Saria Islet in Karpathos

The islet of Saria in Karpathos: The small islet of Saria, located on the northern edge of Karpathos, is separated from the mainland of Karpathos by a narrow, long straight. It is believed that the two islands were united in the antiquity and a strong earthquake separated them. Historical records reveal that a kingdom existed there in the ancient times, probably the ancient town of Nisyros. The ruins of ancient Nisyros, including a temple dedicated to Apollo, can still be found on the seabed between Saria and Karpathos.

This tiny islet has a spectacular landscape comprising of white sandy virgin beaches with crystal clear water, abrupt cliffs, calcareous rock beds, deep caves, and dashing streams. Saria is inhabited nowadays and only a few shepherds go to this isolated isle to range their stocks. In summer, there are small tour boats to connect Pigadia to Saria islet in frequent and daily itineraries.

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