasions.

    A popular trip is a boat excursion to the remote island of Saria. This island is totally uninhabited but has some interesting ruins and beautiful beaches. Many folklore museums can also be found in various villages, depicting the local traditions. Located geographically between the Greek islands of Rhodes and Crete, Karpathos is a truly relaxing place for vacations. Our guide of Karpathos offers all the needed information for a visit there.

    Highlights in Karpathos

    Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Karpathos island

    • Located on the northern side, Olympos is the most impressive village on the island. Due to its secluded location, this village keeps intact its daily life and traditions.
    • Among the most beautiful beaches in Greece, Kyra Panagia distinguishes for the exotic waters and the soft sand. On a hill above the beach is a lovely church.
    • One of the most stunning beaches on the island, Apella is a lovely place with exotic waters and surrounded by lush greenery. Part of this beach is organized.
    • The stunning beach of Achata is found in close distance to Pigadia, the main town. It has crystal blue green waters and part of the beach is organized.
    • Located on the western side of the island, Arkassa is a large beach with sandy shore. It provides a nice alternative for a relaxing day at the sea.
    • Diafani is a small port village on the northern side of Karpathos. Many secluded coves for total privacy are found only a short walk from there. This port is the gateway to Olympos village.
    • In summer boat trips depart from the ports of Pigadia and Diafani to the uninhabited island of Saria, north of Karpathos. This island has secluded coves to swim and Medieval ruins.
    • Over the last years, Karpathos is developing as a windsurfing destination. Especially the beaches on the southern side of the island, such as Makrigialos and Afiartis, are great for wind sports.

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